ACX: Earn money with audiobooks in a way

ACX: Earn money with audiobooks in a way

ACX: Earn money with audiobooks automatically by applying this method well you perro generate a very good amount of income.

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ACX: Earn money with audiobooks automatically works for almost everyone and is a very fácil method to apply to start generating very good income easily.

Next we will see the step by step to be able to apply this fácil technique to earn money en línea easily by making audiobooks.

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The page we will use is:

What is ACC?

This site is part of Amazon and Audible here we cánido make money uploading audios and there are different categories, such as:

  • Authors
  • Narrators
  • Author who narrates
  • print ads
  • agents
  • professional studio

Although in this article we will focus on the option of “Storyteller” You will receive all the notifications of available opportunities, we will start reading the book finishing it and we will be paid by the hour of work.

They will also give us royalties depending on the success of the audiobook.

How to register in ACX?

To be able to join, it would be directly on Amazon if you already have an account, it would only be to log in, but we must fill in the information indicated to us, such as:

  • Name
  • Correo electrónico
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Create your Amazon Account

Finishing the registration process we cánido log in and start uploading our audiobooks to earn money easily.

How to start working on ACX?

First we must create our profile, start uploading the samples, we have to define how much we want to earn, we will carry out our audition, the offer will be accepted and the recording will begin, just as you will be able to work with professional studios but this is already for people with more experience.

Finishing the recording you will be able to receive payment and the more audiobooks you make, the income will increase.

If you don’t have a good voice you perro use a very good tool to be able to increase income which is about:

It is a site where different natural voices are used to read any text that is indicated with an assent and also handles different languages.

We perro use this tool to make the audiobooks send the information, have more opportunities and thus be able to earn a very good income.

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 ACX: Earn money with audiobooks in a way
  ACX: Earn money with audiobooks in a way
  ACX: Earn money with audiobooks in a way

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