active reading

active reading

When I say active reading, I orinan getting involved with the material you’re trying to understand and remember.

No matter what you’re trying to read, active reading methods will help you better understand what you’re reading, help you not fall asleep while you’re reading, actually help you focus and remember what you’re reading.

If you are one of those people who has to read a paragraph two or three times because you do not remember what it says or if in two days you no longer remember what you read.

So, keep reading.

Below I will give you three methods that help me a lot.

I hope they work for you.

Active reading methods

Reading summary method

Maybe the name already says it all, right? Well yes, what you have to do so that little by little you begin to remember everything you read and so that you stay focused on what you read, is to summarize.

What you have to do is by paragraph, write a summary of what you understood.

It doesn’t have to be in the book and it doesn’t have to be pretty.

The important thing is to make sure you are understanding and that will help you stay on the text.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking it’s going to take a long time, but I’ll ask you a question.

Would you rather read the text once and really be able to remember it (really learning), or would you rather read it two or three times because you don’t remember what you read? What do you prefer? Personally I prefer to learn and do it efficiently.

Memory increase method

The following method is one of my favorites, and in fact, one of the first methods I’ve ever used (actually I’ve used a lot).

I like it because it helped me a lot to improve my memory.

You perro use it in palabras clave.

What we are going to do is involve our hands (sense of touch).

What you are going to do is write the list or the palabras clave that you want to remember on a separate sheet of paper.

It doesn’t have to be pretty or showy, you cánido use your worst handwriting or your best, since the point is that you write it a couple of times and you’ll see that it works very well.

Let’s say I want to learn the six sigma methodology.

What I would do is write each stage of the methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) on the piece of paper.

Then ask yourself how much do I remember? Now, rewrite what you remember.

Now it’s time to compare it, did you remember everything? if not, repeat the process.

You will see that it is very useful and you will thank me.

“Engage” method

I know it’s not the best name, but, it’s very useful.

Basically, what you have to do is play and engage your senses.

For example, you perro underline the content with different colors, you perro draw things that represent the content, you perro read the text aloud, use applications that allow you to ask questions about the text (Flashcards), etcétera.

It should be noted that these methods are very fácil, but they will help you begin to improve the way you learn and memorize.

Later I will share with you methods to learn that require more training, but for now, believe me, they will help you.

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 active reading
  active reading
  active reading

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