Achiever | Win PRIZES by betting for free

Achiever | Win PRIZES by betting for free

Winner is a gambling casino that allows us to win free prizes. belongs to the company ItrioNET, located in Colombia, and is managed by Jaime.

It has been en línea since 2012, has always paid and is 100% reliable.

At the usuario level, the best thing about Ganador Web is that you don’t gamble with money.

But with points.

We have available a casino with various games of oportunidad and the sports betting section.

All of them are free.

So if we hit a losing streak with betting, we perro always try our luck in the casino.

It looks good, doesn’t it? We’ll see how Ganador works and how prizes and money are won.

Registration in Winner

The first thing we will do Playing at Ganador will orinan creating an account.

If you want, you cánido register by following the backlink below, which will take you directly to the game.

Once there, at the top, a horizontal menu will appear.

In the last position is the tab Login.

We clic on it and a pop-up window will pop up with the Ganador registration form.

Take me to the cover page

Depending on the modality we prefer, we cánido register in Ganador using our Fb or Twitter accounts.

Or by the most common method of filling in the data requested in the form.

In this case, our name, an dirección de correo electrónico address, the nickname and a password.

After confirming the data and submitting the form, we will receive a welcome correo electrónico.

Within the content of this same message, Winner will add a backlink.

This backlink will help us validate our account.

To do this, we clic on it and it will take us back to the web.

If it does not automatically log us in, we perro do it by going to Login again and entering our access data.

are you inside? When validating the account they will give us 8,000 points.

Look at the cómputo! So we cánido start betting or playing in the casino.

How Achiever works

the website of Winner It is made up of several sections.

This facilitates the good use of the site and helps us to better identify what is in each tab.

Something that is always appreciated.

If we look at the top of the screen, we will see a menu that is divided into 6 sections.

The following:

In each of these sections we cánido carry out certain actions.

Let’s see.

Free Winner Bets

The section par excellence in Ganador.

From here we perro make our free sports forecasts.

By default, we start with 8,000 points on your cómputo.

There is no daily plus on this website.

However, the good part is that if we lose all the money, we will be credited with another 8,000 points after a few hours.

To open a bet, we will clic on the quota, entrar an amount and Bet.

Automatically, the bet will be recorded in the game history and will be pending how the event ends.

As soon as it is finished and from the web they make the pertinent checks, they will credit us the points to the main cómputo.

Winner limits the amount of money we perro bet on each event.

Everything is governed on the basis that the maximum profit that we cánido get in a bet cannot be higher than 10,000 points.


In addition to betting and the casino, at Ganador we perro also participate in competitions.

These games allow us to compete with other members and win a common pot.

Let’s see how each one works:



This competition consists of predicting the exact result of 8 matches.

Each of the participants has to pay a price of 500 points to have a participation.

Those points will be added to the community pot, from which the rewards will be distributed to the winners.

For each exact marker that we hit, they will give us 4 Quiniela points.

And for each wrong result they will subtract 1.

In addition, they will give us 2 plus points if we hit a final result.

An example would be if we put a 1-1, but the game ends in 2-2.

It is not an exact result, hence they give us 4 points.

But if it is a tie, and therefore it is compensated with 2 points.

At the end of the day, the jugadores with the most points share the community pot.

Everything will depend on the number of points that each usuario has achieved.



Participation in this competition costs 5,000 points.

It consists of guessing the symbolic final result of ten games proposed by Ganador.

The winner of the invented match will depend on the number of goals scored by each team in their respective match.

An example could be the following.

Suppose that two matches of the Spanish League are played.

Are he FC Barcelona vs.

Atletico La capital de españa and the Sevilla FC vs.

Real La capital española. My prediction is that the first game will be won by Barça 3-1.

And in the second he will take the 1-2 victory in La capital española.

So, Ganador proposes an invented match that faces the FC Barcelona vs.

real La capital española.

In this situation, as Barça has scored 3 goals in a match and Real La capital española only 2, the winner would be Barça 3-2.



In this case the competition tries to guess the exact result of 5 games.

The cost of a participation is 10,000 points.

It stings a bit, but the prizes are worth it.

Depending on the number of results that we hit, we will win one amount or another.

Of course, the condition is that we will have to hit at least three to win a prize.

The classification would go like this:

1,200,000 points for the player who hits all 5 matches.

300,000 points for the player who hits 4 results.

100,000 points for the one who hits 3 results.



The TriunfaGol competition is afín to that of the Quiniela, although with some differences.

Here you will have to predict the final result of 12 events.

The price for each participation is 10,000 points.

Depending on the hits we get, we will earn more or less points as a reward.

Jugadores who get 8 to 12 hits already receive a prize, the smallest being 75,000 points.

The jackpot is when We hit all the ticket and we will win 1,000,000 points.


The Guru

In this competition we perro participate for free.

It is not necessary to pay points since we will play directly when we make a bet.

Based on the odds of the bets that we are getting right, Winner will give us a series of Tpoints.

If the odds that we hit are greater than 3, the percentage of Tpoints that we will earn will be higher.

And when the quota is lower than 3, we will get less Tpoints.

Winners are decided at the end of the week.

The prizes range from 100,000 points for the player who is first, up to 10,000 points for the fifteenth contestant.

The rewards are distributed according to the Tpoints that each player has accumulated.


In Ganador there is also the possibility of playing the points in the Casino.

If you like to play Roulette or BlackJack, in this section you perro do it without problems.

I’m not very good at these two games.

Why am I going to deny it? But hey, if someone is good at it, it cánido be a good option to earn points as an alternative to betting.

I don’t usually play casino games much.

First because I’m very bad and then because I like sports betting more.

And modestly, I think I’m better at it.

But as I said a moment ago, it perro come in handy at specific moments to turn around a bad run of results.

Sometimes it is better to leave a game and move on to another, so we give the option to change the dynamics of losses.


The Games section has always been for fun.

In other words, we cannot earn points here.

Achiever Awards

The section we like the most about Ganador.

The one with the rewards.

The points that we are getting thanks to the bets or the participation in the different competitions, we perro exchange for prizes.

There are many different prizes, although I prefer the one that allows us to win real money.

There is the possibility of withdrawing from Ganador through Neteller, Airtm or Skrill.

For this, we need to accumulate an amount of points equal to $25.

You cánido also withdraw in bitcoin from 0.012 BTC.

To exchange our points for a prize we will have to contact support and tell them what reward we want.


In this tab we will find all our public information.

If we want to invite our friends, in this section we will see our referral backlink.

Winner pays and is reliable

we just talked about the prizes that are available to redeem in Winner.

Like everything in life, everyone has their tastes and there are those who may prefer to win one prize or another.

In my case, it happens to me that I prefer to receive the money and escoge later what I do with it.

So I will explain how to exchange points for money.

in this case through Neteller.

Otherwise, to choose a physical prize, it would have to attract a lot of attention.

Request an award in Ganador

Currently the minimum payout has gone up to $25, but before it was $20.

Hence, the explanation is based all the time on this figure.

Having said that, my goal was to reach 350,000 points, which is the number of points that equals $20.

When I reached it, my cómputo on Achiever was showing like this.

As soon as we reach the necessary points, already we cánido exchange them for the prize that we like the most.

We go to the tab Awards and we select ours in the list.

To receive a payment through Neteller, Airtm or Skrill, we will clic on the first reward.

Note – At the moment The minimum payment in Ganador is $25which is equivalent to 600,000 points.

Next, we will complete the form adding a subject and a comment.

As an example, I leave you the message that I wrote to withdraw the $20.

Affair Request to redeem points for $20 through Neteller.

Comment Hello, I would like to request a Cash withdrawal of $20 to my Neteller account.

My address is (laquesa).

Thank you so much.


After a few days we will receive an correo electrónico confirming our request.

In it, they will also indicate the time it will take for the payment to reach our Neteller account.

In my case it was two weeks.

Winner Main Features

I do not discover anything when I say that with sports betting there is no safe and infallible strategy that ensures profits.

Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

However, as we have already seen in the article on types of sports betsWhether or not a forecast is correct does not depend solely on oportunidad.

There are factors with which we perro take a certain advantage before forecasting a result.

Some consejos are:

Consider the risk we take on each bet.

Betting 8,000 points at odds of 1.06 is not the same as betting 2,000 at odds of 6.4.

The gain is much higher in the second case.

The risk too.

Make a competition monitoring in which we bet is key.

I focus on basketball and European football.

I use the Flashscore website to follow all the results in real time.

spread the points making various forecasts.

At Ganador, we cannot earn more than 10,000 points on each bet, so diversifying is essential.

Thus, we also minimize the risk, compensating the hits with the misses.

Based on these points, the bets that I place they are all fairly low risk.

I am looking for matches in which the favorite has odds greater than 1.40.

By making this type of conservative betting, we base our strategy on two concepts.

Since the fees are low, most likely is that we end up gaining points in many of them.

Logically, the negative part is that when a favorite clicks, the loss of points is more difficult to recover.

If we bet on basketball or tennis matches, the loss percentage is reduced.

We play at 50% since there is no tie, as if it happens in football.

Winner Opinions

Winner is one of those pages in which everyone should participate in the mood for earn money playing for free.

It is enough to follow the news of the competitions a little and bet according to the odds.

It is very important to follow the news of each team, the state of form of the jugadores, if there is someone injured or in discomfort, etcétera.

And then, now, let oportunidad do the rest.

Personally, I usually access once every day to my account in Ganador.

As a general rule there are always events to bet on.

If I see any interesting match, I bet.

And if not, I’ll be back the next day.

In the end, as I often repeat, This is about adding little by little in various ways.

Do you like free sports betting games to win money and prizes? I recommend you take a look at Betsim and Betsuitestwo excellent games of the same theme.

What do you think? I hope that Winner you liked it as much as I did.

If you feel like trying your luck, I would appreciate it if you registered on the portal by clicking on the following button.

With this, I will get 1500 plus points and you will start with 8000 points.

So thank you very much! And nothing more for today.

If you have any questions, you perro use the comments below to consult everything you need. Good luck and until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Achiever |  Win PRIZES by betting for free
  Achiever |  Win PRIZES by betting for free
  Achiever |  Win PRIZES by betting for free

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