Achiever | earn money with bets

Achiever | earn money with bets

Winner is a page of sports bets in which we perro play totally free and bet on sporting events and games of oportunidad.

The platform in question is entirely in Spanish, and cánido be ideal for those who want to bet, compete, play and compete without risk to their pocket.

At first, in Winner not used real money, you will bet and play using the points that you perro get in many ways, all of them free.

On this page you will be able to demonstrate your sports knowledge, guess correctly, etcétera… In this way you will accumulate points, when you accumulate enough points you will be able to exchange them for prizes, cards and gift vouchers.

Also cash!!

Main features of Winner bets

We start from the basis that Winner is a free bookmaker, where you perro put your sports knowledge into practice.

You should try your luck in casino or oportunidad games like roulette or Black Jack.

Being free, you will not have to risk money out of your pocket, since on the platform no real money bets.

In the bets and matches, points will be used that you perro get in different ways within the platform and 100% totally free.

Winner It was founded in 2012, its headquarters are in Colombia and the administrator is Michael García.

The site is entirely in Spanish, so it is indicated for the Hispanic public, but it is accessible to users from all over the world.

To this day, he continues to pay religiously, so there is no problem in terms of collection.

Registration and first steps in Ganador

Registration is extremely fácil, it will not take you more than three minutes.

We perro do it through the upper banner or here.

We perro register through popular networks such as twitter or fb, or by entering our dirección de correo electrónico and password.

In this case I have chosen the popular network twitter, due to the speed of registration, but one method is the same as another.

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By registering through the popular network, I have not had to do any more paperwork.

However, if you do it with correo electrónico, you will have to entrar your basic information.

After registration, we will start with 10,000 points to bet.

How does Winner work?

He operation of the page is very fácil, we will have all the sections in the upper part of it.

It is in these sections where you perro bet, play, compete and exchange your points for whatever you want, be it prizes or money.

Here I am going to explain each of the menus and what each one of them is for.

Do we continue reading?


this will be the section you use the most on the entire platform.

You perro bet on different sports categories that are available: football, basketball, baseball, tennis, boxing, hoyckey and also martial arts.

What you bet will always be the points of your cómputo, never real money.

When you reach the minimum charge in points, you cánido exchange it for real money.


You will find many competition offers and contests where only by registering and participating cánido you opt for large amounts of points.

There are different sports games and forecasts where you cánido participate:

  • the guru.

    This is the game for sports betting talents, from here you cánido earn points by making bets within the winner sports betting module.

    The first 15 places with the highest score throughout the 7 weekly days will be awarded.

  • Marker.

    You will have to choose the correct combination of 5 soccer teams.

    Here you cánido get to earn 3 million points.

  • Football pools.

    A typical pool consists of predicting the final result of the matches, if you are correct you will accumulate points, you will be able to beat other users and thus choose to take the accumulated jackpot.

  • triumph goal.

    It is about trying to guess the results of various soccer teams and win the prize of 2 million points.

  • Fancy.

    You will also have to predict a game, the difference now is that you will have to calculate the final result in symbolic form to win a total of 220,000 points.


If you like casino games, in this section you will have at your disposal casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, and others where with a bit of luck you perro multiply your points very quickly.

It seems that they also want to implement poker rooms.

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In this section you cánido find your favorite flash games and demonstrate your skills beating the opponents to receive thousands of plus points.

You will be able to choose between many and varied action, sports and arcade games.


In the prizes section you will find all available prizes What cánido you get with the points? The Physical prizes cánido be shipped to most countries in the world through local stores at no cost for shipping.

Digital prizes like amazon checks and cards will be sent to the dirección de correo electrónico in which you have registered.


the academy is going to serve to acquire the fundamentals and knowledge necessary to face the world of sports betting and casino effectively.

In addition, they are going to provide us with consejos and tricks that you should know if you are interested in betting with real money on other platforms in the near future.

What happens if I lose all the points?

If you’ve had a bad hand, or the team you’ve bet on has lost, and you run out of points, you don’t have to worry.

Winner makes daily recharges of 8,000 points to all those jugadores who have less than 8,000 in their cómputo.

But to qualify for these daily recharges, you must not have any points at stake.

Recharges will be carried out automatically according to the following schedules:

  • Europe at 11:00 and 23:00
  • America at 5:00 and 17:00

Payments and minimum collection

The minimum charge is stipulated for this page in €25, whatever the payment method we choose.

In section “awards“You will be able to view all the prizes available and the points needed to be able to redeem them.

We will simply have to press the button “request” and indicate the dirección de correo electrónico address linked to the payment processor where we want the payment to be made.

In the case of wanting to exchange for bitcoin, you will have to indicate the address of your wallet.

In the case of physical prizes, they will arrive vía courier to your home.

Final Opinions Winner

Winner it is a good opportunity for make money with bets without losing or risking a single euro.

Is a page that has been operational for almost ten yearsTherefore, on the subject of payments there is no problem.

Only with a bit of luck and knowing something about sports, we will be able to hit the sports results and gradually get the necessary points to win a prize.

If you like betsbut you prefer not to risk your money, I recommend that you register on the page.

Here is a direct backlink to register and start with 10,000 points.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Achiever |  earn money with bets
  Achiever |  earn money with bets
  Achiever |  earn money with bets

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