accusative pronouns in english

accusative pronouns in english

The accusative pronouns are also known as complement pronouns or object pronouns.

They are words that, like personal pronouns, are in charge of substituting.

But in this case they do not replace the subject of the sentence (who performs the action), but to the direct object.

That being said, it is obvious that if you do not know how to find the object of a sentence, it will be more difficult for you to identify the accusative pronouns in English.

For this reason, we will espectáculo it below.

To locate the complement pronouns or accusative pronouns in English, the first thing you must do mentally is separate the subject and verb from the other words that make up the sentence.

As you already know, the subject is the one who is performing the action and the verb is the word that describes it, but then what is the object? This is the word that is responsible for referring to the noun that receives said action.

Accusative pronouns in English perro be plural or singular, neuter, feminine, or masculine.

me = me, me Us = We
you = you, you You = Les, los, les, nosotros, vosotras ustedes
Him = Le, lo, él Them = Les, los, las, ellos, ellas
Her = Le, la, ella
It = Le, lo, él, ella, ello

⭐ When to use personal pronouns in accusative or dative?

He pronoun is used in the accusative case when the specified person or object receives the direct action of the verband use in the dative case when receiving the indirect action of the verb.


I see my father.

I see him.


The man gives flowers to his wife.

The man gives her flowers.

The man gives the woman flowers.

The man gives her flowers.

Examples of accusative pronouns

  • you perro tell them to eat in? (perro you tell they come in?)
  • James told you to lie (James tea told a lie)
  • My parents gave us money (My parents us gave money)
  • She could give the chocolate to I (She could give me the chocolate)
  • Susy did a hairstyle for her

So far we have finished with this lesson on all the accusative pronouns in English.

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 accusative pronouns in english
  accusative pronouns in english
  accusative pronouns in english

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