Accounts with 12% compound interest: 11

Accounts with 12% compound interest: 11

Looking to grow your money and earn compound interest?

There are many investment accounts that promise big returns with minimal risk, but are they the best ones for you?

The good news is that he is on the right track.

Investing your money is a great way to increase your net worth and get rich.

In this guide, I’m going to explore the best accounts with 12% compound interest so you cánido earn more money and generate passive income on your money.

Let’s start!

Are 12% Compound Interest Accounts Real?

It is certainly possible to earn 12% interest compounded annually with the right investments.

But there are no accounts that guarantee this rate of return.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, so you could end up earning less than 12% in any given year.

However, if you’re willing to take the risk, there are some investments that could help you earn 12% or more in compound interest to turn your money into more money.

Best 12% Compound Interest Investments

There are several 12% compound interest investments with which you perro earn compound interest.

Below are some of my favourites.


Invest in Commercial Real Estate with LEX Markets

LEX Markets is an en línea platform that allows you to invest in commercial real estate without the hassles of traditional real estate investing.

You perro start investing with as little as $250 and earn tax-advantaged income, making it a great option for many investors to earn interest on their money in tangible assets.

One of the reasons I love this LEX Markets is because you perro easily trade your shares throughout the day just like you would on the depósito market.

Other platforms may require you to hold your money for years, LEX Markets makes your investment more liquid.

Investments through LEX Markets have the potential to generate high returns, with an average return of over 8% per year, making it an excellent investment worth considering.

As a plus, they are offering new investors up to $500 in free investments when you make your first deposit! Create your account below to get started!


Earn compound interest with Mainvest

Small businesses perro be extremely profitable and provide great returns for your portfolio.

But there is a catch.

Not all investors want to spend the time and energy to start and grow a business.

That’s where Mainvest cánido help.

This en línea platform allows you to invest in a variety of small businesses across the country with as little as $100.

They have objetivo returns of 10% to 25%, making them a great choice for investors looking to earn compound interest on their money.


Invest in Real Estate Debt with Groundlfoor

Another great 12% compound interest account is investing in real estate debt with a platform like Groundlfoor.

You cánido get started with as little as $10 and with over 200,000 investors, it’s a trusted way to diversify your investments and earn interest on your money.

In short, you will be lending your money to investors looking to complete an investment property.

For example, they may need some plus money to put a new floor in the house.

In return, you’ll get interest paid on your money.

Groundlfoor is a great investment platform to earn 12% interest on your money.


Invest in the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO)

The Vanguard S&P 500 ETF, ticker VOO, is a great way to earn 12% compound interest returns without having to pick individual stocks.

This ETF has been around since 2010 and has seen tremendous growth totaling 420% since its inception.

VOO’s average annual return has risen to 16.74% in the last 11 years.

So,which investments are included in this ETF?

Like other S&P 500 ETFS, VOO owns the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the US.

This includes tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Fb, as well as other big companies like Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Visa.

Investing in VOO is a great way to get exposure to the US depósito market without having to pick individual stocks.

You perro easily invest in this fun and many other ETFs and index funds with an investment aplicación like Acorns or M1 Finance.

As a plus, you’ll get $10 completely free to invest when you sign up with the backlink below.


Vanguard Total Depósito Market Index Fund (VTSAX)

Another strong option to make 12% compound interest is the Vanguard Total Depósito Market Index Fund.

This fund invests in more than 3,500 companies in the US depósito market, including small-, mid-, and large-cap stocks.

The fund has been around since 2000 and has delivered strong historical returns, averaging 11.16% per year since its inception (and over 14% over the past 10 years).

The Vanguard Total Depósito Market Index Fund is an excellent choice for investors looking for a low-cost and diversified way to invest in the US depósito market.


Invest in the Vanguard Large Cap Index Fund (VLCAX)

The Vanguard Large-Cap Index Fund is an excellent choice for investors seeking exposure to large-cap stocks.

Large-cap stocks are typically the largest and most well-known companies on the depósito market.

Basically, if you want to easily get started investing in the largest companies to earn compound interest, Vanguard’s large-cap index fund is for you.

This index fund will require an initial investment of $3,000 and has an expense ratio of just 0.05%.

Historically, this index fund has proven to be a great way to earn interest compounded with returns over the past ten years averaging 14.55%.

Check out these investments that pay you every month for more ways to make passive income!


Invest in Real Estate with Fundrise

Investing in real estate is a great way to earn compound interest and make money without needing a significant lump sum of cash to get started.

Investing in real estate is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio and has historically delivered strong returns.

It is one of the best assets to appreciate if you want to escape the rat race and achieve financial freedom.

Fundrise is my favorite way to easily invest in real estate and earn compound interest.

The minimum investment is currently just $10 and they will give you a completely free $10 to invest when you sign up with the backlink below.

So how much money perro you earn?

You perro see the historical returns in the chart below.

After 2 years, your investment will return an average of 19.7%, which is a great return for a low-risk investment.


Vanguard Growth Fund Investor Depósito (VWUSX)

This fund is an excellent option to earn compound interest with a minimum initial investment of $3,000.

This fund contains holdings of 265 different stocks and has had average returns of 16% over the past 10 years.

With an expense ratio of just 0.38%, this is a great investment to start earning interest on your money.


Corporate bonds

Some corporate bonds offer high yields, making them a great option for investors looking to earn compound interest.

whatWhat are corporate bonds?

Corporate bonds are debt securities issued by companies to raise capital.

They generally have a higher interest rate than government bonds and are considered riskier.

This money cánido be used for a variety of purposes, including fund expansion, research and development, or acquisitions.

When evaluating bonds, it’s all about the risk-reward ratio.

The more risk you take, the higher your return.

The lower the risk, the lower will be your performance.

While it is possible to earn 12% compound interest with corporate bonds, this cánido be one of the riskier investment options.


Peer-to-peer lending

Some peer-to-peer lending platforms offer the potential to earn 12% or more in interest.

Ultimately, it will depend on the type of borrowers you choose to lend money to.

Borrowers with strong credit will earn the lowest returns, but will be your safest investment.

Borrowers with lower credit scores perro earn much more, but they are also much riskier.

It is possible to earn 12% compound interest through peer-to-peer lending by building a balanced loan portfolio.

whatYou’re not sure where to start?

There are a few main peer-to-peer lending options, including Prosper, Peerform, or Upstart.


Invest in Cryptocurrencies

If you want to invest outside of the depósito market, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a solid alternative investment option.

Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that emplees cryptography to secure its transactions.

Bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency, was created in 2009 and has a limited supply of just 21 million coins, making it a scarce asset due to its demand.

While cryptocurrency perro be volatile, it has the potential to generate high returns.

Take a look at the price of Bitcoin in recent years.

It is difficult to argue against the returns of cryptocurrencies.

To invest in cryptocurrency, you will need to open an account on a trusted exchange like Gemini.

It is escencial to use a trusted exchange.

There have been cases where some exchanges have shut down unexpectedly due to hacks and other random mysterious events, leaving investors without access to their funds.

Titan is a reputable exchange that allows you to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies.

You perro get started for free with the backlink below!

Other investments to earn compound interest

Below are some other investments to consider if you want to make more money.

High Yield Savings Account

High-yield savings accounts don’t generate the best returns, but they are one of the safest investments you perro make.

These accounts perro pay up to 7 times the national average in interest, making them a great option for those who want to keep their money safe and still earn interest.

Savings accounts are FDIC-insured, which means your money is backed by the government up to $250,000 per account.

CIT Bank currently offers the highest yielding savings account and requires only $100 to get started.

Create your account with the following backlink!

Another option is a platform like Tellus.

This is a high-yield savings account that pays up to 6% APY.

But it gets better.

Your interest is paid daily, so you’ll earn even more compared to other high-yield savings accounts.

properties to rent

Most rental properties will return more than 12% per year, but because they require work and effort, they are not always considered a true passive investment.

There are plenty of pros and cons to owning a rental property, so be sure to do your research before making a decision.

With this tangible investment, you perro earn money through various methods, including appreciation, monthly cash flow, and tax benefits.

The key to success with rental properties is finding the right property in the right market that matches your investment goals.

For example, some people may choose to invest in vacation rentals so they cánido use them for part of the year.

Others might choose to invest in apartments to maximize their profits.

money market account

Money market accounts are very afín to savings accounts, except that they often have higher interest rates and offer the ability to write checks.

In addition, there may be restrictions on how often you perro withdraw money from your account.

Money market accounts perro be a good way to store your money for the future, but they won’t earn 12% compound interest.

Are 12% returns good?

The 12% return on your money is stronger than many investments like government bonds, annuities, and CDs.

When you start investing, it’s safe to assume an interest rate of around 7-10%, so a 12% yield is definitely something to be proud of.

While you probably won’t get a 12% interest rate every year, it’s a good goal to aim for.

10% Compound Interest Accounts

Some of the best 10% compound interest accounts include:

  • Invest in small businesses with Mainvest
  • Invest in real estate with Fundrise

8% Compound Interest Accounts

Some of the best 8% compound interest accounts include:

  • properties to rent
  • Real estate investment with Ground Floor
  • Some ETFs and mutual funds

Other considerations

Before you go invest all your money looking for strong returns, there are a few things you need to do first.


Some investments will have an annual or monthly fee that you should consider.

Be sure to take them into account when calculating your returns.

For example, if you earn 12% compound interest, but pay a 2% commission, your de hoy return would be around 10%.

If you cánido avoid fees as much as possible, you perro see bigger profits and more money in your bank account!


Risk is an important consideration when you start investing.

Because you cánido lose money when you invest in stocks, you have to be smart.

Every investment carries some risk, but some have more risk than others.

So how do you assess risk when investing?

Without going into advanced math equations, you cánido use what is called the Sharpe Relation.

The Sharpe ratio is a way of comparing the return of an investment with its risk.

The higher the Sharpe ratio, the better.

For example, if you are considering two investments and one has a Sharpe ratio of 1 and the other has a Sharpe ratio of 2, the investment with the higher Sharpe ratio is considered less risky.

Watch the vídeo below to learn how you cánido use the Sharpe ratio to make better investment decisions!

compounding frequency

Some investments compound daily, while others may compound monthly or annually.

There is a difference in how much you cánido earn in compound interest depending on how often your money is compounded.

You may see terms like “APR” (Annual Percentage Rate) or “APY” (Annual Percentage Yield) and wonder what they are.

The key difference is that APR calculates fácil interest, while APY calculates compound interest.

The APY will always be higher because it takes into account the compound interest you would earn.

You perro use a compound interest calculator to help you determine how much money you will earn based on the compounding period.

daily compound interest

There are some accounts that earn interest compounded daily.

While most of these are savings accounts or money market accounts, there are a few that are geared toward investors.

For example, Tellus offers interest paid daily with APY of up to 6% on your money.

You cánido check out these investments that pay daily for more information!


Inflation is another consideration when investing.

While you perro’t do anything about it, it’s important to be aware of how it cánido affect your money.

Inflation is the rate at which the prices of goods and services increase over time.

As inflation increases, the purchasing power of your money decreases.

That means if inflation is 3% and you have $100 in the bank, after one year you will need $103 to have the same purchasing power.

the federal reserve The US has a objetivo inflation rate of 2%, but it cánido be incredibly difficult to stay at this level depending on economic conditions.

Currently, inflation is at record levels at more than 8% per year.

This cánido make it difficult to keep up with rising prices for goods and services.

So,How does this affect your investments??

This perro orinan that your real returns will be much lower than your inflation-adjusted real returns.

If the return on your investment is 10%, but inflation is 8%, your real return is only 2%.

The following vídeo perro help you learn how to invest in times of high inflation.

Pay off high interest debt

High-interest debt, such as credit card debt, some student loans, or personal loans, should be a financial priority.

These debts perro carry interest rates higher than 7%, making them difficult to manage and pay off.

If you have a decent amount of cash, consider paying off these debts before investing.

You cánido use the debt snowball or debt avalanche methods to pay off your debts quickly.

Have an emergency fund

Having an emergency fund, or emergency fund, is another critical step in your financial journey.

You must have at least 3-6 months of living expenses saved in an easily accessible account.

This will help you cover unexpected costs, such as a medical emergency, job loss, or coche repair.

Final Thoughts on 12% Compound Interest Accounts

Earning 12% compound interest on your investments is an amazing goal to strive for and it is possible through a few methods.

There are several index funds, ETFs, and other investment options that you cánido use to grow your money and earn compound interest.

It is important to remember that past performance is not a guarantee of future results, so be careful and only invest what you cánido afford to lose.

To limit risk, it is essential to diversify your portfolio.

By using a combination of depósito market investments, as well as savings accounts or money market accounts, you cánido keep your money safe and earn compound interest effortlessly.

This information offered for informational purposes only; It is not intended to be used as accounting, legal or tax advice.

In relation to these matters, please speak to your accountant, tax or legal adviser.

Investing implies a risk that includes the loss of primordial.

This guide contains the current views of the author, but not necessarily those of Gigonway.

These opinions are subject to change without notice.

This guide has been distributed for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice or a recommendation of any especial investment security, strategy or product.

The information contained in this guide has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed.

Gigonway does not provide legal or tax advice.

Please consult your tax and/or legal advisor for specific tax or legal questions and concerns.

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 Accounts with 12% compound interest: 11
  Accounts with 12% compound interest: 11
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