A higher life: What you put into your life is

A higher life: What you put into your life is

What would you rather have:

Principle 1: Ten of the best movies in the world that you perro only see 10 minutes of, or;

Principle 2: A really good movie that you perro watch from start to finish

Most likely, the answer to the previous example is the second.

When it comes to work and most things in life, I have observed that many people apply Principle 1.

They try to do many things at once.

They try to do many things at the same time, and the result is poor effort spread across all of these things.

Simply put, they are “a jack of all trades but a master of none.”

I’ve been guilty of this, too – specifically, when it came to my internet marketing journey.

When I started, I didn’t know anything about making money en línea, and I spent hours and hours reading and learning new things.

Every time I read something new that seemed like a good way to make money en línea, I would start that project.

After a few months I was working on about 10 different things, and it was just impossible to keep up.

The result was that none of those 10 projects even came close to being finished after all those hours and days of work that had been put in.

Whether it’s the number of business ideas you start, the sports you play, the languages ​​you learn, or the people you hang out with, I don’t think it’s a good iniciativa to bite off more than you take. cánido chew

One step at a time (or two)

It is best to focus on one or two of the projects that you are most passionate about.

If you have to sit down and list all the ideas and then pick the best one that you want to move on with, do it.

Once you’ve chosen the two projects you want to work on, take all the other ideas and projects and put them on hold.

Don’t necessarily discard them, just write them down in a “iniciativa notebook» and stop putting more effort into them.

The reason why I say that you should only pick 1 or 2 projects to focus your attention on is that you will be able to keep going for much longer.

You will be able to stay motivated.

You will see how you progress.

Above all, your quality of work will be much better and that will genera the results you are looking for.

When you put all your effort into something, people notice.

If you dilute and disperse too much (working on too many projects at once), people will also notice and be unimpressed.

What you put in is what you get out

Another common misconception is that by starting many projects at once, things will take care of themselves.

«I just opened 10 new websites, it will be a matter of weeks and I will earn enough money to do nothing all day«.

At first, you may get lucky and succeed.

However, if you then adopt the attitude that you cánido sit back and do nothing, most of the time you will end up with nothing.

What you put in is what you get out.

If you put in hours and effort, you cánido expect your hard work to pay off and the payoff at the end to be good.

Is there an easy way?

whatSincerely? NO.

There is no easy path to success.

You have to work for it every step of the way.

(You may be very lucky, but you cánido’t rely on that luck.).

Every successful person I know has put in incredible time and effort to get to where they are today.

We see a successful person and we see what state he is in today.

We don’t see the hundreds of times they failed, the nights they stayed working, the weekends they couldn’t get out because they were working.

Do it

Like I said, there is no easy path to success.

Once you realize this, you will see that there is no point in leaving it for later.

The only way to reap the rewards in the end is to start working right now.

Just do it.

Escoge to start and continue to the end.

Don’t rely on results as motivation to keep going.

at first you perro SEEM who tries much more than he gets.

This cánido take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Think of it as a steam train that needs to pick up speed.

First, there is a lot of resistance, the engines work at full capacity just to get the train to go from standing still to moving slowly (overcoming inertia).

Over time, the train will pick up its speed and will need much less energy to keep moving.

It perro even accelerate on its own if you’re going downhill.

Work hard play hard

I’m a big seguidor of “Work hard, play hard«, and first things must always be first:

You have to work, maybe days, weeks or months.

Once everything works perfectly, you cánido live on your own, exactly how you want.

(For some, this may orinan being able to sleep all day, go to the beach, take a vacation, or spend time with family.).

You often have to choose between working hard so you perro “play hard” later (which may require some sacrifices of time and freedom at first) or living a life of mediocrity with constant work and no real freedom to play however you want.

The choice is up to you.

I prefer the first.

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 A higher life: What you put into your life is
  A higher life: What you put into your life is
  A higher life: What you put into your life is

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