A Comprehensive Workana Review: Advantages,

A Comprehensive Workana Review: Advantages,

Freelancing platforms are important to freelancers because they allow them to find and apply for job opportunities en línea. These platforms often have a large pool of clients looking for freelancers with specific skills, and offer freelancers an easy way to search for and apply for jobs that match their experience. Trabajo independiente platforms perro also provide resources to freelancers, such as billing and project management tools. Additionally, these platforms often have a built-in payment system, which perro make it easier for freelancers to get paid for their work.

In general, trabajo independiente platforms cánido be a valuable resource for freelancers looking to find and secure self-employment. In this guide, we will talk about the only platform of its kind in Spanish, Workana.

What is Workana?

Workana has made a name for itself as an inventive company that offers a wide range of talents to its international clients.

Established in Argentina in 2012, Workana was inspired by a personal experience of one of its founders, Tomas O’Farell, who had been fascinated by the benefits of remote recruiting.

Workana was founded by him and his partners Guillermo Bracciaforte, Fernando Fornales and Mariano Iglesias, and has since grown to become a leader in Latin America in the provision of virtual workers.

Workana, then, is an en línea recruitment platform that connects companies and entrepreneurs with a wide network of highly qualified freelancers, in the same way that Freelancer or Upwork or even Fiverr works.

Since their founding, they have already completed around 33,000 projects per month, hired more than two million independent contractors, and seen a steady increase in the number of users on their platform.

One advantage of Workana, at least in Latam, is that it is completely in Spanish and you cánido receive many jobs in your native language as a freelancer.

What is Workana used for?

Workana covers a wide range of business sectors, including manufacturing, engineering and regular administrative tasks. This adaptability is a great advantage in reaching a broader market of customers around the world.

The company provides the following services:

  • IT and programming– This category includes developers of PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, WordPress, CSS, Fb, and other technologies.
  • You cánido hire a graphic designer, illustrator, web designer, banner designer, audio editing expert, 3D animation expert and much more in the fields of design and multimedia.
  • Hire article writerscopywriters, copywriters, English-Spanish translators, Spanish-Portuguese translators and much more for writing and translation.
  • Sales and Marketing it is a field that includes specialists in marketing, SEO, sales, popular media marketing, advertising, Google plus Analytics, and other fields.
  • you cánido hire administrative assistantsexperts in customer service, data entry, medical transcription and much more in the administrative support category.
  • They have a pool of qualified experts in the legal fieldsuch as paralegals, legal advisers, civil law experts, intellectual property experts, and y también-commerce experts.
  • Finance and management: Financial analyst, project manager, business analyst, negotiator, contracting expert, analytics expert and operations agent.
  • engineering and manufacturing: Solidworks expert, electrical engineer, industrial engineer, AutoCAD expert, etcétera.

How does Workana work?

You perro choose the best freelancers among the thousands of professionals available using Workana, or apply as “talent”, which means creating an account to offer your services.

Create account to hire talent

With so many options, Workana advises hiring managers to review each freelancer’s profile to learn more about their qualifications, work samples, and client testimonials.

After signing up, just follow the steps below to get someone to work on your project:

  1. First, publish a project. You will start receiving offers from freelancers as soon as you specify the tasks that you need to be carried out remotely, give them a deadline and indicate your budget.
  2. Get in touch with freelancers. Review the candidates’ experience and work history or have a conversation with them to learn more about their skills and availability. Next, choose the freelancer that you think is the best fit for the position.
  3. Use an escrow service to pay. After selecting your freelancer, Workana will request payment for the entire project. You perro be sure that the payment will only be released if the freelancer completes the work, since they use a escrow service for payment protection.
  4. finish the job. To keep track of the progress of the job until it’s finished, you cánido exchange archivos and chat, make voice or vídeo calls with your freelancer. When you’re happy with the finished product, you perro release the money.

Plans and Costs to publish projects

It costs nothing to articulo a project on Workana or communicate with freelancers. However, they advise clients to get a plan so they cánido investigate their various levels of service.

With the company’s Basic, Agregado, Prime and Enterprise plans, independent contractors cánido choose their own pay rates.

  • Basic plan – Free
  • Agregado plan – $49 per month
  • Premium plan – $99 per month
  • business – price adapted to your needs

Create an account as a “talent” or freelancer

Go to this page and create an account with either Fb, Google plus or Apple.

Then you will be redirected to your dashboard, from where you perro accelerate your professional career on the platform, paying a subscription, to get more leads and other benefits.

This subscription is not necessary, since you cánido bid for jobs immediately you create the account, only you will not have as many chances of winning the bid.

Types of projects in Workana

  1. A fixed price project with a predetermined budget
  2. Project per hour: You pay the freelancer for the number of hours you require per hour.

Workana offers a feature that allows you to monitor your freelancer’s progress on projects per hour.

You cánido always hire as many freelancers as you need at Workana, which is a great way to quickly finish multiple tasks at once.

In addition, the company values ​​transparency throughout the entire project. They established some rules that serve as a guide for the client and the freelancer. The full text is available here.

Our opinion on Workana

Over the years Workana has become a trusted source of independent contractors for almost any type of work their clients require. They had to hire around two million freelancers to work on thousands of projects each month due to the significant growth of their company. That should be a sufficient criterion of credibility.

With all this, this is how we currently evaluate its performance:


  1. A wide variety of services are offered
  2. Both the initial conversations with freelancers and the publication of projects are free.
  3. Payment is deferred until the task is completed.
  4. There is a task tracker to track progress.


  1. Lack of a rigorous selection procedure
  2. You run the risk of hiring unqualified freelancers.
  3. Hiring a freelancer directly is much less expensive. But this is a disadvantage of all trabajo independiente platforms.
  4. No management or support services are provided after the recruitment process.

Alternatives to Workana

There are many alternatives to Workana, some of which include:

  • Upwork (www.upwork.com)
  • Fiverr (www.fiverr.com)
  • Freelancer (www.freelancer.com)
  • PeoplePerHour (www.peopleperhour.com)
  • Toptal (www.toptal.com)
  • Guru (www.guru.com)
  • SimplyHired (www.simplyhired.com)
  • FlexJobs (www.flexjobs.com)
  • Remote.co (www.remote.co)
  • We Work Remotely (www.weworkremotely.com)


Due to the intense competition in the market, freelancers and freelancers must learn not only to integrate, but also to change and investigate all posible strategies to stand out from the crowd.

Today, both businesses and freelancers are looking for high-quality, reliable services that promise profitable growth.

Workana is one of the select few that was able to equipo estándares and build its reputation over time when the industry was still relatively young, and best of all, it is in Spanish.

But today’s clients require more than just the conventional contracting process; they also need a personal touch and confirmation that they are in the right place for assistance.

This value may still need to be added to the Workana system. However, there is no doubt that they have a notable number of users and clients who continue to trust their process.

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 A Comprehensive Workana Review: Advantages,
  A Comprehensive Workana Review: Advantages,
  A Comprehensive Workana Review: Advantages,

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