A brief guide to organizing a good

A brief guide to organizing a good

Meetings are an inescapable part of most jobs, but their usefulness tends to divide opinion.

Some consider them a necessary evil, others try to avoid them whenever possible, and of course some just cánido’t get enough of them.

However, most agree that an effective, efficient, and well-run encuentro is something to be thankful for.

What makes a good encuentro?

How cánido you organize a encuentro that achieves your specific goals, encourages open discussion, and delivers tangible results in the shortest amount of time? In the age of hybrid work, this applies to virtual meetings as well, which cánido turn a focused work day into a series of Zoom calls eating up hours.

The ideal encuentro is one that is maintained over time, includes only the people whose presence is really necessary to discuss the issue in question, and achieves the objectives established in advance. Let’s look at some helpful consejos for making the most of your collaboration time.

Is a encuentro really necessary?

Start with this big question.

We’ve all attended meetings that could have just as easily been an dirección de correo electrónico or a short discussion on a forum like Slack.

Before organizing a encuentro, take a step back and ask yourself if it’s really necessary.

A encuentro will be necessary if a decision or result is more likely to be reached if everyone talks in person rather than exchanging messages en línea.

In addition, the travel time required for a face-to-face encuentro must be justified by the purpose of said encuentro.

Face-to-face meetings may be best when work is in progress and collaboration is required to get it done.

A virtual encuentro might be good for a recent work presentation and when questions are expected.

The no-meet option could be when individuals only need to review a piece of work before completing it.

How to prioritize productivity

No one will hold you accountable for spending the first few minutes of a encuentro catching up with your coworkers while you wait for the rest of the attendees to join.

That being said, keep everyone’s time in mind and avoid straying too far from your goals.

Always refocus the encuentro on your goals and what you are trying to achieve.

whatIs there a structure to the encuentro or is it likely to turn into a free-for-all? Focus on what matters.

How to host a successful encuentro

  • Find out who really needs to attend: Too often, not everyone invited to a encuentro actually needs to be there.

    Send invitations based on need, not policy.

    Fewer people also make it easier to arrange a time and place that works for everyone.

    Make sure the details of the encuentro are available afterwards, in case anyone wants to know what happened.

  • Schedule Efficiently: Everything You Need for a Encuentro -from reserving a time and a space to ordering the equipment- it has to be efficient and profitable.

    Encuentro room booking solutions offer companies the opportunity to create a culture of better encuentro management.

  • Focus on time – Analyze the reason for your encuentro and equipo the duration accordingly.

    Studies espectáculo that the average length of a encuentro is 31 to 60 minutes.

    In reality, the average attention span is only 10-18 minutes.

    Consider shortening scheduled encuentro times whenever possible.

    Do your current schedules try to cram too much into one encuentro? Could it be more effective to break some of those meetings into shorter, more focused sessions with more specific attendees? To learn more about encuentro durations, check out this article.

  • A proper encuentro room: what kind of equipment and space do you need to make your encuentro effective? Presentation tools need to be easy to use and ready to go.

    The IT department must be able to prepare the necessary equipment in advance so that no one has to wait.

    If it’s an important client encuentro, book a larger (and perhaps more impressive) space than if it’s an internal team encuentro.

    If it’s a one-on-one encuentro, consider non-traditional options.

    Would it be beneficial to meet off-site, in a less formal setting like a coffee shop?

  • international considerations: Many companies operate multinationally and accessibility is a key issue when some are present in the encuentro room and others are on another continent.

    This may require a fácil conference call or a more complex solution such as vídeo conferencing.

    In the latter case, try easy screen sharing tools like Zoom or Skype for Business.

    The most important thing is that you make sure that your encuentro rooms are properly equipped to host this type of vídeo conference with the appropriate audiovisual tools.

How to keep the attention of the participants

Finally, ensuring that encuentro participants are attentive and listening at all times is a major challenge.

One of the best ideas is to book the encuentro when people are ready to work.

4pm on a Friday is usually a late night time when everyone is thinking about the weekend.

During the encuentro, encourage participation and eliminate distractions.

Laptops and phones should be turned off whenever possible.

hybrid thinking

Managing a encuentro effectively is vital in the age of hybrid work, when people want to make the space more productive and encuentro in person is more of an event than the everyday reality it used to be.

By making sure everyone is making the most of their time and collaborating effectively, you’ll be helping your business make the most of our increasingly maleable world.

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 A brief guide to organizing a good
  A brief guide to organizing a good
  A brief guide to organizing a good

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