A Beginner’s Guide to Succeeding

A Beginner’s Guide to Succeeding

Casetify allows artists to upload their art to put on cases for teléfonos inteligentes, tabletas, and laptops, but is secretive about its terms.

Expected salary: they will not say

Commissions and fees: Not available

Where: Available throughout the United States

What is Casetify?

Casetify is a website where you cánido design your own phone cases, Apple Watch bands, notebook cases, and iPad cases. You cánido upload your own photos to various templates or you perro purchase any of their selected designs.

Casetify maintains that it wants to create sustainable jobs, where artists are rewarded for their work, so “Casetify Artists” earn more than the usual market estándar. Fácil as that.

What isn’t fácil is getting a straight answer as to what exactly it might be.”higher than the usual market estándar«. Nowhere in the site’s terms and conditions, FAQ perro artists find out how much they will be paid. whatPayment is based on a percentage of the product’s sales price or a flat fee? It’s a mystery.

When Gigonway reached out to site officials to find out, Casetify responded: “We regret that the profit sharing rate is decided by the Artist Management team and this will be disclosed when the application is successful«.

In other words, you have a lot of work to do before you find out if your time is worth it. Casetify users said they would normally earn around $5 per sale, if there were no promotions. But the promotions are regular, so it is likely that you will earn less.

Since Casetify charges around $40 for an iPhone case, that’s a royalty fee. pretty pitiful. Unfortunately, it’s not a big surprise. Generally speaking, when a company is reluctant to be clear about payment, that’s because they’re not paying “higher than the usual market estándar.”

Store Settings

As an artist, Casetify perro be a good source of passive income. We’ve had a store at Casetify for about a year now and we’ve been doing pretty well. All you need to do to open a store is contact Casetify using the form on this page. You must have some work to espectáculo them (since you have to be approved to open a store). If you don’t have a website, you cánido equipo up a portfolio on a website like Behance for free. If they like your work, they’ll send you an dirección de correo electrónico with instructions on how to equipo up your store by uploading some designs and then setting up your PayPal information to get paid.

Get familiar with what Casetify sells

Casetify is mostly known for their phone cases, but they do offer a few other products including notebook cases, iPad cases, and Apple Watch straps. They make a point of letting you know that their most habitual and best-selling products are their iPhone cases, particularly the ones that feature their ability to print on translucent cases.

In addition to Apple products, they sell cases for Android phones. These are being sold as I have sold a pair myself.

A few consejos before you start designing

1. Know how to create images to fit different product designs

Each product has its own recommended dimensions. Here’s a list I received from Casetify after opening my store:

  • Minimum phone case resolution: 1100px x 2000px
  • Macbook Sleeve minimum resolution: 4800px x 2500px
  • Minimum iPad resolution: 2400px x 3000px
  • Apple Watch Band minimum resolution: 335px x 2660px

Casetify also noted that their best-selling cases are the ones that take advantage of their translucent cases. To take advantage of this feature, you will need to incorporate transparent areas into your design and export as PNG (PNG-24 with transparency checked in Photoshop). It is important to note that in addition to translucent phone cases, iPad snap-on cases also come with the transparency feature.

My personal favorite case is their new estándar cases. These are great because you perro change the design very easily. Essentially the case is in two parts, a bumper frame and a back plate. Bumper frames come in over 5 colors and with the number of different back plate designs there are endless variations.

2. Market and Promote your designs!

After setting up your store with a few designs, you should plan to promote your store and designs on your different popular media channels. To easily create these promotions, I created a template in Photoshop. In this template I include a call to action (such as “check out my shop” either “buy now“), my store dirección de Internet, and an area where I perro place the phones, and sometimes a background. I like to keep certain elements the same (as text fonts) and change the backgrounds or the location of the phones by variety).

I personally use Twitter and Fb to promote my stores as the articulo traffic on those two sites is higher and it won’t look like contenido publicitario when promoting there. I articulo on Instagram occasionally, but I try not to do it too often because I don’t articulo there that often and I don’t want my feed to be full of sales images. It is important to think about the best platform for your promotions. If you articulo a lot on Instagram and have tons of followers there, it might be worth posting once or twice a day there.

Check out the Casetify Resource Site for lots of great information on selling and promoting on Casetify.

3. Send to collect calls

Casetify notified us that they no longer do open calls for collections, but still encourage artists to submit a lot of designs because it may appear in one of their ads or popular media streams.

4. Take advantage of sales

Everyone loves sales and they are more likely to buy something when they cánido get a discount. Casetify almost always has a promotion going on! I quickly check your site daily to see if there is a promotion going on (details are usually at the top of the page). I will then start promoting the sale or coupon code on my popular media. It’s important to check daily because promotions cánido change and you don’t want to promote a coupon code that isn’t active.

Keep in mind that the hottest time of the year for sales will always be around Christmas! Be sure to plan ahead, prepare holiday-themed designs, create plenty of promo images for easy sharing vía popular media, and check the current promo offers on the Casetify site. Promotions run from Black Friday to Christmas (and sometimes even after), so it’s good to check them often and update your promotions as needed.

5. Create new designs consistently

Casetify is always promoting designs on their Instagram Feed. I recommend following them to see what they like to promote. Also, if you are lucky enough to have one of your featured designs, you should repost it on your Instagram. I think the best way to get noticed is by constantly creating new designs. I found that when I first opened the shop and was creating new designs on a weekly basis, I appeared more often on their feed. Now that I haven’t been uploading as many designs (until maybe every two months) I haven’t been showing up. I’m sure there is a correlation there.

Designing your first case or cover

Ok, so you’ve equipo up your store, created layouts in Casetify’s recommended dimensions, and you’re ready to start uploading. Here’s a quick step-by-step process for adding a design to your store.

1. Choose which product you would like to create

First, clic on the “custom” button in the Casetify menu bar at the top left. The next page will give you options on top of different devices that you perro choose from. You will probably notice that most of the page is devoted to different iPhone cases. This is by design. Casetify will let you know up front that iPhone cases (especially clear cases) are their biggest sellers.

When we first opened the store, we spent a LOT of time uploading designs to different products. I would create a design and then make a version for phone cases, iPad cases, and notebook sleeves (sometimes even watch straps). We are only speaking from our experience, but even though we strongly promoted all of our products, We have only had phone case sales. There may be some who buy the other types of cases, but I think most people buy phone cases and only that from Casetify.

whatwhat perro you get out of this? Well, if you don’t want to spend more time, you cánido focus on creating phone case designs. Today that is what I do. I save a lot more time and cánido focus my promotion on those products.

2. Choose device and box type

Only iPhone and iPod Touch devices are available.

This next page is where you perro choose the make and model of your phone (or device). I usually start with the iPhone 6 or 6S. The default selection is the new estándar iPhone 6S case. If you clic on the “device” icon, you perro choose from your other selections like iPad, Apple Watch, Macbook, or Android phones.

After choosing your device, you perro choose the case type. I usually like to choose between the New Estándar or the New Estándar Pastel. Both feature the translucent cases, but also have the added feature of the colored bumper frame.

Take a few moments to choose a frame (if appropriate) and even the color of the iPhone to better match your design. Keep in mind that the choices you make in this step will be how your design will display on your store.

If you choose an iPhone, the options for its design will only be available on iPhone versions 4/4S to 6/6s (and Agregado versions) together with the iPod Touch. I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t seem like you perro choose between Android devices. You may need to upload a different version of the Android layout to your store.

3. Choose layout design

After you escoge which case you want your design to be displayed on, you need to choose your design. This is how your design will appear on the box. I always go with the full layout of the image (the second in the top row). You perro try other layouts, but keep in mind that you cánido’t have one layout indented across multiple of the boxes/areas. Each box/or circle will contain a separate image. These options are more for people who want to create cases with their own images from Instagram or other popular networks.

4. Upload your designs

So when you have your device, case and your chosen design, move on to upload your designs. It is possible to backlink your Instagram and Fb accounts to access the photos there, but I only choose to upload designs directly. You perro drag and drop multiple images at once. After uploading your design, you perro easily drag and drop it into the case. From there, clic “save design,” name your new design, and choose 3 categories. I have found the categories to be quite lacking. There are only 9 to choose from and I often find that my designs only fit in 2 (although you MUST CHOOSE 3). After this step, Casetify offers a few popular media channels where you perro share your new design.

5. Promote your work!

It’s time to promote your work! Remember the consejos above: 1) Create an image that has a “call to action” (a command like “buy now“, “see this design” or “buy my collection”), 2) Articulo to whatever popular media channel works for you, 3) check the Casetify site for any current promotions, and 4) schedule a few posts using different images and text.

It’s time to create!

Good luck with your store! Don’t forget to order a case! It’s a lot of fun telling people who ask about your case that you created it!

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 A Beginner's Guide to Succeeding
  A Beginner's Guide to Succeeding
  A Beginner's Guide to Succeeding

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