Good and rainy afternoon from La Mácula, friends!!.

Today I am here to tell you about a new page, a mix of Revshare and PTC, with Spanish capital, it is about 99%ForYou.

Surely, to everyone who is in contact with this world of earning money en línea, it will have sounded a lot to you, even many of you are already registered.

For my part I only write this articulo to inform you, if you want to register or not, it always depends on you.

I leave you the backlink here.

When registering we will have to upload a bill for electricity, water or gas to know that we are a natural person.

With the registration they will give us 200 publicredits (equivalent to $2) to advertise our website, blog or other pages to earn money.

Let’s explain 99%ForYou a little:

I’m sure this also interests youWhen it is convenient to collect

Name: 99%ForYou.com

Country: Spain (registered in the Canary Islands)

Languages: Spanish English and Portuguese

accepted countries: all the countries

Payment methods: Payza, SolidTrustPay, Neteller, Perfect Money, Credit Card

referrals: 2 levels for free referrals,

Minimum Payment: $5 for the method by which you have invested

All habitual right.

Well, let’s take a deeper look.

Money is earned mainly by displaying ads in the “paid visits“, depending on the viewing time, they will pay us from 0.01 to 0.005 euros.

They will also pay us for viewing vídeos, posting on popular networks and for the referral system.

The minimum payment is $5, but once we reach that amount, we will not be able to collect it, but the same system will buy us some adpacks that will cost us one euro agregado VAT.

When we have those adpacks, we will already be able to opt for the profit sharing system.

The earnings that you cánido obtain with these adpacks and with your referrals cánido be seen in the following table:

I’m sure this also interests youSnuckls pays and changes format

As you perro see, in estándar (free) users the adspacks mature at 130%the exact time is not known, that depends on the billing of the page.

  • Total, I, as a small investor, want to invest in 99% ForYou, I want to rent 5 adpacks.

    I charge it by credit or debit card, which is the one that generates the least commissions.

  • I charge $6, to be able to buy the 5 adpacks, since they don’t let me charge fractions and each adpacks cost $1 agregado VAT (around $1.07).

    Total, I spend $5.35.

  • Time passes and adpacks mature.

    I earn $6.5

  • From this you have to remove 19% of the IRPF for Europeans or the same amount in IRNR for foreigners.

    Total, we have $5.26 left

  • Of those 5.26, 30% must be taken away, which goes directly to the PRODUCT BALANCE.

    With that cómputo, we cánido promote our blog, business, etcétera…

  • For us, after investing $6 we would be left with $3.68.

    If we add to that the 0.35 that we have not invested, we add 4.03, which obviously we will not be able to withdraw.

Conclusion: At the moment what I am going to do is look at the paid ads and if we have time to spare, the free ads to promote my blog, page or whatever I see as necessary.

But for now, and until they improve the Paquete system, no investment.

If you want to risk and compare 5002 paquetes, you perro do it and maybe it will be worth it, since you will become a VIP usuario (without referrals).

This study that I have carried out is for small investors.

Of course, it is convenient to be earning money, even if it is little from the beginning.

If the owners review it and improve the paquetes, we perro say something else in the meantime, that’s the issue.

Registration is free, as always, you perro do it here or in the following banner:

And for my part nothing more, I hope in the next few days to tell you that things have improved and it is convenient to invest.

Until then greetings and happy long weekend!

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