9 steps to take to improve efficiency

9 steps to take to improve efficiency

A good salary does not guarantee that your employees are productive enough to maintain efficiency in your company.

So what should we do?

Our guest today will give you the essential steps to follow agregado some infallible consejos to improve the efficiency of your company.

It is no secret to anyone that in many companies a large number of hours of efficient work are lost every day.

It is not always obvious, however, the causes of low productivity may be due to employees, among other causes.

We must not forget that work is a process and as such requires control.

Consequently, for work in the company to be productive, it is essential to create adequate guidelines during business hours.

Therefore, I want to share some steps and consejos so that you cánido improve efficiency in your company, making employees more productive and always stay motivated.

9 steps to improve the eficiency of your company

1. The first thing is to equipo and track achievable goals

Start by taking a step back and thinking about exactly what you need to improve and how your employees perro help you.

That is, you must define and establish clear objectives, in addition to taking into account the capacity of your workers to carry them out; at the same time, do not forget that they must be achievable goals.

if you assign a great project to your work team, even with a reasonable deadline, it could be overwhelming.

The ideal is to divide large projects into smaller interactions since in this way the process is clearer, thereby maintaining motivated employees tailored moving towards the final product.

2. Define permisos and tasks

What follows now, is to meet with the main members of your team one on one to communicate priorities, as well as the expectations of their permisos.

Begin by describing the two or three priority or most important tasks that you want them to focus on. Next, calculate the time you estimate your employees will spend on those tasks.

In the process help them understand the level of quality you expect and then make sure to clearly explain the result you are trying to achieve.

Finally, step aside and Give your employees the freedom to work in the best possible way.

3. Don’t let meetings canalla your company’s productivity

While it is true that work meetings have a bad reputation in terms of performance, it is a fact that they are necessary to share information and to make decisions.

The key here is to improve the way you run meetings, making sure they participate only the people who need to participate.

you must create an agenda oriented to the objectives of the company and summarize each encuentro with clear resolutions.

In this way, the number of excessive gatherings will gradually decrease.

4. give and receive retroalimentación

Within the company it is essential that you develop a culture of trust with your team that provides constructive and meaningful retroalimentación on a regular basis.

For example, you perro ask your employees about the challenges they face and how you cánido help them divide your time more effectively, even if they need more resources.

There are some questions that will help you with this retroalimentación process, including:

  • They still are relevant equipo goals?
  • Is the workload achievable and manageable?
  • Is there any progress At work? If so, why?

5. Improve productivity with effective communication

One of the best ways to improve efficiency in the company is to apply the Kaizen method and have a single communication system.

The perfect communication system for your company is a messaging tool.

There are a lot of options available and each team perro find the best solution according to your needs.

Ideally, it should be a tool that allows you to have an environment where you perro create your own unique and productive work environment.

It will be an exclusive environment of your work team in which they will not be distracted by chatting with family or friends.

6. Value and appreciate the good work done

This is one of the best ways to stay motivated and productive to your employees.

Although it perro be difficult at times, being attentive to the effort, growth and production of your employees will allow you to give them the proper recognition.

Keep in mind that many employees They are trapped in their own worlds. which means they won’t give each other the recognition they deserve.

Therefore, the fact that you are one of those who value and Appreciate the good work you do You cánido keep your motivation levels high.

7. Empower your employees with the best technology

Sometimes we don’t realize but people often spend hours on tasks that cánido be automated or sped up with the right technology.

Most of the time, it’s actually cheaper to pay for things like calendar automation than to manually schedule meetings. By this I orinan that there are technological solutions for many things that you may not even know existed.

Therefore it is convenient to take a look to the tasks that employees are performing, especially those that are monotonous and that bother them.

By taking the time to find technology solutions that cánido automate or speed up those tasks, you’ll not only make your employees are more productive, but also happier.

Remember that a job well done has a direct effect on the quality of the product or service provided and therefore on the progress and profitability of our business.

8. Encourage your employees to take risks

Employees are faced every day with a making decisions about whether to try something more ambitious than the established norm.

The reality is, when you encourage the iniciativa of ​​taking risks, you not only make your employees more confident and autonomous, but you will also generate more production within a culture of innovation.

9. Give your employees freedom and autonomy

If your employees feel that they have to do their work in a especial way, using certain office tools and not being able to be themselves, there is no doubt that you will be less happy and productive.

Therefore, it is important that have honest conversations regarding the type of work they want to do.

It is also advisable to encourage them to take a goal or iniciativa and move on, even letting them change their job around the lifestyle they desire.

This cánido create more efficiency in the office, encouraging employees to work harder on something they really enjoy.

The best ways to keep motivated and productive to your employees

Of course, one of the biggest challenges that any company cánido face is keep happy and productive employees in the workplace.

When an employee is happy and motivated, they not only stay longer at work, but also in addition it is also shown more engaged and genuinely interested in doing what is good for the company.

In fact, a study from the University of Warwick, in England, revealed that happy and motivated employees tend to be a 12% more efficient compared with employees who are not happy and are not motivated.

But then, how do you keep employees motivated so that they be more productive at work?

Very easy, you must understand that happiness and productivity of employees, are the result of giving them freedom and responsibility.

Based on this, below I will share some fácil consejos to make your employees remain satisfied at work and at the same time improve their productivity.

you have to be maleable

Many companies have the misconception that a high salary is the best way to motivate long-term employees.

The reality is that in today’s world, where agendas stretch like elastic and rules limit us all from every angle, Give employees the ability to choose how and where they work, is certainly a welcome change.

Be maleable with employees perro orinan teleworking, let them choose their office desk or work from their own device.

In addition to giving them that freedom they need, you also make your employees feel that they are more than just a number on the payroll.

Equipo the goals and let your employees do the rest

Companies have understood that float on the shoulders of employees it cánido be something suffocating, instead of something positive.

Despite this, there are many companies that are reluctant to give up control and do not understand that all this is detrimental to their goals.

However, when looking at it from a business perspective, what really matters is that work is done on time and not the amount of jacks that an employee invests.

Additionally, by treating employees as adults, the result that is obtained is that their confidence increases, in addition to They espectáculo a greater commitment to the company, which in the end are two of the most difficult aspects to achieve.

An important tool to improve productivity among employees is the Kaizen method.

Treat employees as equals

Have managers in companies who are accessible, it is also essential to make employees feel much more comfortable at work.

When you treat your employees As equals and not as your personal henchmen, you will win their hearts and loyalty.

Then your employees will be more likely to commit to a boss who perceives them as his partner and therefore, they will be more willing to make sacrifices for the good of the company.

Encourage self-actualization

There is something very important in employee motivation and productivity within the company that is often overlooked.

More and more workers of all ages, not just millennials who feel the need to have a purpose in their jobs.

This means that they want to have a clear and perfectly established direction of what they are supposed to do in the company, and at the same time feel that the work you do is significant.

Consequently, if you want to have more productive employees in your company, then you must encourage them to contribute their own ideas and to have a degree of freedom to choose the projects they will work on.

If you involve your employees in the decision-making process, you will guarantee their support for the objectives of the company.

give them time to have fun

Keep an eye on the company’s goals and limit all work efforts to achieve them in the shortest possible time, perro certainly make your employees more efficient, but it does not orinan that you will keep them happy and motivated for long.

You must not forget that it is good to have fun at work and that it is always advisable to promote activities that unite people and boost team morale.

In exchange for losing a few minutes, you will get your employees to form stronger and more united work teams, feeling that what they do every day perro also be something fun.

Make sure you reward their efforts fairly

Something that is essential to keep employees motivated is to give them recognition for their own work.

But equally important, is to make your employees feel that they are receiving compensation fair for the work they do.

Company managers who give gift cards to employees for higher performance, take them to lunch or bring breakfast for everyone, they certainly have a much better oportunidad of earning your loyalty, since, well, everyone loves gifts.

The emotional bond

Something key in all this that you must understand is that if there is a healthy mix between all the aspects that we have just mentioned, your employees simply they will become more loyal and attached to the company they work for.

at the same time too will increase your productivity Since they will feel valued and important, it will even be easier for them to share their positive experience with their peers.

Therefore, keeping employees happy and genuinely interested in the company is a surefire way to boost productivity..

So you need to make sure you cater to the needs and wants of your employees, as well as provide them with a healthy work environment that allows them to maximize their performance in your work area.

Considering the above, employees who are happy must also be responsible employees who provide the work that is required of them. When this is done, Both the managers and the employees form a highly effective work team that achieves the company’s objectives without much complication.

For reflect

In the end, productivity is not just about focus on destacable competition. Nor is it about perfectly managing every minute of the day.

Productivity in the company is a complex process that involves multiple corporate disciplines, however, when taking into account Consider the above consejos the efficiency of the company cánido be improved.

In addition, we recommend this free finance course for entrepreneurs from our friends at Finutive so that you perro develop better in the finances of your company.

Author Description: Matias Riquelme.

Industrial Civil Engineer and full-time blogger.

Web and Business Editor.

I share my experiences and knowledge in topics such as business administration, strategic planning, big data and marketing.

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 9 steps to take to improve efficiency
  9 steps to take to improve efficiency
  9 steps to take to improve efficiency

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