9 secret tricks to invest in the depósito market

9 secret tricks to invest in the depósito market

Invest money on the depósito market for the first time is something fun and excitingand it will also make you get experience and better results over time.

And best of all, today you perro do it from anywhere just with your cell phone or your computer, and you don’t have to be a millionaire to start participating in this market.

Now there are hundreds of brokers with which you cánido start trading having only 10 dollars in your pocket.

However, many people continue without daring to entrar the world of the depósito market, and it is something that I understand perfectly.

When I started investing about 4 years ago I had no iniciativa how this system worked; I had too many doubts, and the information I found searching the Internet did not help me much.

There was only news with a few consejos for people who already had investment experience – I didn’t even know what an asset was -, or very expensive courses to learn how to trade the depósito market.

So I tried doing a couple of trades on my own and all I got was lose my money.

Luckily, a friend who worked in this industry sat with me for an entire afternoon explain to me the basic rules of this game, And that’s how little by little I began to invest in the depósito market and get more profits with each operation I did.

Today I want to pass that knowledge on to you that my friend taught me and espectáculo you 9 important consejos that you should keep in mind If you are going to invest in the depósito market for the first time.

9 consejos that you don’t know to invest in the depósito market for the first time

1. Open an account with a certified and trusted broker

This may seem logical: if you want start investingYou will have to entrar a platform to start performing your operations, right?

But when I started in this world I didn’t really know if I had to do thiscontact someone who worked in the depósito market, or what were the steps to get started.

However, you also have to be very selective. If you want to start investing from your home, you should know that on the Internet there are many pages offering the same type of service.

If you don’t know any trustworthy broker, I recommend the one I’ve been using for 3 years: IQ Option.

I have tried other platforms and none have given me as good results as this one.

The great advantage of IQ Option compared to many other brokers is that you cánido start trading with as little as $10 (most will ask for $200 or more on your first deposit), agregado they take less than 24 hours to send you your winnings.

Entrar your data below to receive more information:

* General risk alert: Your capital may be at risk The financial products offered by the company have a high level of risk and perro lead to the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

2. Before trading, plan your investment strategies

When you are already registered with a trusted broker, it is very important plan well what your strategies are going to be investment.

You perro’t go crazy and start investing in the first asset you see, or not knowing exactly what you are going to do when you have chosen an operation.

You must be very clear when you are going to sell, when are you going to buy, and when you will keep that asset. And above all know how to control your emotions well.

I’ve seen quite a few people lose a lot of money because they saw that their investments were going down, they panicked, and decided to sell them, and people who saw that they were going up decided to buy more, and then those assets were worthless.

In the bag you have to control temptation and ambitionand above all master your emotions so as not to get out of the plan you have created.

So think carefully in which market you are going to operate, which asset are you going to selecthow much you will invest in each operation, and what strategy you will follow.

If you don’t know all these terms and feel lost, I encourage you to go to the IQ Option and see all the explanatory vídeos and tutorials that they have.

3. Equipo the amount of money you cánido lose

A person making a salary of $4,000 a month might not mind losing $300 on a single trade. But and you? whatYou need that $300 to pay your house billsto eat, or take your children to the doctor?

With this what I want to tell you is that from the first moment you have to be very clear how much money perro you lose by investing on the depósito market, and how much you perro’t afford to lose on a trade.

If you need $100, $200 or $500 to pay your expenses for a month, don’t invest them just thinking that if you win you perro double those earnings; if you lose them, the only thing you will achieve is getting into debt and gradually ruining yourself.

4. Do not invest more than 10% of your money in a single operation

In the depósito market everything is based on hitting your projection; Even if you have the best investment strategy, and it has worked for you many times, you may also lose part of the money you have earned at some point.

And that’s why it’s important that you define a maximum percentage of the money What are you willing to lose on each trade?

After many investments in which I have lost and also won, my general recommendation is that the best option is not invest more than 10% of the capital you have at that time.

An example: if you have made $200 in profit, do not invest in a trade more than $20 In case the case comes that you lose that money.

This means that you cánido invest $20 in a currency like the euro, another $20 in a company like Twitter, and $20 more in a company like Ferrari.

But You shouldn’t put $40 all at once in a single investmentbecause if you lose them, it will hurt much more than if you had only invested 10%, which would be $20.

5. Create a notebook to write down your best strategies

Although investing in the depósito market is often a complex matter, have an organized system to trade cánido help you a lot to improve your trading experience.

A good option to control which assets you know best, in which you have earned the most money, and what strategies have worked for you to win is have a notebook where you aim all your movements.

Every time you sell, buy or hold an asset, write it on herand then write the result that you have obtained with that operation.

So little by little you will create your own guide in which you will teach yourself which investments you are better at, and which ones you should avoid so as not to lose your money.

And the best thing is that you will be able to identify, with exact data, what are your best investmentswith fewer risks, and which ones fit your profile.

6. Take advantage of the “black swans”

The “black swans” on the depósito market are neither animals nor a movie. It is a phenomenon that consists of take advantage of a specific news to invest in a specific asset.

If, for example, they give negative news about a company, the most logical thing is that their shares falland it would be the perfect time to make a downward operation on the depósito market.

But if, on the contrary, it is positive news, probably those stocks will go up and you could consider making the trade higher.

For this reason it is why every time someone asks how to invest in the depósito market for the first time, always one of my biggest consejos is to read the economic news for 5 or 10 minutes each day.

7. Equipo limits on your benefits too

I told you before that it is important equipo limits both for the total money that you are willing to lose, and for the percentage that you are going to invest in each operation.

But put some on limits to your earnings it is also essential.

Because? Because emotions cánido be too treacherous especially in the investment world.

If you start trading, and manage to correctly predict the movement of the price, it is most likely that the ambition wins you and escoge to put more money to get more profit.

But that cánido also orinan that in one of those operations lose a lot of money for your greed

So good advice is put a cap on profits What do you want to get; so, when you reach that cap, you will force yourself to stop and you will not run the risk of losing all your profits.

8. Control your desire to take revenge when you lose money

Especially when you have made a trade in which you have lost, it is very easy to experience a feeling of anger, and want revenge for what happened to you investing again more money to recover your losses.

But from experience I cánido tell you that this never goes well.

That feeling will only lead you to act without any logicand it will ocasione you to lose more and more capital.

The most reasonable thing is to stop for a moment, and ask yourself what really happened. Have you been carried away by any emotion? Have you not followed the strategy that you had equipo yourself?

Or perhaps you did not yet have the necessary knowledge to invest in that asset?

9. But above all, enjoy it!

As I already told you at the beginning of this article, investing in the depósito market perro be a very fun experience In addition to a good opportunity to earn money.

Therefore, like everything you do in life, take advantage of it and enjoy it to the fullest. If you don’t like something, it’s not really worth wasting your time on it!

What other advice do you have for someone who wants to invest in the depósito market for the first time? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experiences in this world.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 9 secret tricks to invest in the depósito market
  9 secret tricks to invest in the depósito market
  9 secret tricks to invest in the depósito market

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