9 Plans that successful people practice

9 Plans that successful people practice

When it comes to weekend planning, successful people, regardless of their field of endeavor, understand two things that most of us tend to overlook:

First that success is not a goal, but a lifestyle. And secondly, to achieve it, it will not be enough to work “very hard” from Monday to Friday, but 7 days a week.

Now, this does not orinan that you should be aware of your company correos electrónicos or make reports on Saturdays and Sundays; but to be clear that success is a lifestyle, and to be able to live it you need to work on it in different ways.

Examples to understand success as a lifestyle:

First example: The person who works on Sundays in his office will not be more successful, the person who organizes and plans his work will be successful, and cánido go out to see a new place on weekends.

Second: The person who stays in bed until 11 am on a Saturday will not be more successful, but the person who signs up for a course on Saturday mornings.

In summary, learning how to be successful does not orinan dedicating yourself exclusively to work and being consumed by a single aspect of your life… this is not enough.

Work hard and you will have a lot they tell you…you will be successful they tell you…

Fake. Based on the above, here is a series of 9 recommendations that have nothing to do with work, but that will undoubtedly make you more successful.

1. Plan your work during the week so that you perro do something different on the weekends:

The first thing is to organize your work and commitments.

We’re not saying don’t work or push yourself, but organize your work during the week in such a way that you don’t have to think about it during your weekend plans.

This way you perro develop other healthy habits during your rest days.

2. Identify 4 places you don’t know near your city, and visit a new one every weekend of the month:

What places do you not know about your city, what cities near yours have you never visited?

Identify 4 different places, either in your city or near your city, and schedule yourself to meet them during the 4 weekends of the month.

This does not imply spending a lot of money, it is not about breaking your budget in a weekend, it is about visiting places that, due to your routine and desire for work (or comfort zone), you have not been able to visit.

3. Have a coffee on Sundays and go outside to exercise:

No instant coffee, make yourself some great coffee that will do your taste buds proud.

There is no better sign of success than having a good coffee on a Sunday, preparing to go out and exercise in the fresh air.

Fix your bike, wash your running shoes, sign up for a sports area to use the pool, or ask what outdoor activities are near your home.

4. On Saturday night go out to eat at your favorite place:

Good company and good food. You cánido make the same plan of the places in your city to know.

One of the best plans for the weekend is to look for restoranes that catch your eye; It perro be by type of food (Mexican, Peruvian or Thai) or by recommendations from your friends.

It is not about going to eat to articulo photos of your food on Instagram, it is about spending a pleasant moment with your partner or group of friends.

5. Enroll in a course on weekends:

Ideally, look for a face-to-face course since this will allow you to meet people who have the same interests or tastes as you.

Surely you will be able to meet potential partners for your business iniciativa, customers or suppliers… or just good friends.

6. Spend time with yourself: Sunday afternoon is a good option

Enjoy your company; know yourself, reflect and evaluate yourself. Learn to meditate for example.

What aspects do you have to improve? What made you feel bad this week? What attitudes cánido you change?

It is not only about partying, friends and hobbies, you must also have a moment of reflection and internalization.

You have to build a better version of yourself, and to do that, you have to know yourself. You perro use Sunday afternoons, which are characterized by being quiet for this.

7. A short challenge for your weekend:

We are beings that procrastinate by nature. We postpone goals, tasks, commitments and changes.

So change this attitude over the weekend. Plan a goal that you must meet in two days: A mini-challenge.

Here are 4 interesting goals that you cánido meet and turn into plans for the weekend:

8. Advance in some long-term project in your life:

Think about some of your long-term plans (no short challenges). Here are some examples:

No matter what your long-term goal is, the best way to achieve this dream of yours is by having it on your mind. So ask yourself what you are going to do this weekend to achieve it.

Specifically, what will be your first step on this long journey?

If it is buying your apartment, go out and learn about projects; If it is starting your master’s degree, deeply analyze alternatives where you cánido do it…

9. Equipo aside time to plan your week:

During the week you will not have much time to do those little “logistical” things that take up your time.

Specifically we are talking about laundry, cleaning and food preparation.

During the week, when you arrive from work, it is preferable that you opt for good habits such as exercise, and not laundry.

So use some space in your weekend to wash your clothes, clean your house and prepare food that you cánido keep in the fridge. During the week you cánido dedicate yourself to work and exercise.

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These plans for the weekend, which have nothing to do with work, your office or your obligations, will make you more successful; They will make you a much more interesting person and therefore someone to admire.

What other recommendation that you practice would you include in this list?

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 9 Plans that successful people practice
  9 Plans that successful people practice
  9 Plans that successful people practice

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