9 motivational reflections when you don’t know

9 motivational reflections when you don’t know

Today I I woke up without desire to do nothing.

And even though I had to get to work, my motivation was in tatters.

Sometimes it’s something that happens to me for no reason, does it happen to you too?

But today I decided to do it differently.

At other times I simply let myself be invaded by sadness and let my day disappear into negative thoughts.

But I have turned on my computer, opened my article writer and I have decided to write this article with the best motivational reflections that help me to overcome these moments not so nice.

And how could it be otherwise, i will share it with you.

I believe that motivation is something that must be taken care of.

Human beings are like plants, there are times when we need a little water to fill us with energy.

9 reflections motivation for your day to day

It doesn’t matter if you identify with one or all, what will surely help you is to have that feeling of tranquility and understanding.

Learn to transform sadness and demotivation in learning is an art.

You will discover that it is not as difficult as you imagine.

1. When the doors close

“When one door of happiness closes, another one opens.

But often we look so much at the closed door that we are not able to see the door that has been opened in front of us. Hellen Keller.

In life there are some moments that they are not what you expected.

What seemed like it was going to happen suddenly disappears.

Here you have two options: stay thinking about everything that could have been and never was.

Or see what happened as a lesson and move on.

Opportunities never come alone and therefore you must be aware.

Everything that happens has a reason and that closed door may be what you needed to see further.

Stop looking at the closed door, turn towards what is to come and Think positive.

It will come out well!

2. Patience is the foundation of joy

“Why do you wait impatiently for things? If they are useless for your life, it is also useless to wait for them.

If necessary, they will come and will come in time” – Loved nerve.

This is one of the scourges of the society current.

We want everything as quickly as possible, at the very moment we are asking for it.

Now, new technologies make us think more and more about the immediate, the fleeting But life works in a very different way.

We have forgotten the rhythm of nature, we don’t know how to wait for things to run smoothly.

The problem comes when you force situations, they don’t always end well.

Make an effort to work on that aspect.

don’t force situations, enjoy the moment you are living now, at this moment.

It is unique and will not happen again.

3. It is never late for anything

“It is never too late to be the person you could have been”– George Eliot.

It is very common that the major limitation that you have to face is inside your head.

The mind is very dangerous if you don’t know how to control it.

Have you ever told yourself that it is not possible to do something simply because you are too old for it?.

Age is nothing more than a number and you have to understand it as such.

There are people who with over 60 and 7 years old they have crossed the Atlantic in a kayak, women over 75 who travel alone or start university degrees.

Do you realize that the only person who limits himself is yourself? don’t let peer pressure make you forget your dreams, if you really trust them, go for them!

4. Escoge to act, now!

“Some people want something to happen, others dream of it happening, others make it happen” –Michael Jordan.

instead of waiting For things to happen before your eyes as if by magic, what you must do is escoge to act.

You do not need to be clear about everything you want to do, but what is necessary is that don’t get paralyzed.

Start with small things, every day do things that bring you closer to your goal.

It is not good that you spend everything the day dreaming with what you could do Dreams come to nothing if you don’t work to achieve them.

Move, plan how reach your goalsmeet people who do the same as you and never stop inspiring yourself with life.

5. Accept that we are all different

“A tulip is not trying to impress anyone.

It does not strive to be different from a rose.

You don’t have to.

Is different.

And there is a place in the garden for each of the flowers” ​​– Marianne Williamson.

The differences are the aspects that make each one of us valuable.

But the important thing is knowing how to recognize what they are.

the differences that make you special

We all have qualities that, if we work on them correctly, cánido become our greatest allies.

They do not have to be understood by others, there is room for everyone in the market.

Always keep in mind the passion without planning it’s no use.

Make your business move with the engine of what you like to do, what makes you different from others.

6. Never generalize, the good is yet to come

“It’s crazy to hate all roses because one pricked you.

Give up all your dreams because one of them didn’t come true.

– The little Prince.

Just as you perro’t say that one apple will taste the same as another, you cánido’t judge situations simply because one did not happen as you expected.

If you’ve ever been disappointed, don’t let it break your dreams.

Errors are necessary steps to open other possibilities Maybe they weren’t so clear at first.

Understand them setbacks as learning and always keep going.

Work hard for your convictions and go for it.

7. Keep walking, always

“Victory does not consist entirely in winning, but in never giving up” – Napoleon Bonaparte.

Not all actions have to lead you to a definitive and resounding success as you imagine.

You may have to go through small failures to get what you want.

The important thing is not to arrive fast, but to do it well and successfully.

Therefore, do not give up even when you think there is no other way out.

There always are.

It is often said that the more difficult the goal, the more you overcome yourself and greater are the achievements.

8. Attitude is everything

“Be constant in what you do, positive in your thoughts and spiritually strong, and you will achieve everything you equipo your mind to” – Eduardo Alighieri

The attitude you take before life will be decisive for the entire development of your project. you are the only one makes your reality and the one who cánido escoge.

If you add to that positive attitude perseverance and willpower.

You will be invincible.

Your spirit is strengthened with your daily actions, with persistence.

Keep working for what you are passionate about and, sooner or later, you will achieve it.

It has already happened to me.

9. If life gives you lemons

“When life offers you a lemon, squeeze it and make lemonade.” –W Clement Stone.

All situations in life always have two facesyou are the only one who has the power to escoge which side you have to be on.

This is one of my favorite phrases, because reality is not more complicated than this.

You only have to see the bright side everything and dedicate your energy to being happy.

We all have the right to make mistakes, to have bad moments or to suffer.

Is part of your growth personal and professional.

If you see the positive side, you will learn.

With these motivations, don’t you see life in a different way? I hope they have served you as much as they have served me. Do you have any other motivational reflections that you want to share with me?tell me below.

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I live traveling with my business in my backpack.

Passionate about photography and words.

I know that with effort and dedication, I will achieve everything I equipo my mind to.

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 9 motivational reflections when you don't know
  9 motivational reflections when you don't know
  9 motivational reflections when you don't know

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