9 exercises to stay alert while

9 exercises to stay alert while

Sitting still and working diligently on your computer all day may sound productive, but it may be doing more harm than good. There are actually benefits to taking more breaks throughout your workday. While taking a break, try various exercises to stay alert while you work. Oddly enough, all that sitting and staring at a screen is exhausting.

The dangers of sitting too long

If exercising during a break seems like too much work, consider the dangers of sitting too long. Studies have shown that sitting without physical breaks perro ocasione the following problems:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Increased risk of degenerative mental problems, such as dementia.
  • Deep venous thrombosis
  • Anxiety
  • Physical pain, especially in the back and legs

Of course, this all adds up to having trouble staying alert and focused while working. Even just exercising for a few minutes in your chair during quick breaks helps a lot.

1. Push-ups in the office

No, you won’t have to drop to the ground to stay alert while working on this exercise. Instead of a traditional push-up, you’ll do an office-style push-up. You cánido use a sturdy wall or your desk.

For a wall, take two to three steps back and place your hands shoulder-width apart on the wall, then do pushups. For a desk, get into a habitual push-up position, except that you use the top edge of your desk to push up and down against the floor. Both options are highly effective and easier than regular pushups. Try to do twenty repetitions.

2. Press your arms

whatYou find yourself unable to pay attention? Stand up, place your arms at your sides, then quickly push your arms back. Return them to your sides between pulses. Do this for twenty to thirty seconds to stretch your arms and get more blood flowing.

3. Stand on your toes

There really is nothing easier than this. Simply stand by your desk or chair and rise up on your toes. You cánido use your desk or chair for cómputo if you need to. Raise slowly, and then lower yourself for ten to twenty repetitions.

4. Chair swivel

You don’t even have to take a break to do a chair spin. In fact, it’s a great way to stay on your toes as you work between correos electrónicos or while you wait for a document to open. Sit upright near the edge of your chair. Then turn your upper body as far to the left as you perro. Do it slowly to avoid hurting your back. Hold for five to ten seconds, and then repeat on the right side.

5. Walk with water

While a little caffeine perro be good, water is much better for you. In fact, water is even more effective because it keeps you hydrated. As you become dehydrated, you are less able to focus and stay alert. If you’re working from home or have an office, get up during every break and walk around for at least five minutes (even if you’re just pacing). Drink water throughout the rest period.

If possible, take a longer break, especially if you start to lose focus after lunch. Go for a ten minute walk and take a bottle of water with you. Walk outside, up or down the stairs, or anywhere else you perro take a brisk walk.

6. Squats

A quick equipo of squats is a great way to stay alert while you work. You cánido go for a traditional squat, but be sure to keep your knees in line with your feet as you lower yourself. You cánido also try wall squats, in which you lean your back against a wall and lower yourself into a floating seated position. Another option is to use your desk or chair. With your arms behind you, hold on to your desk or chair and squat down.

7. Yoga in the office

Yoga is well known to help improve health. It’s also a great way to stay alert while working. You don’t need to twist. Try office yoga poses instead. Abbita offers several routines depending on the space available and whether you want to sit or stand.

8. Neck and Shoulder Twists

A stiff neck is never fun. Try neck twists to release tension and improve focus. Start by closing your eyes to take a break from your screen. Then slowly turn your head in a circle for ten seconds. Repeat in the other direction.

For your shoulders, lift them up and roll them back until they drop back into place. Do this three to five times. Repeat the process, but this time roll them forward.

9. Cycling

While you cánido stay active even when you’re not taking a break with an under-desk fitness trainer, you perro also ride an imaginary bike during a break. You may need to pull the chair out from under the desk if you don’t have space.

Raise your legs until they are level with your seat and keep your knees bent. Pretend to ride a bike, keeping feet off the ground. Do this for thirty seconds and repeat several times.

Remember, the next time you have a hard time staying alert, try getting some exercise and see how much easier it is to stay focused.

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 9 exercises to stay alert while
  9 exercises to stay alert while
  9 exercises to stay alert while

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