9 effective residual income to double

9 effective residual income to double

Imagine that you wake up in the morning, calmly eat your breakfast, go out to exercise, take time for yourself and spend just one hour to check that your business is running.

You do it from home, without traffic jams, without stress and without stress. You spend the afternoon being with your family or reading that book you love so much. At the end of the day, you check your bank account and see that you have won $468.

My dream it was always making money without having to work more than 40 hours a week. I’ve read so much about people who have achieved that level of comfort that I couldn’t help but wish for it.

If you are like me, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to earn money automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I have what you need.

Although it may seem impossible to you, it is very possible to create money without working directly on it. That is why the rich get richer and the poor, poorer.

The difference is in the way of thinking. The rich think about investments, about making money work for them, while the poor only spend the money they don’t yet have or cánido’t get back.

Before talking about the examples of residual or passive income, you need to be clear about the two concepts.

Difference between income residuals and assets

You have to be very clear about the difference between what they are passive and active income. Surely if you are reading this article it sounds a bit familiar to you but you do not have much iniciativa what it means.

The active income are those that are obtained for each hour of work performed. That is, if you work eight hours a day and your hour is worth $5, you perro earn $40 a day. No more no less.

Your income is directly weather related What do you use in that job? An example perro be your work in the office, if one day you don’t go to work, you don’t get paid. Fácil as that.

Instead, a residual income It is that money that you earn for a job that you did at a certain time but that generates profits automatically.

The simplest example is renting houses. You perro have the property and earn a automatic money each month. But if you perro’t make that initial investment to buy the house, there are many other options.

Keep in mind that sometimes an active income becomes a passive income. For example if you work in create a blog and a community, you cánido later sell products to your audience.

14 examples residual income

It is important that you keep in mind that what you genera must be attractive for other people and it’s going to be bought without you needing to work on it anymore.

Spend enough time studying the type of income residual you want to get and if it will be useful or sued. Don’t invest money or time in something you don’t have confidence in.

1. write an ebook

need not be the best book of your life, but it must have an audience that wants to pay for it. Study two aspects: what you are good at and what is fashionable at the moment.

You have to be very constant and equipo a work schedule, or on the contrary you will never be able to finish the book. It is one of the most common mistakes among writers.

Be as organized as possible. Be clear about the topic you are going to write about, contact experts on the subject and ask for advice on what is the best way to engage your audience.

Another great advantage is that you cánido articulo by yourself and earn money without needing a publisher. Remember that the book will be digital so you won’t even have to print it.

In this backlink you will find the best guide on How to publish your book on Amazon for free to earn money.

2. Sell ​​photos en línea

If you are passionate about photography and have images that perro be used by other people or companies, you perro earn quite a bit. money with it.

It is true that you will need to have some photographs with high quality and that they are attractive, but everything is learned. If you handle a camera correctly, it will be easy.

Search photography sales pages and get a first glimpse of what is for sale. You will see that many of these photographs are fácil, fácil and that express feelingsobjects, actions.

Avoid landscape photographs or with too many elements. It is important that you analyze type of photographs They may be suitable for a web page and that you practice.

3. Create an en línea course

En línea courses are also one of the star products of residual income. A course cánido be a fácil pdf document in which you have how to do something.

There are cooking courses, program explanations, exercise, yoga, healthy eating… there are no limits to the imagination.

Use the course platforms to have more customers. They offer the ability to do the marketing for you, and in return, you offer them a small percentage of your earnings.

As in the previous case, make sure you offer something that will have an audience that buys it. make a good introduction vídeo and start earning money.

4. Create a community with membership

If you manage to find a niche of people who are interested in being in contact, receiving news related to the ámbito or exchange valuesyou perro create that community.

have initiativeBe the organizer of the actions, of the events, of the conversations. And then he asks a small price for belonging to that group and having access to all those resources.

The price you consider appropriate will depend on the type of membership and the purchasing power of your audience. There are no rules for it. Be creative.

5. Program affiliation

An affiliation is nothing more than money that you earn for selling the product or service of another interested person. He percentage of profit It depends on each provider.

For example, you perro refer people to stay the night in a certain hotel and, if they end up doing so, the hotel will pay you 20% of the price those people pay. Everyone wins.

There are many types of affiliations, choose the one that best suits your needs and the audience you perro reach. The more you sell, the more you will earn.

6. Sell ​​website templates

If you have ever tried to make a web page, you will know that if you are going to use Word Press, you need some templates to be able to have a minimum of professionalism on your page.

These templates are paid and have been made by someone who follows Earning money automatically for each purchase. He created it once, earns it for a lifetime.

If you have a minimum of computer knowledge, this is a very good investment. Sooner or later we will all need a website and you will be there to offer us a good product.

7. Rent houses

This is an income that needs a little more than initial investment. But you perro also be creative and think about the houses or apartments that your family has.

Think of people who own property and make a deal with them. You propose to help them put those houses up for rent they have abandoned and you get a percentage of the profits.

You cánido use platforms like Airbnb or directly with individuals. Once you rent them for a long period of time, the income will be monthly, without too much work.

8. create a business

Cánido create a business and not have to do anything else on it. How, very fácil you hire people let them work on it. You will only sell what you have created, others will work on it.

This income from your business will come directly to you without you having to work eight hours a day. Although possibly, at the beginning you will have to carry the control and direction.

When you find someone you trust to do it, you perro relax completely.

9. Make a resource library

When you are starting a business or project, it is very possible that you have worked for hours to create contenttemplates or other types of documents.

If these documents have been useful to you, they will also be useful to other people who are starting with the same job as you.

You only need a page in which you explain what your products cánido be useful for and give the option of download them paying what you consider appropriate.

Remember to offer some free content for attract your audience. That way they will have found your page with the rest of the resources that you cánido sell.

Choose one or more of these 9 residual income and you will double your earnings in less than you imagine. Tell me how you got it or what your action plan is!

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 9 effective residual income to double
  9 effective residual income to double
  9 effective residual income to double

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