8 ways to save more when you shop at

8 ways to save more when you shop at

Import products from China It is one of the best ways to start a business if you barely have money to start; and Aliexpress is the ideal website where you cánido find all kinds of products for your new venture.

But it is possible disminuye costs even more when buying on this platform? The answer is yes, and in this guest articulo the team at alixblog will teach you 8 ways to achieve it.

if you usually buy on AliExpressyou will know very well the reasons that lead more and more Internet users to buy in this subsidiary of Alibaba.

If not, I’ll summarize them for you: AliExpress offers Chinese merchandise at heavily discounted prices and almost always with free shipping.

And why is it cheaper to buy on AliExpress than in Spain? Obviously because China is a producing country, it has developed infrastructures and, of course, cheap tarea.

But not only that, we must also mention two other key factors: the absence of intermediaries and the absence of VAT (or the corresponding excise tax in your country).

The first is quite obvious: when you buy Chinese-made products (something you’ve been doing all your life consciously or unconsciously), there is an importer who is taking a juicy commission in exchange for his role.

This intermediary does not exist if you buy directly from the seller in China.

And VAT is a tax that is only paid for orders with a certain amount depending on the country you live in that are unlucky enough to be intercepted at customs (something that practically never happens), which places AliExpress and other Chinese stores at a clear competitive advantage over local en línea stores.

8 consejos for save on AliExpress even more

There are little tricks that allow us to save even more in our purchases in China, and we will review them below.

1. Search for the same product in another seller

sellers of AliExpress They are not just manufacturers, they are also merchants who buy merchandise in factories and resell it on AliExpress.

The final price is not as expensive as an importer from your country, but it is still a price increase that is always good to avoid.

This means that the same product is usually on dozens of different sellers, at completely different prices.

So if we like a specific product we just have to do a little research to find other sellers that have it cheaper (or with free shipping, if the one we have located does not have it).

There are two methods that make this search easier for you: the first, the oldest, is search for the product in Google plus image search and trust that the search engine sheds light.

The second is the new AlixBlog Live image search engine, a panel for AliExpress buyers developed by the blog’s founders. AlixBlog.

It is a much more advanced tool and it track AliExpress in depth until you find all the vendors that have the product you want.

2. Stay within buyer protection

The first consejo is quite obvious, but it never hurts to remember it: if you buy from a seller outside the AliExpress platform, you’re giving up your protection.

In other words, if the seller proposes that you you pay outside of AliExpress in exchange for giving you a small discount, then you cannot complejo turístico to AliExpress to intervene if the product does not arrive.

Also, remember that you should never mark the order as finished before receiving it, because that is where all your possibilities of recourse end.

You have to be aware of the times and open dispute before the end of your buyer protection period.

3. Avoid large products

As we told you before, if you order a Segway in AliExpress you have all the numbers so that they intercept it at customs.

Not surprisingly, the most successful products on AliExpress are the clotheshome accessories and technological products of reduced dimensions (cell phonesUSBs, chargers).

Of course, this does not orinan that some products are still considerably cheaper in china despite having customs surcharges.

Another issue is the guarantee, but we’ll talk about that another time.

4. Buy in your local currency (or not)

Currency conversion on AliExpress does not adjust to the de hoy value of the coin and therefore a buyer from Spain or Latin America perro sometimes find it cheaper to buy the same product in dollars than in their local currency.

However, this practice is not recommended. if you are not 100% sure about what:

  1. your bank does not charge you commission for making a payment in a foreign currency
  2. the product is exactly what you want and you will not have to return it

This second point is a consequence of the fact that if you escoge to return the product, the value of the currency may have changed in the time it took you to receive it, so the shot would backfire on you.

5. Use coupons and seller discounts

Although many people don’t know it, most sellers on AliExpress Do you have coupons or discounts?despite the fact that they are not always applicable to the price of the product that interests us.

You perro check if a specific seller has coupons and discounts by clicking on the tab sale elementos from any store.

If you use Google plus Google chrome or Mozilla firefox Mozilla firefox on PC you perro use the AliExpress Coupon Finder extension, which automatically checks what coupons and discounts perro be applied to each product, in addition to other functionalities.

6. “Farm” coins

The AliExpress aplicación (note, it’s not on PC) has a little game called “Coins and coupons” in which you perro earn coins which in turn are exchanged for coupons or elementos (although these are spent quite quickly).

The purpose of this game is that entrar the AliExpress aplicación very often, so the more consecutive days you entrar the more coins you earn.

The chances of you getting something for free with this system are low, but if you are willing you cánido get discounts which are then supplemented by those found by the extension.

7. Pray that you get a freebie

If getting a free product through coins is complicated, getting it through “freebies” is even more so.

They are basically vendors raffle products In exchange for adding them to favorites, although gossip tells that these raffles always end up in the hands of the Russians.

To give you an iniciativa, right now two €163 mobile phones are being raffled and there are already 117,749 people signed up to the draw

But hey, someone has to touch it, right?

8. Follow featured brands

Finally, I recommend that you take a look from time to time at the featured brands: AliExpress always has a discount brand and that you perro find highlighted at the beginning of the page.

It is a promotion oriented above all to publicize Chinese brandswith which it is much more likely that you will find a Xiaomi than a Nike, although western brands such as the Italian Fila have also been there.

And you, What other strategies do you follow to save on Aliexpress when buying? Leave us a comment below with the tricks you use to save on this page.

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 8 ways to save more when you shop at
  8 ways to save more when you shop at
  8 ways to save more when you shop at

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