8 Things that make you waste money and time

8 Things that make you waste money and time

Did you know that there are certain things, behaviors or decisions that we normalize, but that make you waste time and money if you don’t avoid them or change for better habits?

Normally we do not worry about the small actions that we do every day, and that if they are not reviewed in time, they could harm us in the long term.

So, the first step to stop wasting time and money is to be aware of the decisions that affect us and modify this negative behavior.

Actions that make you waste money and time

“If you want to have different results, then do things differently.”

This is a very common phrase for entrepreneurs, which makes perfect sense, because many times we wait for our lives to improve, without changing our daily habits.

Now, if you don’t know exactly what you should do, you cánido start by identifying what you shouldn’t do.

This will give you a guide on the path you must take to assume the changes in your life that will benefit you in the long term.

Another very important one is the following: If you are expecting your life to change overnight, you better understand that any promise of immediate improvement will not be sustainable over time.

Trust yourself and make a commitment to the discipline that building healthy habits requires.

We perro assure you that the benefits will be evident and your life will turn around when your mentality changes and you avoid these things that will waste your time.

Behaviors to avoid to be more productive

The first thing you should do is review what aspects of your life need to improve; if you want to be more productive in your work, in your sources of income, in your personal relationships, in your spiritual search, among others.

Once you are clear about the area of ​​your life that requires adjustments, you perro review the daily behaviors that led you to your current situation.

Later you cánido review them, change them, or choose other actions that allow you to improve that aspect of your life.

So, now let’s see what are those behaviors, actions and decisions that make you waste time and money in your life.

1. Say yes to everything

Do you know what he is? FOMO? It is the feeling of fear of missing something (for its acronym in English it means Fear of Missing Out)

What it means is that many times, for fear of missing something, we say yes to everything, we commit ourselves to thousands of activities, and finally we don’t leave time for the things that are really important to our lives.

We must keep in mind that moments of stillness and silence are absolutely necessary, since these are the spaces to recharge our energy and to be able to focus on what we really want to achieve.

So the best thing is that you fight (or control) that need to do everything that others do, or that they propose to you, because your time is worth a lot and you could be wasting it by wanting to meet the expectations of others, including your own. .

2. Procrastinate (or procrastinate)

The concept of procrastination is something that many people are not yet familiar with. However, it is quite common for it to happen today, due to the infinite possibilities that globalization brings us.

With so many options of what you perro do in a day, the brain perro feel overwhelmed and look for ways to simply distract itself from having to make important and decisive decisions.

Actually, this happens because we procrastinate our tasks so much avoiding them in this way, that we spend time without using it responsibly, and in the end, we will have the pressure to do what we need to do in the shortest possible time.

3. Search (uselessly) for perfectionism

We mistakenly tend to think that the more perfectionists we are, the better we will be perceived, especially in the workplace.

Nothing could be further from reality, because many times by wanting everything to turn out perfectly we lose time, when we should be advancing in the really important activities.

The person who vainly seeks perfectionism works on unimportant details, not to say irrelevant, that contribute little to the success of a project or task.

Now, this does not orinan that you have to do things superficially, but rather, learn to solve without obsessing over a perfect result (because this does not exist).

4. multitasking or multitasking

The first thing you should know is that multitasking does not exist.

Being able to multitask seems like a pretty useful gift. However, when you don’t focus on one thing at a time, you could be doing each one halfway, quite the opposite of what we talked about in the previous point.

If you want to stop wasting time and money, rather focus on the present. Dedicate your energy to a single activity, do your best, and focus on a single result.

In fact, this applies to all aspects of life, both at work and in your life purpose.

5. Your cell phone

How much time of the day do you spend using your cell phone for things that are not productive?

An example of this is the number of hours we spend on popular networks, just swiping to entertain our minds, and stop thinking about what we really should be doing.

The good news is that there are ways to configure your mobile to limit these lost hours and define a logical and sensible amount of time to enjoy these spaces.

It’s not bad to browse a bit to find out what your friends and acquaintances are up to, or to find out about product launches, events and so on. What won’t be so useful is spending endless hours watching what’s going on in these applications.

If you want to stop wasting time and money with your cell phone, we rather invite you to explore these applications to earn money with your mobile.

6. Watching, listening or reading news all day

Sure, staying up to date is important, but you should also filter the news you see, much like the food you eat.

News channels do not always offer the best information, and sometimes you cánido spend hours watching something that does not add anything to your life, or that could genere you unnecessary stress and worry.

Search better, channels that are punctual, sensible and that somehow espectáculo news in a more objective way without wanting to convince you of anything, that is a reality that unfortunately happens often.

Also be very careful with the news you see, because in many cases they perro be false. There are malicious people who just want to create chaos and misinformation.

All this will do is waste your time, and this is too valuable to be using it on things that are not going to bring you professional or personal value.

7. Worry

They say that worrying is anticipating negatively without need (what do you think of this? Let us know in the comments).

If you still don’t know what is going to happen, then it is better to learn to let go and trust.

Especially since there are many things that get out of your control, and there is no point in worrying but rather that you wait and know how to react to challenges.

Many times, things turn out better than we think, and worrying before you know it is a tremendous waste of time that you don’t want to have.

Try to think positive, to breathe, to analyze the situation well, and if you still feel a bit of anguish, it is also absolutely natural, what you should avoid is worrying about something that has not happened yet.


It is true that you have to have a good cómputo between work and leisure, but it is important to know how much time you dedicate to each thing so that they are really balanced.

Netflix (like other uso contínuo platforms) is an incredible platform that opened the doors to excellent quality entertainment possibilities.

Unfortunately, being able to consume its content without limit cánido make you want to spend hours and hours in front of the screen watching movies, series or documentaries for entrepreneurs.

It is possible that you get hooked on something and cannot stop, without realizing that you are wasting important time that you could spend or invest in more productive things for your mind and spirit.

Go for a walk, meditate, cook with family and friends. Successful people know how to use their time wisely and avoid falling into spending hours and hours in front of a screen just to be entertained.

Don’t waste your time on things that distract you from your goals

In short, everything is a cómputo, between rest, leisure and being productive.

Therefore, value your time, it does not return and you could be losing incredible opportunities and even money for not choosing the activities you do in your day to day.

Also take advantage of your weekends in a healthy way and build responsible habits so that the results are positive and sustainable over time.

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 8 Things that make you waste money and time
  8 Things that make you waste money and time
  8 Things that make you waste money and time

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