8 successful entrepreneurs who were poorer

8 successful entrepreneurs who were poorer

I have never understood why most of the people I talk to, or whom I have met in entrepreneurship courses or conferences, believe that the most successful entrepreneurs they built their fortunes with a large capital that they already had.

I’m going to tell you a little secret.

Did you know that 65% of billionaires of nowadays they were extremely poor in their first years of life?

None of them made their current estates thanks to dad’s money, or to an inheritance of great money received; They didn’t even create their empires because one day they went to the bank and they gave them a big loan of money.

Nothing of that: they created their first businesses with the little they had. And on many occasions, that meant not eating that day or not being able to pay the bills for that month.

Today I want to share with you the personal stories of 8 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Started Out Extremely Poorand that thanks to not giving up, his effort and hard work have reached the top.

if all of them they could succeed being even poorer than youthere is no reason for you to think that you cannot be like them.

8 successful entrepreneurs who were extremely poor

1. howard schultz

Howard Schultz is the current president of the great Starbucks coffee company. Now he has a fortune of 2.5 trillion (with “b”, do not confuse it with millions) of dollars.

And you know what? This man came to sell his blood to get money.

When he was little, he lived in New York with his parents and brothers in a building protected by the government for people who could not even pay a small rent.

In sports, he saw a way out of their poverty and began to practice soccer and baseball, and thanks to that he got a sports scholarship becoming the first person in his family to go to college.

But there he soon realized that he was not as good a player as he thought: he left the sport and the scholarship was withdrawn also.

Already I did not have money to pay for his career, but he knew he wanted to make something of himself.

So to pay for school he took out loans, worked as a waiter where they paid him a pittance, and since it was not enough, he even resorted to selling his blood in exchange for money.

Thanks to all these efforts, he finished his studies, and this is how he got to starbucksfirst working in lower positions, until slowly rising to his current position as director ejecutivo of the world’s largest coffee shop company.

2. Jan Koum

Perhaps the name of Jan Koum does not sound like anything to you.

But what if I tell you that he is one of the most successful businessmen because he is the co-founder of the famous WhatsApp application?

Jan was a teenager living in the Ukraine, but at the age of 16 had to emigrate to the United States alone with his mother – leaving his father behind – in search of a better future.

On the way they encountered too many difficulties: being foreigners, they had to adapt not only to a new countrybut also to a new language, new customs, and new people.

His mother worked as a babysitter to earn some money to support them both, while he I worked cleaning in a greengrocerand they needed government aid to survive.

Koum was interested in technology from a young age, and for this reason he made an effort to work as many hours as possible to save and go to university at 18 years old.

When he finished his studies, he went to various Job interviews so that they hired him, and in the end they did it in the Yahoo company.

There he met Brian Acton, and together they created the famous WhatsApp chat application. Jan Koum today has a fortune of 8.6 billion dollars.

I didn’t have a computer until 19.

But that didn’t stop me from getting where I wanted to go.

3. JK Rowling

JK Rowling is known throughout the world for being the writer of one of the most famous sagas from literature: Harry Potter.

This woman’s story is somewhat different than that of the two previous successful entrepreneurs: grew up in a middle class familyalthough he had a bad relationship with his father.

When her mother, who had been ill since she was little, died, Rowling moved to Portugal to teach English and writing, and there she met her husband with whom she had a daughter.

But the marriage was not happy: her partner mistreated her and she ended up separating from him and moving back to Scotland to be close to her sister.

At that time, the writer saw herself as a failure: she had divorced, he had no job and barely any money left to support her daughter.

Even he thought about committing suicide due to his great depression.

It was at this time that she started going to coffee shops where sometimes she couldn’t even afford a coffee so that she and her little girl could have a warm place to stay for a few hours, since in their house they could not afford to turn on the heating.

AND began to write on the tables of these cafes. All of her experiences as a child, her depressive feelings, and her love for her mother who had died inspired her to create the first Harry Potter book.

The rest is history: he sold his book to a publisher, and created a billion dollar empire, and a collection of books that will always be remembered throughout the years.

4. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the director ejecutivo of Amazon, and his personal fortune is valued at about 59 billion dollars.

Although years ago he didn’t even have money to pay for his studies.

When he was a boy, he worked on his grandfather’s ranch. laying pipes, feeding cattle, and repairing the windmills.

being a teenager worked at McDonald’s for a whole summer to be able to pay for their vacations.

However, he always showed a very enterprising attitude.

and the following year started a summer camp for kids that they wanted to learn more about science – something he had always been good at.

charged them 600 dollars to the 6 kids who signed up from their neighborhood.

After finishing university, he had several jobs related to his studies: he worked on Wall Street with computers, then in a bank in the same campo…

But he knew that he did not want to work for others; he wanted to be his own owner and found his own company.

and that’s how He created the giant Amazon, and he did it in the garaje of his house, having left behind a job that paid well and risking everything to achieve his true dream: to be an entrepreneur.

5. Larry Ellison

Although Ellison is now the founder of the Oracle company (a technology corporation), He worked hard to reach his goal most precious.

His mother was a single teenager from New York who couldn’t take care of him, and he had to give him up for adoption to his uncles to do it for her.

But her relationship with them was not good at all.

His adoptive father often told him that he would amount to nothing.and that the best thing was to start working at anything to contribute something to the poor economy they had at home.

He managed to entrar the university, but soon dropped out and was hopping from job to job other.

But always interested in the world of computers and technologies, at only 22 years old he created a database for the CIAwhich he called Oracleand that would be the name of the company that now generates so much income.

When you do something innovative, you have to be prepared for everyone to tell you that you’re crazy.

6. shahid khan

Shahid Khan is the owner of several prestigious football teams worldwide.

Born in Pakistan and now a US citizen, Forbes magazine ranks him as the 84th richest in America.

Although he was born into a middle-class family, at only 16 years old he moved to the United States to study at the university, but the situation was not as he expected.

The first night, he slept in a room at the university that cost $2 a night; and his first job was washing dishes for $1.2 an hour.

So imagine how much hours that this man had to work to be able to pay for his studies, the rent of his room, his food and other expenses.

But all this was work and an effort that was worthwhile: thanks to these sacrifices, to study during the day and work at nightmanaged to finish his career as an engineer, and was soon hired by a car company.

He knew he wanted something that was his, created by him, and so started his own company manufacturer of bumpers for cars.

Little by little, he saved the money that this was generatinghe expanded his company, and in 2010 he began to invest his profits in buying several soccer teams in both the American and English leagues.

My experience tells me that the most difficult path is usually always the path correct.

7. Oprah Winfrey

Little perro be said about Oprah that you no longer know

She is one of the best-known television presenters in the entire world; he has espectáculos, books, and even his own television network.

So it is surprising that this woman who has become one of the most successful businesswomen of our time did not have his first pair of shoes until he was 6 years old.

Her mother was a teenager and single when she had her, and they barely had money to feed themselves.

He lived in extreme poverty (his grandmother made clothes for him out of potato sacks) and suffered sexual abuse that at the age of 14 left her pregnant.

Her baby was premature and died at birth.

But she was an intelligent woman and knew how to communicate well, so a few years later she tried to get out of that situation and worked almost for free at a local radio station as a broadcaster to acquire media skills.

She was promoted little by little, being hired in other channels, and that is how at the age of 32 he got his first televisión espectáculo.

8. Zhang Xin

Zhang Xin is at the head of one of the most important – and millionaire – companies of real estate in China called Soho China.

But before becoming the entrepreneur she is today, this woman she barely went to school when she was little. Her family was very poor, and she had to contribute a salary at home.

He worked at a toy and electronics factory in Hong Kong where He earned a salary that was barely enough to pay for transportation to home.

He saved money for 5 years to pay for a plane ticket to London and take an English course there.

After that, had several jobs in England to pay for his studies at the University of Cambridge, and upon completion, thanks to his effort and good grades, he was hired by the investment company Goldman Sachs.

With all these success stories what I would like is that reflect on your own situation right now.

Think about what you want to achieve in life, how far you want to go.

And then look inside yourself and ask yourself what are you doing TODAY that will get you where you want to be TOMORROW.

It is impossible for you to reach your goals if you don’t take the first step to walk the path.

And, after reading these 8 success stories, I hope you realized that excuses like “I have no money, no time” either “I don’t know how to do this“You must eliminate them once and for all.

Which of these 8 successful entrepreneurs has motivated and moved you the most with their story? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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I am a journalist specialized in business but my great passion is personal motivation and helping others achieve their goals.

I firmly believe that opportunities in life do not happen: you create them.

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 8 successful entrepreneurs who were poorer
  8 successful entrepreneurs who were poorer
  8 successful entrepreneurs who were poorer

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