8 steps to sell your used clothes and earn

8 steps to sell your used clothes and earn

Be honest: do you really wear all the clothes in your armario right now? I’m sure your answer is “no”.

Every time you open your armario, you see a lot of clothes that you didn’t even remember you had because in the end, of everything you’ve bought over the years, you always you end up wearing the same thing.

Maybe you’ve thought about throwing away some of these clothes, but you never have time (or courage) to organize that mess What has your armario become?

However, what you don’t realize is that inside your armario you have a gold mine because of the mess in it. Order it to know what you have! Learn an effective method to bring more order to your life.

If you took all those clothes that you have not used for years, and sold them, you would make some good plus money for yourselfand you would also have more space in your armario to store other things!

Doing it is much easier than you think, and today thanks to the Internet you cánido also use web pages for buying – selling with which you won’t even need to leave your house to get rid of everything you no longer wear.

I have made this a tradition, and Every year I start to order and review my armario in search of garments that I have not seen for years.

So I get between $100 and $250 each time that I do it to buy new clothes, and also my closets have much more space to store other things and have everything better organized.

Do you want to know how I do it? In this article I am going to teach you my 8 steps to sell used clothes easily and fast, and I also share the best sites and web pages so that you cánido also achieve it.

What will you find in this article?

whatBecause sell used clothes?

Sell ​​your used clothes it’s a good iniciativa because you will free up space in your armario, you will earn plus money and you will also help the planet.

It will seem surprising to you, but selling used clothes It’s already a $16 trillion industry.. So the first reason to start this business is the plus money you are going to earn.

If you need earn money in a short time and without investing, Start choosing clothes and selling your used clothes.

You will not need to search for suppliers or make a budget because all the merchandise you already have in your armario at the reach of your hand.

This will give you another reason: you perro take out of your armario all those things that you no longer useyou will have more space for everything new you buy and it will be easier to organize it.

Another reason to sell your used clothes is to help make less contamination.

Think of the kilogramos of clothing you have thrown away in recent years: if you sell it, you will be recycling and helping to other people with fewer resources.

So the used clothing business it’s a win-winyou will have more money, the environment less pollution and other people more possibilities to dress.

How to sell your used clothes in 8 easy steps

1. Choose the clothes you are going to sell

Getting started is very easy, and you perro do it in a few hours, stand in front of your armario and start choosing all those things you no longer use.

I assure you that you will find some things that you did not even remember you had. Choose which elementos you want to sell and put them away

Find the best clothesyou have to recognize that not everything is going to be sold, some things will be broken or have lost their color, you perro use these as recycling fabric and make ecological bags or beach bags.

The first thing that you should equipo aside and that will undoubtedly sell is the clothes of renowned designers and brands.

From what I have seen on the web pages, the most common thing is that these clothes are sold by for half the price in the shop.

Look on the Internet What are the used elementos that sell the most?For example, T-shirts don’t sell as well because they cánido be obtained at a discount in many stores.

On the other hand, clothes that are worn for a very short timelike maternity outfits, baby outfits and costumes are selling very fast and you surely have kept it as good as new in your armario.

Take the opportunity and also choose the accessories that you do not useSuch as handbags, hats and shoes, they sell very well separately and will make the purchase more interesting if you offer them with an article of clothing.

2. Check the clothes you chose and wash them

Nobody likes to buy clothes that are dirty, even if they know that it is used by someone else. So once you’ve put it all away, He begins to inspect each of the garments.

Check if they are stained or broken; in these cases, it is important that you wash them well, and if they have any damage, check if you perro fix it to leave them as new.

Being stored for so long, you may have to wash some things to make them feel clean again.

Something very important that you must to check is if the clothes are branded, if it is original or if it is an imitation. Original brand clothing sells much faster.

But also, it is important that you take this into account if you are going to sell en líneasince this way you perro indicate more quickly in the description and the title which brand they belong to.

3. Create a description for each garment

Cánido make a listin which you make a description and put a code to each garment and the observations.

This description first it will help you to organize better everything you have.

then the you cánido use as an inventory in your storeand it will be your guide to make the publications if you escoge to sell on Internet pages.

In the description You’re going to write down everything shoppers want to know about the clothing, such as size, color, brand, and type of fabric.

You will place all the details about the state of the clothes in observationsone way to do it is to use phrases like “brand new” “like new” “with label” “with details”.

The iniciativa of create a code is that it is easier for you to identify it and make your inventory, so instead of having to search for it by “Zara shirt, size M, fuchsia” you perro easily identify it with “C001”

Also when you sell, you will know exactly what your customer has bought and you will not make the mistake of sending the wrong garment.

4. Do a search to price your clothes

The next step is do a price search by Internet.

Entrar any search engine like Google plus or Yahoo and start with look up the price in retail storesyou must already know that people buy used clothes for a lower price than they buy new ones.

Then, look for prices on sales pages They have different options.

Compare what are the prices of the same garments used and according to the conditions, that is, if they are like new or if they have some details.

if you have free time you perro walk the fairs and markets so that you have a better iniciativa of ​​the type of clothing that is sold and the prices.

Take advantage of seeing how the stores work, what types of shelves they use, how they have organized everything, how big is the space; those little details will help you if you escoge to open a store.

There is some types of clothing that are more expensive, because they have special characteristics, for example, those used by pregnant women, those that are of original brands and the big sizes.

Remember that when it comes to buying used clothing, customers almost always ask for discounts and they try to negotiate with the prices.

This means that when you equipo the amount of money you are going to request, also escoge what the minimum price is that you could accept

5. Classify the garments that you are going to sell

The fifth step to sell used clothing is make groups by categories. This cánido be to separate them or to assemble boxes, packages or sets.

You have already identified the garments that you are going to sell, now find a way to classify them.

Classifying the clothes that you are going to sell is important because it will help you to organize yourself better and you will know which things you cánido sell together and which you will sell separately.

If you classify and group the clothes well you perro ask for a better price for them and it will be easier to organize them in your store or in Internet publications.

you have several options to classify; by season, by brand, by size, by type… Choose the one that makes it easier for you.

when you do this you cánido use two types of categories a general one like the brand and a specific one like the season of the year.

For example, start by separating the pants from the dresses, then put the winter dresses in one box and the summer dresses in another box.

So when you organize your store or make your publications, everything will be separated and you will know where to find everything.

6. Choose the season in which you are going to sell

In this step there are two important things you have to think about, first the season of the year and then what is fashionable.

There’s no point in trying to sell a bathing suit in the middle of winter, so start with seasonal clothing.

This will help you sell it at a better price, and it is very fácil. If you are in winter, start with all the coats, if you are in summer, take out your swimwear first.

Now, with the topic of fashion, it’s something else, because the “latest trends” are always changing.

If you’re like me and cánido’t keep up with the latest on the catwalks, visit fashion pages to see what is being used and above all, what is not being used.

The pieces that are going out of style are the ones that you should sell first, because with each passing day, they lose their value; a dress perro cost $120 when everyone wants it and $20 when no one wants it anymore.

7. Make boxes, packages or sets with clothes

Customers love to buy boxes full of clothes. And that is why they will look for offers, discounts, combos and packages.

Use the sorting you did to put these boxes together. For example, make a box only with baby clothes for the winter.

Choose a price for each itemand take out the total that you cánido order for the entire box.

If you have some clothes from much more expensive brandsI recommend that you sell them separately.

The less clothing customers cánido wear, the less money they will pay for the box. That is, if they buy a box with clothes of different sizes, SML, they will know that they will not be able to use all of it, so they will pay less.

That’s why it’s very important sort clothes and group them good.

8. Choose the place where you are going to sell your things

The next thing you should do to sell used clothing is choose where you are going to sell it. In a second-hand store, in a little market, or in a marketplace?

All three are good options, but you will have different clients in each one of them.

The first option is to sell your clothes at a garaje sale, in a thrift store or habitual flea market.

If you want to sell everything at once and without leaving home, have a garaje salebut to sell quickly you will have to equipo very low prices.

To organize a house sale, Create a group on Fb or WhatsApp to invite your family and friends.

Pick a date Don’t be too close, so you have more time to get the word out.

The easiest way is go directly to a thrift store and offer your clothesso they will be in charge of selling it to customers.

Visit various stores to find the one that makes you a better offer.

If you want to have more profit, start your own store. You cánido do this in a local or in a stall in a habitual market.

if you have decided start your own store in a localthe first thing you are going to do is compare the prices, and make sure you find a cheap place so you cánido have the earnings you want.

Remember the area in which the stores you visited are located when you compared the prices, This way you will know which are the places with the most customers.

Depending on the location you are in and the type of clothing you are going to sell, think about the clients that are going to visit youso you know what the highest price they will pay is.

The presentation will also be important. Although everything is second-hand, customers want to feel the shopping experience, so organize the clothes well in your store and you will need some displays.

Find cheap ways to advertise your store.

Invite your friends and family to the store and ask them to recommend it.

Use popular networks like Fb and Instagram and get followers so that people know you.

EITHERanother option is search the internet for habitual markets that are close to where you live.

Some open weekly and others are seasonal, the good thing about these little markets is that you already have insured that there will be many people.

Another advantage of the markets is that what you are going to pay for the space is almost always very littleabout 25 dollars.

Have some recommendations so that you equipo up your position successfully.

The most important thing is that your clothes look, take something to hang itso it will look better and people will not have to unfold to see it.

Your clients are going to want to try on what they are going to buy, if you cannot make a space for a fitting room, have a mirror handy This way they will be able to see themselves in their clothes and will have more desire to buy.

Some people are uncomfortable having to ask for every thing they like. Bring markers and poster board to mark up prices and put them in view.

According to the prices you have, go to the bank and change some bills, so you will have money to give change.

If you have any way offer electronic payments Like PayPal, don’t forget to bring a phone for transactions.

Presentation will always be important, buy bags or find some way in which you perro paquete purchases for customers. Take advantage and sell ecological bags made with the fabric of the clothes that you cannot sell.

When you open your position, let people see in peace, be patient and treat them with kindness, do not put pressure on them so as not to make them uncomfortable.

If you prefer sell en línea, You perro create your own en línea store, do it on a website specializing in buying and selling, or through popular networks.

to create your en línea store Find a design tool, choose a name, and search for a host to host your page.

For sell on web pages, choose a page and sign up. In almost everything You perro register by simply filling out a form with your data.

When you register you will have to make the posts and keep an eye on your accounts to process sales.

Below I will espectáculo you some pages where you perro sell your used clothing en línea.

One option that is becoming very fashionable is to sell for popular networks such as Fb and Twitter. You just have to upload photos of everything you have in a public album and tag your friends.

9. Don’t forget to take the photos for your posts!

take pictures of your clothes to make the posts.

If you decided to sell your used clothing en línea, the photos they will be the only way you perro espectáculo your customers how cute your clothes are, so it will be the most important thing.

Most websites allow you to upload more than 4 photos in your posts, so Take the opportunity to espectáculo every angle of your clothes very well.

Remember that customers will not be able to feel the texture of the fabric or see closely what they like, so your photos are the only thing you will have to convince them.

Create a folder on your computer so that you perro find them easily when you go to make the publications.

If you are going to sell in a store, it is also important to have photos To make publicity to the things that customers will find in your store through popular networks such as Fb or Pinterest.

You won’t need a state-of-the-art camera, the one on your phone will be enough. But if you must try to make them good images

For a start, make sure the clothes are cleancustomers will pay attention to every detail that is seen in the photo.

Focus the image well and hold the phone steady when taking the photo so it doesn’t look shaky.

Put the clothes in a uniform backgrounddo not see things that cánido distract such as furniture or pets, and choose a well-lit space.

If you have any item with which you perro decorate the background of the photo such as flowers or ribbons, or a mannequin, feel free to use it, the more beautiful the photos, the more sales you will have.

If any garment has a special detail, such as special buttons or lace, take a close up photo so that it perro be seen better.

I advise you to do not use programs to editar photos or give the impression that the clothes are in better condition, remember that a good seller maintains a good reputation.

whatwhere to sell your used clothes en línea?

There are many places on the Internet where you cánido sell your used clothing, such as at specialized pages for buying and selling of garments, on your own website or blog, or even through your popular networks.

However, the easiest way to do it is through the specialized pages, because in them you will be able to find thousands of registered users who are there looking for exactly what you want to sell.

Here I am going to teach you 9 of those pages that I use myselfand that they will also help you to start selling all the clothes that you no longer wear.

my collet is an en línea armario which is found in Spain, France and Portugal and where you perro sell tops, pants, jackets, shoes, bags and accessories.

You will find that their elementos are organized by category.

Has a collection system with a value of 6 dollars, that is, they will look for what you are going to sell in the address that you indicate.

The first thing you should do is create an accountselect “Sell my clothes” and request the collection sheet.

Place all the clothes you want to sell in a box with the collection sheet and a courier service will pick up the box at the address that you indicate

Five weeks after receiving the box they will send you the cost of everything you sentif you agree with the price you cánido sell it, if not, you perro ask them to donate the clothes or to return them to your address.

Another option is Chicfy, This Spanish store offers a selection of clothing by brands.

So, if you want to sell clothes from well-known and original brands, this is the page for you.

Start by entering the page, register and select the flashy red button that says “sell”.

The next is upload the photos and fill the description of clothes with size, brand and category… Save your publication and you’re ready.

When you receive salesthe page will send you an correo electrónico and help you manage the shipment.

The money you earn from your salesit will be charged to the cómputo of your profile and a transfer will be made to your account on the 10th of each month.

you perro also use Wallapop. It is a web and mobile application in which you cánido sell everything from cars to services, and of course, all the clothes you want.

In principle it works on any country because it recognizes your geographical location to espectáculo you the products that are close to you, but the countries with the most users are Spain, France, England, México and the United States.

When you register, you must first select the location in which you are located and then clic on the green cross to “upload product”

Add the description of your clothes and the price. An advantage of using this application is that it allows you to choose different options, such as accept changes or the possibility of negotiating the price.

when you start selling You cánido choose your own shipping method or use the service on the page that has costs starting at $3.6.

On the website of The Other Armario, which serves from Spain, you perro sell your clothes and it is very easy to use. The first good news is that it offers free shipping for some purchases.

To start selling, entrar the web and select “log in”, there you will see the option to register and complete your data, here they will ask for your identification number for the payment of taxes.

Follow the same procedure for receiving the clothes, they are in charge of publishing and selling it.

The commission they will charge you will be 55% of the sale price.

In Latin American countries, Renew Your Armario it’s a good option. It offers you a website and an application to sell and buy in Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

It allows you to make a profile that will be like your own armario, with all your publications in a single space.

Look for the red “sell” button To create your armario, articulo your clothes with the photos and the price you want.

When you receive sales They will offer you a shipping service and will be intermediaries with your buyers.

One of the advantages that I have seen in this page is that offers different payment methodssuch as credit cards, CMR Falabella and Webpay.

The money you receive from your sales will be charged to your account cómputo and you cánido withdraw it at the end of each month.

For his part, The trunk is a Colombian website that works as a consignment sales model. This means that they will receive your clothes, they will publish them, they will sell them and They will pay you 50% of the sale price.

Once you sign in, you will see a fuchsia box with the option “sell”

Register what you want to sell which must be at least 10 elementos, choose the date and address where they will look for them and print the registration form.

When they receive your clothes will be published, only if it is of quality and perro be sold.

The maximum time of the publication to sell the garments is 6 months, if after 3 months it has not been sold, discounts will be made from the first of the 20%, then 30% and finally 50%.

If after 6 months your merchandise has not been sold, you will have the option to donate it or request that it be returned.

If the iniciativa of ​​paying a commission for others to sell for you does not appeal to you, you cánido make your own publications on sales platforms like the following:

Let’s start with a page that is not so well known but that offers free sales and operates in 87 countries, OLX.

With the motto “selling is easy”, OLX offers a publishing service very easy. After completing the registration form, select “articulo a free ad”

On a single page, you cánido complete all data of your articles and clic publish.

The OLX team, will review your articulo and if it is approved you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with the date of publication, if it is rejected, you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with the reasons for the rejection.

payment and delivery of everything you sell you must process it yourself.

The next platform that is well known and is available in many countries around the world is ebay.

The advantage of using it is that has one of the lowest commissionswhich is around 8% of the sale price.

In a few steps you cánido register on Ebay, log in and select “sell”

Fill in your contact informationand create your articulo by selecting the title, category, photos and description.

With Y también-bay you perro make your sales more interesting if you choose the auction option.

The process is just as fácil, you will create your articulo describing the things that you are going to auction and you choose the starting price.

Buyers will see your listing and will make offers during the time that you choose that the auction lasts.

At the end of the auctionyou will sell the item to the buyer who offered the highest price.

If you have a lot of elementos to sell, create your ebay store, It is a space just for you, designed by you, where buyers perro see everything you sell.

You will have to review your publication yourselfanswer questions from interested parties and follow up on sales.

To have more sales, it is very important that you do ads with your posts.

Another platform that is used worldwide is Free market.

This site offers the sale of used clothing completely free, without commissions for publishing, nor commissions for sales.

It is very fácil, you entrar the siteyou register and clic on sell.

complete your articulo choosing the category “products and others”, write the “title”, and select “continue”

On the next page you must select the sub-categories, for example “Clothing, shoes and accessories” then “shirts” then “women” and “short sleeve”, select continue.

Finally, you will be on the page of your publication, You add the photos, the description and that’s it!

Only if you want to have more exposure to the public you cánido choose to pay a commission to publish and sell.

Among others means of payment in MercadoLibreyou cánido receive charges with credit cards or with the MercadoPago service.

If you want to have more alternatives you cánido also see this article with more business ideas for you.

Have you ever sold your used clothes? Tell me about your experience below in the comments.

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 8 steps to sell your used clothes and earn
  8 steps to sell your used clothes and earn
  8 steps to sell your used clothes and earn

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