8 reasons why time is worth more than

8 reasons why time is worth more than

Time. Most of us never seem to have enough, and we spend a good chunk of it earning money. It is logical that time is money, and the more time we have, the more money we cánido earn. But,we are focusing it wrong? Is time the real treasure and are we wasting it to accumulate something much less valuable?

1. You cánido’t buy more time

You cánido always find a way to earn more money. Even if it’s not something we want to do, we have the option to sell possessions, work an plus shift, get some trabajo independiente work, or even win a few bucks on a scratch card. But there are no possibilities to create more time. You cannot add one more hour to the day. You cánido’t give yourself 20 more years on this planet by investing in the “time market.” Time is finite for us, as individuals. We may have 85 years to live and prosper, or we may only have 30. It’s worth remembering when we spend more time earning money than with friends and family. Those moments are precious and fleeting. whatAnd the money? There is always more.

2. You cánido do more with a day off than with a day’s pay

Everyone earns different amounts, but a day’s pay for a rich or poor person remains the same, relative to their situation. Whether it’s to buy you a new Xbox or a new Ferrari, the point is that a day’s pay is finite. You will receive a certain amount of money with which you perro buy a limited number of elementos.

But with a day off work, the world is your oyster. Well, maybe not travel to Tahiti or climb Everest, but you cánido explore all kinds of adventures that you couldn’t do while working. Maybe you take that time to paint that picture you’ve always wanted, or to start writing a new book. You cánido meditate and find some of that inner peace that you have been looking for. After all, onestuff» that costs money will never compete with an experience that broadens your mind or just makes you happy.

3. Time creates more memories than money

Think about the best moments of your life so far. whatHow many of them are based on money and how many on time spent with friends and family?? Rarely do we sit down and think, “Wow!Wow, the day I bought myself that new pair of shoes was amazing.! Our fondest memories come from time spent with the people we love and in places we love. Yes, traveling costs a bit of money. Luxury vacations are certainly something we need money for, but we also treasure those times we walk hand-in-hand with a loved one through the park, or sing karaoke with friends at a local bar. Time gives us those memories that we perro remember and laugh, or cry. And while money cánido help, it’s never the main goal.

Time or money: what would you choose?

4. You need time to spend money

You cánido have all the money in the world, but you only have so much time to spend it. Billionaires around the world have enough money to last 100 lifetimes, yet only have so many years on this planet. Even so, the last 10-20 years are not exactly the best. Money perro buy you a lot, but it perro’t buy you more time, which is why time is the most valuable resource we all have. Whether you’re getting rich or eking out a living, time is the great equalizer. And most rich people would gladly give up a lot of money for the oportunidad to spend a few more years with family and friends.

5. People near death want more time, not money

whatHow many times have you heard someone say, “It happened so fast” or “If only I had more time” while living their last days?? It’s something that a lot of people say, very often, and with good reason. But very few people say: «I wish I had more moneyor “I wish I had been a millionaire” when they consider the life they have lived. We cánido regret many things, but very few have to do with money and possessions. Money cánido provide us with some luxuries, but time gives us so much more. Ask someone who has a few months left to live if they would like to have $10 million or 10 more years on the planet, and you know the answer you would get.

6. Time brings more happiness than money

A published study asked participants what brought them the most happiness: free time or the money. More than half of the people who participated in the study – some 4,600 participants – stated that free time brought them more happiness, and they prioritized it that way. Free time was ahead of earning money.

However, the questions were not as blatantly worked as “Do you prefer free time to money?” Some were asked if they would prefer an expensive apartment with a long commute to work over a cheaper apartment with a shorter commute. Or if they wanted a job with long hours and high pay, or fewer hours and less pay. It seems more people are interested in making the most of their free time, and would rather sacrifice fringe benefits and luxuries in favor of quality time. It should be noted, however, that the youngest respondents were not as influenced by time as the older ones. It is clear that, when you have much more time ahead of you, you value yourself less than money.

7. Time is priceless, money is

Money is money. Its value fluctuates from one day to the next and varies according to currencies and investments. But time cannot be priced. For example,What price would you put on spending an hour with someone you love?? How about spending the day with a friend or family member she hasn’t seen in 15 years? whatWhat price would you put on an experience that broadens your mind or brings you inner peace?? While it’s easy to say that it would cost several thousand dollars to book a vacation, what is the cost of spending a few hours on a beach thinking of nothing but the sand between your toes? Without worries. No tensions. Just that moment. Also, time is free.

8. Time, not money, is a great healer

It takes time to gain perspective. It cánido not be bought. It takes time to realize your strengths and weaknesses. It takes time to discover who you really are and who you want to become.

When you compare time to money, there is no discussion. Money helps you live your life during that time, but it is the time itself that gives you the most benefit.

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 8 reasons why time is worth more than
  8 reasons why time is worth more than
  8 reasons why time is worth more than

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