8 Proven En línea Jobs You Perro

8 Proven En línea Jobs You Perro

8 years ago, when I was finishing my bachelor’s degree in journalism, I found myself in a crossroads.

I could continue to work for my employer, who had employed me for the past few years, or I could venture undertake on my own and start my own business around my skills.

The truth is that after thinking for weeks, take a decision.

I opted for remain a marketing analyst at the company that employed me.

It wasn’t a bad job.

I was comfortable.

I practically had my own hours, and I was in a position of decision making.

I traveled and met great people.

It was a great opportunity.

with this company I was able to grow professionallyand I learned how they are made most profitable business In an economy as challenging as that of Venezuela.

are days that I do not regret have accounted for in my experience.

But I did not feel autonomous.

It wasn’t my business.

It was my boss’s business.

I found myself fighting for someone else’s dreams.

It was not bad.

But it wasn’t what she really wanted. for me and my newly formed family.

Even so, I was able to live very comfortably during a couple more years.

I still had my salaryand gave me one or another pleasure with my wife.

We would go out, and we would also go to the beach with Alexanderour first child.

My whim: “Getting an en línea job for my spare time”

Around those days I began to experiment with the generation of internet income.

the wave of .com had taken over the world economy.

Netflix became massive and I fell madly in love with your offer.

I had to get a Netflix account whateverto watch movies with my family and the series that I enjoy so much in my free times.

The only problem I had was that Netflix charged in US dollars their subscription, and in Venezuela there is strict exchange control that does not allow Venezuelans acquire foreign money freely.

So it occurred to me to search gigs either little jobs en línea not take too much time from my habitual tasks, to be able to afford my new taste.

I’ve always been a passionate reader, so I did some research on how to earn money en línea and get jobs en línea.

I learned that the possibilities were endless.

But I didn’t take it seriously.

I only made a few dollars a month, investing little time, to pay for Netflix, and to do one or another en línea purchase for my family.

The tipping point (or how to get a job en línea when you have no other option)

After a few months I began to see clues that let me know that my country, Venezuela, He was approaching without brakes towards a precipice.

Venezuela was in free fall towards the biggest economic crisis in its republican history.

In supermarkets they began to make food scarcecoche parts they were not achievedmy father’s stress meds They disappeared from the pharmacy.

We start to see endless queues to buy basic necessities such as bread.

In this hurricane inflation began to eat my salary and they devalued the currency three times.

It is as if you had 1000 dollars and overnight the economic crisis snatched it from you and leaves you with 10.

I had to do something urgently or I would end up in bankruptcy.

My salary was not enough I was heavily in debtand my internet income generation reached barely 20 dollars a month.

So one day, while we were having dinner, I talked with Lorraine, my wife.

“Honey, I have to do something.

The situation is going to get worse and we have to get more money tiques.”, I said to Lorena while I ate and perceived her reaction.

Here in Venezuela we have a saying.

“Hungry love does not last”.

And without letting him react, I told him: “I’ll take this earn money en línea seriously.

So we cánido adjust.”

At that time I had three jobs..

He taught at the university, translated things over the Internet from time to time, and worked as a marketing analyst in a company that was doomed by the crisis.

My wife took it naturally.

She knew we had to.

To jump; because the bolivar, the Venezuelan currency, was disintegrating little by little.

But what would I do?

What a challenge he had ahead of him.

But I assumed it.

And since I took seriously the earn money en líneamy life changed.

In this article you will learn how i started making money en líneaand how I slowly scaled my ideas to create a stable income.

If you apply the ideas that I share with you, you will be able to start your journey through the internet step by step and Live from this without problems.

After 5 years I was able to give up my salary in the company that employed me and dedicate myself 100% to business en línea.

Here I share the 8 jobs en línea that they allowed me earn money en línea and generate a stable income to live in peace

1. Transcribe audio and text

The first pennies I earned was transcribing an instructive of an appliance.

Notably I had no experience as a freelancer In Internet.

But my desire to use Netflix and my inveterate consumerism pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and explore with platforms like Odesk and Elance (currently Upwork), Guru, freelancer.com and others more.

As I am a journalist and editor, writing and transcribing came naturally to me.

So I gave the transcription a try.

The demand was high, so I sent some job proposals and they answered me.

It was a small job, but was the first step.

Once a month, I would browse the job postings and get a transcript, send in a proposal, get a reply, do my homework, and that was going adding cómputo to my Paypal account.

Everything from home, and in my spare time at the office.

2. If you speak another language, translate

As I explored en línea marketplaces and job boards to satisfy my selfish desires for Netflix, I noticed dozens of offers related to translations.

I saw that the translators were very well paid.

Some manage to generate up to US$25 an hour!

Even the more specialized the translations are, they are more expensive

Websites like Earn money in pajamas, Translators Café, Upwork.com, cloud and Workanathey allowed me to explore the market in a unique way.

I was able to translate from English to Spanish for large companies and various digital entrepreneurs very successful.

And I helped myself with very efficient translators.

The industries were very diverse….

I translated contents for:

  • Vídeo games
  • international magazines
  • YouTube channels
  • Website
  • And a lot further…

So if you know how to speak another language, give it a try to translate texts and content on the web from the portals that I shared with you.

3. If you know how to write, blog

In my university days I invested hundreds of hours in a blog that no one read.

In this space he shared real stories, poetry and reports on the Venezuelan political situation, which I thought people read.

But the truth is that he owned a desert, not from a blog.

It was a big flop.

At that time I had not the slightest iniciativa of how to generate income from my blognor did he think it was a highly lucrative job.

Just as you read it! Highly lucrative.

Thousands of companies around the world they are investing in weblogs to grow their brands en línea.

They recognize the potential of weblogs to promote your products and services to millions of people.

Some bloggers even charge up to 500 dollars for just one item. “Whoa, whoa”…

Upon learning of this, I challenged myself to study more on the subject.

English sites like blogger and copybloggerthey helped me define what people are looking for and how to write for them.

I had to learn about Keyword Research, Tags, SEO and other things that we always discuss in Gananci.

(To learn more, read this articulo on how to start your own blog.

Clic Here.)

So after learning a bit, I equipo out to look for jobs as a blogger.

Luckily, I came across an astrologer who he invited me to write for his blog weekly, and after a couple of months, I started working for another news blog and citizen journalism.

they paid me $25 per item.

Not bad for a newbie.

Certainly opportunities like this are still en línea.

Search on websites like Upwork either cloud offers of this type and apply to write in massive weblogs.

The perks are awesome!

4. become an essayist

Around those times I started blogging for brands on the internet, I got a golden opportunity.

He worked as a professor of anthropology in the communication department, he was a seguidor of research, and always I wrote essays.

One day, browsing the offers on the job boards, I found something that hooked me.

A group of researchers sought an essayist to put his discoveries on paper.

Being something related to the popular sciences, and my work at the university, it struck me; given that I am passionate about the subject.

So I sent a business offer, telling them what I could do for them, and I shared about 3 essays that I had previously written.

The researchers’ response was positive.

So I started writing academic essays on sociology and philosophy of education. They paid me $100 per essay.

The best part, I only had to read about the subject for a couple of hours, and then empty what I understood, agregado the results in a word archivo.

If you are good at arguing, writing and contrasting sources of information, I recommend you look for works of this type on the Internet.

In addition to being well paid, essayists grow the more they write and read.

So take advantage and find offers for essayists in the most habitual job boards on the internet.

5. Create an Outsourcing Agency and outsource tasks

After 3 years, my internet income was the same in constant growth.

But I found a serious problem.

In addition to transcribing, translating and writing for my clients on the internet, little by little I ran out of time.

She had to comply marketing analyst in the company he worked for, and he also had to prepare classes, correct exams, and read college related stuff.

I got to a point where if I couldn’t deliver to my clients en línea, I could lose them all, and if I didn’t deliver to the company or the university, i would lose my jobs “conventional”.

So I made a decision.


Stephen Covey, author of the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Peoplecomments that Outsourcing -or externalization, outsourcing or subcontracting, as they call it- is something ineludible, and that it does not necessarily orinan treating people as things.

Outsourcing, or subcontracting, is when a company decides that others take over of its production.

Oh, doesn’t sound so bad.

It’s just delegate when you perro’t.

If you have the gift of getting clientsand you do not want to dedicate your time to “carpentry”, outsourcing is a good solution so that you keep making money while investing your time in really important things.

It took me a long time to realize that outsourcing was ineludible.

My time fell short of my duties with my clients on the internet.

So my team began to grow.

Without realizing it, in a year, I had at ease one toOutsourcing agency made up of a transcriber, several editors and two translators.

How are you?

6. Learn marketing, plan and write to sell

One day, I was contacted by a publishing house in Miami who wanted me to write a book about the bloody protests in Venezuela.

It was April of the year 2014.

Violence took over the Venezuelan streets, and hundreds of expressions of support for Venezuelans made In Internet.

The publishing house had the “brilliant” iniciativa of ​​making a book about the Venezuelan crisis, and naming it as a world Trending Topic.

I didn’t have time to write the book, but after two months, in June, they contacted me againto see if he had time to write a manuscript with the characteristics they wanted.

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The dream of any writer.

A book on Amazonwith his name, and would also be published by a renowned publisher.

So I agreed.

I wrote a personal story in two languages; just what they wanted.

But what was my surprise that six months after the publication of the book, the publishing house I hadn’t even made 100 sales.

My first book was a commercial disaster.

After the weeks it occurred to me to contact me with the publisher.

“How are the sales, Chris?” asked to the editor playing the asshole.

“We barely made it to 80”told me.

“Hey, but What happened?”, I insisted with my skin-deep innocence.

“Well, we have problems with our marketing man.

I think we will have to change it, ”she replied without much shame.

At this point, knowing the reality, I was not sad.

Rather, I understood a great secret and I said to myself:

“If you don’t know how to sell, how the hell are you going to sell your book, Gabriel?”

At this point I didn’t care about book sales.

All royalties and royalties from their sales would go directly into other people’s pockets.

What did matter to me was understanding why the book had been a disastrous business failure.

Given this diagnosis of the publishing house, I envisioned what i had to do.

Not by the book. But for my career.

Study Marketing and Copywriting.

If I wanted to be read, I would have to learn to “sell” my words.

A few weeks after starting this new challenge, I got a Mexican client who wanted me to plan their marketing.

And so, opportunity after opportunity, I obtained more customers to help them with their Marketing.

You also have the opportunity.

There are hundreds of people who pay large sums of money professionals to help them promote your products or services.

sites like Workana and cloud They are overflowing with jobs like this.

So give it a try marketing in your life and you will see the results you have waited for so long.

7. Do creative work and let your imagination run wild

Since I cánido remember I have dedicated myself to creative activitieslike music, writing and other disciplines that always made me feel more free.

my new way of internet entrepreneurship I couldn’t get away from this.

I wanted with all my heart work with artists to help them develop their message already write stories that express their desires and hopes.

But It was not easy.

Finding artists on the internet who wanted to hire me was a great challenge.

It had competition from the large advertising agencies, which owned practically all of the advertising identity that enters through our eyes.

But on any given day, thanks to UpworkI contacted some Latin music producers who wanted to name their new album.

As I speak English and Spanish, and I also have experience in the musical field, lThe producers hired me to name their new album.

How wonderful!

They were award-winning producers grammy.

And I was developing his proposal creative.

It certainly wasn’t easy.

But with a little insistence I did it.

You also have the opportunity to capture creative work

So do it without hesitation! Scrutinize in all corners of the internet, and so you cánido get something that suits your creative personality.

8. Start a digital agency and make your clients happy

More than 6 years passed to reach this point.

I worked on many things to realize that Internet is a gold mine.

I transcribed, proofread, translated, wrote, advertised, brainstormed, learned how to sell, and I became a freelancer with experience.

But as you cánido see we are highly dissatisfied.

I spent several years working for the projects and dreams of other people.

And even though I had traded my conventional job for some internet jobs, I still I didn’t feel happy.

I knew that to be truly autonomous and independent I needed my own business.

having clients, not employers.

I needed a digital platform that would allow me to attract subscribers and share my marketing plans. make the world a better place.

As a copywriter with experience at dozens of startups, he knew he couldn’t do it alone.

Achieving it was not a piece of cake.

So I recruited 1 graphic designer, 1 marketer, and 3 programmers for build my rig and offer digital services that more my clients asked me.

I could see that the Internet wanted more than I alone could offer.

The solution: Build a digital agency.

You too cánido do the same.

You perro offer services such as:

  • Development of Websites
  • Creation Branding or Personal Brands
  • Management popular networks
  • Correo electrónico Marketing
  • growth hacking
  • and many more services…

You must understand that if you want to reach higherand be successful on the internet, the road is stony.

You have in front of you the great challenge of making money en línea, and also the opportunity to reach millions of people who are within your reach. a few clicks.

Give it a try and let me know in the comments!

Do you think you are capable of founding a digital agency?

What others en línea jobs you know?

let me know in the comments and I will help you with practical advice to make your Internet business iniciativa.

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 8 Proven En línea Jobs You Perro
  8 Proven En línea Jobs You Perro
  8 Proven En línea Jobs You Perro

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