8 new technologies to succeed in your

8 new technologies to succeed in your

Technology has been a ray of sunshine for business the past few years and with each passing day, More and more options are being invented with which you cánido take off if you know how to use them to your benefit and in the correct way.

That’s why our guests today, itop, they will espectáculo you how to get the most out of them and succeed in your business.

Today, more and more people escoge to create their own business, be self-employed, undertake a project or become a freelancer. If this is also your case, you will be interested to know how technology cánido help you achieve more benefits and better results for your company.

There is no doubt that technology is here to stay. For more than 10 years our company has experienced a complete technological revolution, possibly even the largest in all of human history.

During all this time, many of us have been able to see how our habits have changed, our way of communicating with each other and our way of thinking and to process the information.

There is no facet in our life in which technology is not present, much less in the professional field. That is why consumers do not have the same tastes and interests as years ago, since they are continually changing and evolving, Just like the technology itself. thus becoming much more connected, demanding and complex consumers.

For any company, this is extremely important and must be taken into account, since customers come first and are the ones who will ultimately buy your product or service.

If we want to conquer them, If we want them to trust us and give us the opportunity to get to know our brand and product, we are forced to be as up-to-date as possible and offer them what they demand.

We cánido never forget that it is the customer who defines the value, not us, so we must focus on providing them with a product that give them a value and useful in their lives.

Hence, it is necessary to use new technologies, since they will help us to adapt to this world in continuous movement and to develop our work. in the most productive way possible.

At the moment there are many tools computer and digital that perro facilitate our work activities, but we are going to talk to you about the main ones.

1. Business Management Systems (ERP)

Business management systems, or in English Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), are systems that allow the usuario to manage all information and automate the processes carried out in a company. In other words, it allows us to have a global and very complete visión of the real situation of the company.

Why is it important to have a programa like an ERP?

Well, because it is very useful to have a series of modules on the same platform that allows us to speed up the management of processes. most important and escencial for our project to work (finance, sales, marketing, purchases, depósito, support…).

Having such a platform in our company allows us to have a centralized database, with which we perro have greater control and security; we perro improve the traceability of the products since, for example, we could control through the system the transit of a product from when it is purchased to when it is sold.

Better analyze the information and stored data, make better business decisions, processes that perro be carried out almost automatic such as generating invoices.

Imagine all the time and money we would save in our business if we had everything in the same application, be it on the desktop of the computer, through the browser or on the same mobile.

It would be a real agregado. both for us and for the experience of our customers. That is why it is one of the tools that are working best on the market and that is increasingly present in SMEs.

If you want to see a pretty clear example, SAP Business One works with an ERP system which works excellent.

I will not keep telling you more about SAP Business One since in Itop we have an article where you perro find out all the information: SAP Business One.

2. mobile applications

As we well know, Teléfonos inteligentes and tabletas are one of the digital devices that have most modified our behavior and transformed our habits, either in everyday life or at work.

This has caused companies see the opportunity in these devices to create a channel of communication with your customers and potential buyers.

If we correctly analyze our business with futurewe will be able to be more efficient internally, provide a better service to our users and have the opportunity to promote our products and brand or launch campaigns and offers thanks to the use of an Aplicación.

The 2 main platforms for an Aplicación are iOS from the Apple company and Android from Google plus, since cover almost 100% of these devices worldwide.

But to carry on the implementation of an Aplicación, We must take several factors into account.

At the beginning it is escencial that we identify the objectives for which we want to use an Aplicación in our business, the different requirements that we want it to meet and if you need some kind of integration with other technologies.

It is also important to take into account aspects such as design, the corporate brand image that we want to convey or usability, which must be a priority for us if we want the Aplicación to be successful.

As we cánido see, after this previous work, we will be able to subsequently have a tool that seems essential today. to have a closer relationship and personalized with our clients.

3. En línea Training (eLearning)

With the entry of the Internet into our lives, the amount of information that we have has become something immense.

And this is where it appears the figure of eLearning or en línea training.

This type of training, unlike face-to-face, gives us a number of advantages that makes it very interesting to train us.

Being able to connect and access the course content at any time, having the possibility of distributing study time at our convenience or save us valuable time in displacements there are clear benefits if we use this training modality.

And in what Perro this help a company?

Well, for example, if we work with other colleagues or have employees under our care, even for ourselves, this type of training is ideal if we want to keep updating our knowledge (what has been “recycling”) and we know that in the business world this is essential to offer the best of oneself at work.

On an eLearning platform, such as Moodle or Canvas LMS, we perro access the selected course with a fácil nombre de usuario/password and also do it in a personalized way.

It is common for these courses to equipo up conversation groups to ask the en línea tutor any questions, so if there are several workers in the same course you perro consult the different questions that have been formulated throughout the course.

In addition, the company perro keep track of the time that each worker remains or the issues that have been examined for see the progress of each one.

Being an en línea course, we perro also review any topic anywhere thanks to the possibility of accessing through teléfonos inteligentes, tabletas or simply from your computer, which is a great convenience.

It is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives in a company to acquire new knowledge and update in the field of work.

4. CRM or customer relationship management systems

You have probably heard of this programa. the CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is one of the systems best known and used for customer relationship management.

This application contains the 3 functional modules to manage the marketing, sales and service processes, in addition to having the necessary components to manage smart the relationships established with customers (mobile, internet of things, advanced analytics, UI-UX-gamification…).

We have already discussed several times how our habits and behaviors have changed, and how this has influenced the experience of consumer purchase. Well, we cánido solve this with a CRM.

By having all the characteristics that we have just mentioned, this technology perro make our company or business adapt to the complexity of the needs of current consumers improving the service and care we offer them.

Being able to manage in the same system each report that we make, the campaigns that we escoge to create and launch, the projects created, the opportunities generated by the commercials or the sales team, invoices, suppliers, incidents… It’s just wonderful.

This would simply translate into greater productivity when working and performing all these tasks, the possibility of saving time in those functions and devoting it to others, increased enjoyment and job satisfaction and, consequently, better results and happier customers.

5. Big Data and Business Intelligence

systems Big Data and Business Intelligence (or Business Intelligence) are another of the technologies that we want to mention, since it is currently one of the most revolutionary and that poses the most challenges for the future of companies and businesses.

With this type of system, we will be able to manage and create knowledge by analyzing existing data in our company.

In other words, we will be able to store and manage all those complex and variable data that are generated in such a way that we perro make an analysis of them and thus draw conclusions.

In any company or business, the procedure is always the same: information or knowledge, analysis, decision making and action.

Thanks to Big Data and Business Intelligence, we cánido carry out this in a faster and easier way since it automatically we are going to collect all that data that interest us to be able to analyze them and, thus, make better decisions and actions that guide us to our final client.

We perro see an example in areas such as marketing, communication and advertising.

If we mezcle the business intelligence With digital marketing we could achieve advantages such as better focusing on our ideal type of client (greater market segmentation), genera en línea advertising aimed at our objetivo or objective audience, have more interactivity with influencers or improve search engine optimization (thanks to SEO and SEM).

A safe bet that will bring us even closer to our customers and It will boost our business.

6. Digital marketing

As we have seen, the use of technology and the Internet has been increasing exponentially in recent years and this trend is expected to be the keynote in the next decade.

This is where digital marketing comes into play, something that every company should consider for your business.

As a reference, we should always have a web page, which will be the mirror of our company, in which we must have a clear message an image and a communication that identifies us and defines well our values ​​and what we offer.

Of course, the design will also be very important, as well as a good optimization both in the images that we choose for the web and in the writing of the texts that we put (choice of palabras clave from our ámbito, appropriate descriptions).

But the web cannot only be our only means of communication and even more so when probably initial contents will be static (ie they won’t be changed at least for a while and won’t be republished again).

For this reason, it is also recommended to provide the web with some dynamic section, be it a blog, news, among others; that with some regularity Provide the web with new content.

Joomla or WordPress are some of the main CMS (content management systems) for creating websites and weblogs, being relatively fácil later manage with them the different changes that we are making. It is good that you see and review in this article: How to manage a blog in Joomla.

The use of the RRSS (Fb, Twitter, Linkedin) is increasing every day and therefore, depending on the type of business we have, we must choose the one that suits us best and where our main potential customers are located.

Thanks to popular networks and a good synergy with the web, we will be able to have a closer relationship, adapt the message according to the profile we are addressing, get more views and, finally, attract the type of client that we are looking for.

If this is the case, the eCommerce option (en línea store) is also another very feasible option for any company, since on the Internet it perro get thousands of hits that cánido be transformed into other future sales.

In this sense, Prestahop is the opensource leader (free of license cost) and gives us great versatility to make the store.

As we have verified, the use of digital marketing is almost an obligation in this technological era and if we carry out a good digital strategy we will be able to increase the profits of our business.

7. Document Management

How many times has our office or our offices been filled with papers and archivos without storing or documenting, which negatively affected us to our productivity in the workplace, it made us waste a lot of time looking for those papers that we needed to continue doing a task or, in the worst case, we did not remember where we had filed it or lost it.

This no longer happens with the advent of technology. Now we have digital tools that make our work easier and make us do without paper. and that tool it is precisely the ECM (Enterprise Content Management).

ECMs are business document management applications such as documents, images, vídeos, audio, among others. That is to say, any company archivo that we want to store, we perro do it digitally thanks to this programa.

In the case of document management systems such as Alfresco, for example, it also includes a document repository, a web portal and a workflow module that automate all the documentary processes of the company.

There is no doubt that this is a huge advantage that we cánido take advantage of, since, as I mentioned, we would save a lot of time lost in storing and archive all that information, we would eliminate the need for paper and improve our time management and productivity.

8. internet of things

Lastly, among those innovative technologies is the Internet of Things (IoT). It basically consists of the interfaz of any device that is connected to the Grid.

This gives us multiple possibilities since through these devices we cánido, for example, generate a series of data, which, if we analyze and interpret them correctly, it perro give us information that allows us to make better business decisions and achieve great benefits.

We perro see this technology present from refrigerators that test the food it contains and place an order every time a product is in short supply. even in geolocation of animals in secluded places.

For cities it is also something innovative, since the concept of Smart City is created, improving efficiency of different processes thanks to the data obtained.

And in our company or business, as is the case with hotels, it cánido also be very useful, since allows better internal management, better optimization of tasks, greater customer satisfaction, as well as having the ability to launch campaigns and specific offers through mobile devices.

This type of technology is booming and is a very interesting possibility for certain businesses.

With this brief summary, we have seen the main technologies that we cánido take advantage of to improve the management of our company and have successful results.

By incorporating them into our work we cánido improve the efficiency of our processes, productivity, have a closer relationship with our customers or have more useful information for subsequent decision making.

If we do not want our company, business or project to die, Let’s get on the digital transformation train!

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 8 new technologies to succeed in your
  8 new technologies to succeed in your
  8 new technologies to succeed in your

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