8 methods to get money loans

8 methods to get money loans

When you have just enough money, sometimes you need a quick money loan.

The problem is that get urgent credit through a traditional bank or credit institution it may take more time than you have to make your unexpected payments.

Here you will discover the 8 best methods to get quick money loans without having to go to the bankand best of all, you cánido request them without having to leave home!

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1. Mini credits: the easiest and fastest method

The difficulties in obtaining a loan have led to the birth of many en línea companies dedicated to offering small amounts of money quickly.

With these mini credits or “micro credits” you perro get up to $800 in less than 10 minutes.

It is a fácil and completely en línea way of get quick money loansand they won’t even ask you for a special requirement to grant it!

Only you will need your identity card, an account in your name in a bank, and a telephone to contact you.

Before applying for the loan, take a good look at all the entities and select the ones that are closest to your needs.

If you live in Spain, the company Solcredito It offers you loans of up to €800 without interest or commissions on your first credit.

In Argentina You perro apply for a quick loan from companies like MyCredit either Credy.

AND in México there are good credits on platforms like Creditea and vivus where they will grant you up to 12,500 pesos that you cánido return in 12 months.

When you already know on which page you want to request your loan, you only have to indicate the amount you need, the maximum term in which you will return it, and fill out your application.

In less than 10 minutes You will know if they have accepted it and you will have your money fast!

2. Quick en línea loans: the alternative for larger projects

The quick credits en línea They are very afín to mini credits: the main differences are the amount of money and the time.

you cánido get up to $10,000 in just 24 hours, and no paperwork is necessary.

What differences are there?

A mini credit grants up to $800 in 10 minutes. A quick credit grants up to $10,000 in 24 hours.

To request this type of credit You will not need to have a payroll or endorsement so that they give you the money you need.

But as with the mini credits, you will have to fill out a form with your basic information, and In 24 hours you will know if you have been granted that money.

3. crowdfunding: and what the hell is this?

You may have never heard this word, but the crowdfunding It is much more common than you think.

It is a form of crowdfunding.

It’s based on Present your financial need to a group of people explaining why you need that money.

If these people are convinced or your proposal seems interesting, they will give you that money through donations or investments.

It could be said that these people are solidarity quick money lenders, although don’t think you won’t have to pay them back what they have lent you (if the money is for a solidarity project, perhaps you do not have to pay it back).

He crowdfunding is very fashionable on the Internet and popular networks because through them you perro spread your project or economic need and reach a large mass, but also There are many en línea platforms such as web pages dedicated only to this.

Usually, the purposes for which this method is used to ask for fast money They are artists looking for the support of their entusiastas, political campaigns, debt financing, creating schools, and even for the birth of small businesses or companies.

So if you have an interesting iniciativa, a project for which you think they would give you money, or you want to make a place for yourself in the business world by creating a company, but you do not have money for it, he crowdfunding is your best option.

Put the word “crowdfunding” and your country in the Google plus search engine to find out what platforms there are of this type to lend you money; for example “crowdfunding Spain”, “crowdfunding Colombia”, etcétera.

I’m sure there will be many results.

4. loans between individuals

Another way very afín to crowdfunding It’s of loans between individuals or as it is usually called “P2P loans”.

The operation is the same as in the previous method, although the amounts of money that are lent are usually much smaller amounts.

whatHave you seen the episode of The Simpsons? in which Lisa, vía the Internet, anonymously gives Nelson $50 to start his motorcycle repair business?

Well, that is exactly a loan between individuals.

Unlike in the crowdfundingwhere lenders sometimes do not expect their money back (in projects such as creating schools in needy countries), in P2P, yes, whoever lends money quickly expects to obtain benefits and their money back.

5. Become your own lender

The iniciativa sounds pretty crazy right? If I need but I don’t have money, how am I going to lend it to myself?

Very easy: use your credit card!

Credit cards are a good way to get quick money because it is possible to get it from the card and pay it back in installments.

Although not all credit cards support this, so check your card contract or ask your bank if you perro get money with it and pay it back in installments.

Go to an ATM and withdraw money with your card; that is how You will have fast money and in cash and you cánido return it within the period indicated by your bank.

Although be careful! Don’t get too fond of this option or you may end up broke!

6. Do you think you are a great employee? Ask for an advance on your salary!

If you think you’re a hard worker, have an unforeseen financial hardship, and think it’s time to ask for a favor in return for that strength, Ask your boss for an advance on your monthly salary.

You perro do it in two ways:

  • Requesting the advance of your salary in your work: Explain to your boss the economic need that has arisen for you to advance a small amount of your pay.
  • Do it in a bank: There are banks where if they verify that you have a decent salary and a regular job, they perro advance you the money from your monthly salary as a loan.

7. Who has a friend… has money

If you are in a tight situation and need to ask for money fast, why not ask a close friend or family?

It is true that today few people have a good economic situation to be lending a lot of money.

But if you don’t need much (for example, between 100 and 500 dollars) perhaps your parents, uncles, or your lifelong friend perro lend you that amount that you need without any problem, as long as you perro guarantee that you will return it to them.

I know this situation perro be a bit embarrassing, but think about it: if you had some plus moneyand your parents, your siblings, or a friend, ask you for a little for an unforeseen payment that has arisen, Won’t you lend it to him?

8. I lied to you: with this method you will have to go through the bank

It is true that this article deals with money lending methods without going through the bank, but I think this way to request quick money deserves to be included.

I orinan the pre-approved loans.

pre-approved loans They are for those people who are clients of a bank, and consist of having an amount of money available in the bank that will be transferred to your account immediately when you need it.

The amount of money you perro request depends on your financial situation (if you have a job or not, or a fixed income), and the bank itself will notify you how much you cánido transfer to your account.

The process is as fácil as go to your bank, request the pre-approved loan, and have the money in your account immediately!

Do you know any other method of quick money loans? Do you know of any platform? crowdfunding or an en línea loan website in your country?

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 8 methods to get money loans
  8 methods to get money loans
  8 methods to get money loans

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