8 Legit Ways to Get Paid for

8 Legit Ways to Get Paid for

If you’re going to be using your phone every day, you might as well earn some plus cash while doing it.

That’s why aplicaciones and websites that pay you to text are exploding in popularity.

But not all websites are reputable and it may not be easy as you seem to make money on certain sites.

8 Ways to Get Paid by Text

Here are some of the best aplicaciones and websites that pay you to text to find the best one.

You perro earn hundreds of dollars a week with some of these websites, so why not give it a try?


Do you love sending funny text messages to your friends using cute emojis? Well, who doesn’t? With IMGR, you cánido earn plus money while texting your friends and family about your favorite brands.

IMGR seems to be one of the easier texting aplicaciones.

You perro start earning points that convert to cash with the first message you send.

You perro also earn bonuses.

To start earning, download the aplicación, invite your friends and start sending and receiving branded messages.

The text messages you send may include special offers and discounts that you cánido also take advantage of.

The FAQ isn’t clear on how much money each point is worth, but Premium users perro earn up to $40 per month, while other users cánido earn up to $20.

You become a Premium usuario by accumulating 2,000 points for six months in a row.

One major drawback, however, is that points are reset to zero at the start of each month: if you haven’t accumulated the 90 points needed to cash out, you lose your rewards.


Talkroom is a new aplicación available on the Aplicación Store for iPhone and iPad users that espectáculos a lot of promise as a way to earn money by chatting.

Talkroom allows you to charge people to chat with you.

To benefit from the platform, it helps to have a network willing to pay money for your time or an area of ​​expertise that allows you to teach others.

Ideal for influencers, coaches, and consultants, this aplicación allows you to equipo a price before letting someone slide into your DMs or “pick your brain.” You perro even get paid in crypto if you prefer.

And do not worry.

You perro exempt close friends and family members from paying to talk to you.


McMoney is an application designed for Android users.

The platform pays you money to receive text messages, which the company emplees to test and improve mobile operations.

The platform seems fácil enough to use, although the website says you need to download the aplicación to find out how much you perro earn and when you cánido cash out to your PayPal account.

You perro also earn referral bonuses when a friend emplees your code to install and use McMoney.


Fiverr is a trabajo independiente platform that offers many opportunities to get paid to send text messages.

Despite the name, you perro earn upwards of $5 per gig.

You equipo your own rates for trabajo independiente gigs that may involve handling customer service vía text, organizing mensaje de texto marketing campaigns, or even translating text messages.

Some of the gigs announced on Fiverr related to texting in March 2023 include illustrating hand-lettered text to make it stand out, proofreading and editing text in a variety of languages, and providing customer support vía chat-based text.


The 1Q aplicación, available on the Google plus Play Store for Android and The Aplicación Store for iOS users, offers up to 25 cents instantly per question you answer through the aplicación.

Brands use the aplicación for customer retroalimentación and are willing to pay you for your opinions.

If you enjoy taking surveys en línea, this could be a good chat opportunity to explore.

The aplicación has a 4.4-star rating on Google plus Play with over 3,200 reviews, making it one of the most reputable chat aplicaciones.

One reviewer said that they earn between 50 cents and $20 with each interaction.

The money is transferred to your PayPal account instantly.

That’s also attractive compared to aplicaciones that make you wait until you’ve reached a specific level of earnings to cash out.


If you are an expert in any in-demand industry, you could earn plus money through JustAnswer.

The platform connects professionals in a variety of fields, including doctors, mechanics, and lawyers, with subscribers in need of expert advice and guidance.

According to the website, experts earn between $2,000 and $7,000 per month, and they perro equipo their own hours and work as little or as much as they want.



The Hummr aplicación, from Corific Technologies, is afín to Just Answer and Talkroom rolled into one.

Experts and influencers perro equipo chat and call rates for people to connect with them.

You perro also market your services by sharing stories, photos and vídeos to build connections with other users and liking and commenting on other people’s posts.

The more you interact, the more you will connect with people willing to pay for your time and knowledge.

Hummr is available for Android users on the Google plus Google play store.


Steady is a bit different from the other aplicaciones on this list.

The aplicación helps connect people looking to earn plus money with opportunities to do so.

These opportunities may include taking surveys for cash or side hustles like delivering food with DoorDash.

The opportunities offered are based on your skills and abilities, depending on your answers to a few quick questions.

The website says it has helped put an additional $5 million in members’ pockets through these Revenue Boosts and has paid out $15 million in cash incentives to Steady members.

Steady cánido also help you find a full-time job by offering data from top companies regarding pay rates and job availability in your region.

The aplicación cánido also connect you with emergency resources.

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 8 Legit Ways to Get Paid for
  8 Legit Ways to Get Paid for
  8 Legit Ways to Get Paid for

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