8 crafts to sell and earn money

8 crafts to sell and earn money

Have manual ability to make bracelets, necklaces, bags or anything that is handmade, It is an art and a gift that not all of us have.

While is true that cánido be learned, For those who aren’t exactly good at it, it costs quite a bit to be able to craft.

However, if you are one of those people who loves to create things with their hands, and you are good at making this type of craft, You cánido get a lot out of your talent.

People usually buy quite a lot of crafts, I still love shopping bottles or ornate chests to decorate my home.

On the other hand, if you want a source of income or your own business without leaving home and staying in the comfort of your sofa doing it is an incredible option.

maybe what really stop you from starting to do it and stand out, whether it’s the pressure and the little confidence you have in terms of be creative.

Even though I write all of these articles, I also often spend several hours a week to write stories, semejantes, so creativity and imagination is important.

In crafts, these two aspects and originality, play the most important permisos.

I want you to keep one very important thing in mind: you are creative and original, you just need to spend more time and you will get it.

Now, when you finally escoge to take the plunge and start making your crafts to sell, you will find yourself with questions such as: “What sells better? How cánido I sell them?”, among other.

Don’t worry, here I will espectáculo you 8 amazing craft ideas that sell well and also, I will teach you how to sell them both en línea and in a market or store so that you start to make money from today.

What will you find in this article?

8 craft ideas That are sold better

1. Jewelery: necklaces, bracelets and rings

It is not to exclude men from an activity, but it is a fact that most of the people who make or buy handicrafts are generally of the female sex.

For this reason, jewelery is something that you perro sell quite easily.

Every time I go for a walk and although sometimes I don’t exactly go to buy something, I usually stop to see some craft, usually necklaces or earrings.

Women are a clientele quite extensive and a pair of earrings, 2 necklaces or 3 bracelets, is never enough and we want more and more.

The good thing about dedicating yourself to jewelry is that it is quite easy to do it, I would say that it is one of the simplest crafts to do and that it requires less materials.

If you don’t quite know where to start or what design you should start creating, at the moment Braided or leather bracelets are very fashionable.

Also, earrings or earrings are things that never go out of style. You could try starting with the typical hipster style of feathers, or simply go for the classic of stones and fácil designs.

It all depends on the style you have, do not be shy about expressing or showing what you like through the design of your jewelry.

2. Clothes created by you

Not all of us have to buy brand name clothes, and no matter how cheap it may be in a store, sometimes we just look for something more unique and with a certain style.

One of the favorite and most common crafts among all that exist, is knitting.

You don’t necessarily have to make clothes with this material, but to give you an iniciativa and take advantage of that dowry that is given to you with the hook, selling woolen clothes is not a bad iniciativa.

Know many people, including me, that catches their attention a scarf, hat or knitted gloves. I even have several ponchos or wool coats in my armario.

On the other hand, though the cut and sew You would usually include it in another section, it is a craft like everything made by hand.

Buy some fabric and trims, highlight the use you have about the sewing machine, needles and scissors, not necessarily wool and two needles.

Create unique styles that is not typical that people would see in a mall store or unique boutiques.

Now, if you want to go that way, you cánido play it and offer fashionable clothes but with materials good quality though much less expensive and thus, you will be able to sell your creations very quickly.

3. notebooks and notebooks

As a writer, lover of books and a pen or bundle of papers to stick everywhere, notebooks and notebooks they are my downfall

When you go to a bookstore or stationery store, the materials you use to study or simply write down are not as expensive as many would believe. However, sometimes lack diversity and originality when it comes to shopping.

So why not take advantage and expand by yourself that diversity?

Many, both women and men, they look quite attracted for a notebook that at first glance looks good and is designed very much in his style.

Every time I went to buy a bookstore my notebooks for classes I used to see all colors, barbies and dolls in the girls’ section.

I was just looking for something more vintage that involved maybe less color and more monochrome.

If you dedicate yourself to making notebooks more original and a little out of the ordinary the clientele will be quite large.

In addition, one of the advantages is that you do not need to display and wait for them to sell, if you want to go a little further towards the safe sale, offer your services to personalize it to the taste of your client.

If you want it black, with bows, white, pink, whatever. Customizing something always adds More value to the item you sell, so, What are you waiting for?

4. Handcrafted soap

Oatmeal, orange, red fruits, coffee, among others. There are a large number of soaps with certain scents and other fruits or textures.

Buying soap is not something that will leave us bankrupt, but sometimes, the one we use, which is our favorite but which is also the most expensive of all just because of the smell it has, maybe the buy it so often it goes out of budget or simply, we do not find it in other opportunities.

So as a way to save and find a smell and texture that are more suitable for them, many people tend to buy handmade soaps that, in addition to the above, they also have fewer components and they cánido help you much more with your skin.

For you as a seller and manufacturer, making soaps is very easy and does not require many materials contrary to what you are thinking.

Oil, water, the material that you want to use to give it a characteristic smell or fácil drops of essence, and some plus that they are easy to get in a supermarket.

You will not spend a lot of money and they sell easily but of course, that too depends on quality of this one, so don’t forget to always do your best.

5. vases and chests

Decorating our home or having a place to store our treasures, those things and small objects that are so important to us, normally we want it to be something special, that reflects our personality in our house and that where we keep that something, the importance of it perro be seen from the outside.

One of the few crafts that I still do even though I’m not very good at it, is to create chests and decorate them in my style

Many people want to run away of the everyday vase clear glass. Others of the typical chests wooden with nothing distinctive on the outside.

So, there you come in

Take a flourish or chest and start designing it, to give it life and an air that hardly a person sees it, fall in love with him.

The good thing about this type of craft is that you don’t have to make it from scratch. You need to buy chests and vases, which do not require so much investment and then invest the rest and most of your money on the materials you want to use to decorate them.

Vases with stones or gradient colors are very fashionable, as well as chests with opaque tones and that are not so loaded but that are have a unique symbol. If you’re not quite sure, start with these ideas and then integrate your own imagination.

6. paper crafts

Have you ever had invitations made for a party or celebration? If you have, you should know that it is usually quite expensive the price for making 50 or 100 invitations.

If you did not know it, Now you know.

Paper crafts are not only made with the typical paper we use to write or print documents, but also all the types we cánido find in the market. Each of them serves to make many more crafts than you think.

From making invitations to creating decorations or make origami with them.

This type of craft is quite sought after since, not everyone takes the time to make dozens or hundreds of invitations or small decorations on paper, in addition, they do not usually dedicate themselves to acquiring that skill.

Therefore, although you could have taken it as something not very important or of value, let me tell you that paper crafts, regardless of the type or model they are, they are quite sought after and bought.

7. Painting and drawing

Possibly you think that in a world as select as painting, art itself and everything related to capturing an image on paper, canvas or any other material where you cánido do your work, you won’t be able to earn much money unless you’re really good at it.

I’ll tell you, it’s true that painting and drawing require some talent, but someone good enough and with certain skills perro earn a lot of money. with their own paintings or works.

So if you have at least a slight talent for it, don’t waste it.

Not everyone goes to more great exhibits to buy the pictures they want to hang in the comfort of their home.

Try to offer the best and give all you have painting your pictures or drawing your works, so you perro sell them for a good price.

If you think you still lack, it’s never too late to learn and get down to work in acquiring the techniques that you lack by taking a course or guiding you from others.

This way you will be able to improve and therefore, your works they will be worth much more.

8. Accessories

When you think of this word, you probably you relate it only to details in clothing or that serve to complement your outfit.

You’re wrong.

All those pens that you like, boxes, kitchen elementos such as cup holders, plates, are part of the accessories section.

Ideas of what you could do, there are many, the problem lies when you have to be a little more original and creative on time to design it Or make it come to life.

The most common accessories are clothing such as belts or hats. Personally, I suggest you get away from it a bit and dedicate yourself more to objects in the home or that people cánido always carry with them.

For example, the pads to place your mouse They are very fashionable and normally people tend to treat themselves and buy one that suits their style.

On the other hand, cell phone accessories are the boom nowadays.

You just need to use your imagination a little more and not choose themes that are very repeated, like the transparent liners with frost, for example.

Look for something less seen and what do you think could sell well.

Where find tutorials to do crafts?

All over the internet you perro find vídeos and weblogs dedicated to teaching you how to make crafts of your preference. platforms like YouTube, Blogger and Pinterest They are perfect for finding those tutorials that you are looking for so much.

Nowadays there is a vídeo for everything. From people playing vídeo games, to how to fix the microwave that broke down in your house.

Learning something is much easier since the internet exists and finding tutorials or guides to carry out a specific activity or action, with so just place in this case, “crafts”, you will see more vídeos than you could count.

Now, the problem with a sea, is that you never know what will be the best fish, so it is easy to have the doubt of where to find not only a tutorial, but one that really works.

Particularly my favorite platform to search for them is YouTube. And it is that honestly, what vídeo does not have?

Also, in the case of crafts, most of it is about seeing and not just knowing the theory, so I suggest you go more to the vídeo side than just written guides and a couple of images.

However, that does not orinan that read and be guided by pictures not work.

There are many weblogs dedicated to crafts and above all, teach how to make them.

Everything is a matter of browsing and reviewing some backlinks until you find the guide that seems easiest to you and you find that it will serve your purpose.

I remember learning how to make hair bows from a blog on the Blogger page that was very well explained and with step by step pictures.

On the other hand, you cánido leave for a method most common and everyday: take courses either paid or free.

The craft courses are really not that expensive and with what you dedicate to it one or two hours It’s enough.

Now, if you don’t want or perro’t pay for it, don’t worry. Broaden your search a little more and you will see that you will find a free course.

The important thing is that you know that the tutorials they are easy to find with the use of the internet or simply attend courses dedicated to it.

You cánido also go to something that they used to buy a lot; craft magazines. I remember the collection that my aunt had of them.

There were and still perro get several magazines that are dedicated to publishing articles and guides about it. In fact, most of the time They bring the patterns or molds what you need to do them.

Some you cánido even find free with the newspaper or just go to the nearest place and buy them, they are not expensive at all and yes, They serve more than you think.

where to sell my crafts In Internet?

1. Free market

As someone who buys and resells products as an additional income, MercadoLibre is undoubtedly one of my favorite platforms.

It is one of those pages where you cánido find whatever.

This leads to even though it looks difficult, don’t be so complicated sell your crafts

During all the time that I have been a usuario of the page, I have seen several advertisements for the sale of crafts. There aren’t usually many of them, but the few that are They present even more sales than elementos such as cell phones or computers.

So if you don’t know where to sell them, I suggest you start here. Besides everything, it is also a pretty safe page regarding seller-buyer control.

Always works for both without almost no disadvantage for any of the parties involved.

Work with a rating system where you see if both the buyer and the seller has a good reputation.

The first thing you should also think about, is the flow of people from the page. As an additional, the payment methods are also very comfortable.

you just need register with your correo electrónico, full name, identification number and create a password and nombre de usuario. Ready!

>> Tutorial To Sell In Mercadolibre <<

2. Create a Fb page

Fb, in addition to being a network where you perro get in touch with your acquaintances and people you haven’t seen for years but were part of some stage of your life, has become largely a buy and sell page.

I remember that during the early years of Fb, most of the pages that people created were dedicated to for someone specific or represent any brand.

Today, the option to create groups, pages and all advertising, They help you sell much easier that in pages dedicated to that.

It’s even easier if you have a large group of friends or people with whom to share the page or the content you articulo on it.

So go ahead and start taking pictures of your crafts and offer them through the popular network.

Many of the things I have bought in the last few months have been done through advertisements and people who publish in it.

Best of all, is that you do not go through the typical problem of the commission for the use or sale of the item you have for sale. For example, pages like Mercadolibre will They ask for a certain commission per sale.

On Fb you cánido avoid all that and it’s easy get in touch with those interested.

If you don’t know how to create your Fb page, read this article: How to open your craft business on Fb.

3. instagram

Now, if we talk about a popular network that used for EVERYTHING I must crown Instagram the winner.

Surely when you are browsing it you see many accounts with sponsors and advertising, or that everyone uploads an image in their states or posts offering something for sale.

In fact, many en línea and even physical stores have taken the platform as a great opportunity to sell further.

If you are not someone who has the ability to start a business but you have your trusty Móvil inteligente and an Instagram account that you use to articulo photos of yourself or other things, start to take advantage of it.

If you don’t want to use your own account, you cánido always create another one and start gaining followers, offer and build a reputation on it.

Make a store perhaps not physical, but en línea and what allows you to make all sales through a network that you usually use daily.

Possibly with the biggest problems you come across be it to get more followers, people who actually see your posts.

To find out how to get more fanes on your Instagram profile, read the following article: This is how I got 1 million followers on Instagram in 60 days.

4. create a blog

In several of my articles about earning money, I have mentioned creating a blog.

It perro be a bit repeated, but the possibilities that it offers you to create it there are enough like to let it go.

In this case, instead of going to a page and paying commission, you could just do something dedicated to your craft, maybe even, create some kind of brand through your blog.

Design it to be a perfect sales page and attract people’s attention.

As a suggestion, to sell your crafts through a blog, I recommend creating posts or articles in it that talk about them, give information and not just dedicate yourself to asking for money from visitors.

just have a little patience at the beginning. Make sure you offer several payment methods, the easier someone has to pay, the more motivated they feel to buy it.

The same goes for shipping options. In a blog you must be quite specific about it and leave all information accurate and concise.

Over time, when your blog floats, you cánido use it to even publish other things and expand the inventory you have of crafts.

5. Sell ​​on Etsy

Etsy is a page with the same purpose of MercadoLibre, however, the departments and products that you perro sell are mainly seen among accessories, clothing, footwear, jewelry and don’t worry, everything that is crafts you perro entrar it.

One of the things I like about Etsy is that for you, looking to specifically sell crafts, the buyer you will not need to navigate the whole page from head to toe to find it.

In addition, the security system that it has for sellers like you favors you a lot since it usually gives you that confidence and tranquility that you normally only offer to buyers in a page.

It is very fácil, if you have never entered it, you shouldn’t complicate Everything is a matter of a fácil registration.

Unlike MercadoLibre, Etsy consists more of creating a store, a section for you in case users entrar your profile.

Now, the publication of the articles themselves, I would compare it more with the Amazon website. You only need an dirección de correo electrónico, name and password.

From there, you just have to choose the payment methods you offer, shipping and of course, the currency you accept according to your country.

It’s very fácil, It has no major complications and it will only take 5 minutes.

As sell crafts in a flea market?

Make sure you start by looking for a position and getting it. Selling at a flea market is aboutand offers and the greatest variety that you have to offer to the public.

Although usually having too many things to sell on one site cánido overwhelm your buyers a bit, in a market it is the opposite.

Personally, when I go to a flea market it is to be able to find what might be difficult for me to find in a store and of course, at a lower price.

If you are making the decision to sell your crafts, It is because you already have a guaranteed position and if not, get on it.

Now, one of the disadvantages of selling in a market is the number of people that are in it. Regardless of whether they sell elementos afín to yours or not, you will have to stand out more than those around you so that your position attracts attention.

If you will sell handicrafts, I recommend placing showcases or exhibitors that allow you to place the most crafts that you have to offer, in this way, diners will see all the variety at a glance and it will be what calls them to come to your position.

Always have a mirror. Maybe you don’t include clothes among your crafts, but it is good that your customers have the opportunity to see how they look with what they are buying from you.

Me I like to detail at every angle even if it is a fácil belt or necklace. There may be many people who are the same or different, but it is worth having.

Now, one of the most important things, put low prices and fair.

As I told you before, the people who go to the markets normally want to look for something specific and at a lower price than in a store or another site that we have seen.

Therefore, the prices that you place on your crafts must be affordable and reasonable for the place where you are.

Of course, I’m not telling you to lose out but yes let them be lower than in other places.

To do this, before setting up your stall at the market, check the price on other craft sites afín to yours, even within the same positions Where do you plan to sell from?

Last but not least, always be nice and don’t harass your buyers.

One of the things that usually repels others from a position is the personality of the person. Remember that you are working with the public, so if you want to sell, always have a smile on your face.

On the other hand, between kindness and harassing there is a fenezca line. don’t be so pushy And if the person doesn’t want to buy, then let them be.

There are times that I have bought only because the person who attends me has been quite friendly and warm As on other occasions I have left for the insistent and harassing that they come to be

You don’t have to think about how to sell your crafts, you only need the insured position and start offering them by following the steps above.

whatHow to sell crafts in store

Unlike a flea market, To sell in a store you must put even more effort into the quality of your crafts, give them a value and find the right place to equipo up your store.

Although you see selling in a store as something not very different from doing it in a market, is not the same.

You have to see it like this: a market is informalwhile a store consists of something more formal.

Therefore, the way in which you will approach your customers will be a little different. From the quality of your crafts even the price of them.

When you go to a flea market, you look for something cheap. While most people who go to the stores should be aware of the fact that they will be more expensive than in an informal position.

Now, surely you have seen many craft stores, at least one or two in a mall.

Possibly you have not noticed that the way in which they present what their products would be and even their quality, They differ quite a bit from a flea market.

So to get started, before you even equipo up your tent, you need to considerably improve your crafts to the point that they are eye-catching. without the need for many variants around it.

Unlike the market, dedicate yourself to showing the main crafts and what you create will attract more attention of the diners. Do not fill your showcases since in a store it perro be somewhat excessive.

There are many stores that have their walls full of crafts in all their expression, but for you who want a business without much investment and with your own creations, your goal is that by seeing a couple of crafts, feel encouraged to entrar and see the rest to finally buy.

As for the price, you should raise it a little more since now you will have the rent or payment aspecto for the local services, therefore, that is more money than you are investing in the sale.

However, do not get on the clouds. Keep a fair price according to expenses that you do and that you have some profit margin that may not be very high at the beginning.

Make sure you accept all payment methods in your store. In a market, people usually buy everything with cash, but in stores, there will never be a lack of someone who asks for credit or debit cards.

Taking into account that the prices will be higher than in a flea market, it is something you must have.

Do not forget how open you must be to new proposals. There are people who go with an iniciativa that they want to make a reality or some detail who want to change from the craft or what they are buying.

In stores it is much more common for people to complejo turístico to this type of thing, so you must always be Open to accept this type of work.

That will espectáculo your clientele that you are willing to make changes and meet your needs.

You will see that following everything said above, you will be successful in your store.

Creating something to sell is the first obstacle, but when you already have the iniciativa in your mind and want to take the next step, sell, it’s just a matter of knowing how and where.

Follow all the steps above and try the sales sites. You will see that if you escoge to try your luck with an en línea or physical store, you will be amazing.

And you, what crafts to sell would you like to create? Leave me a comment below and tell me!

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 8 crafts to sell and earn money
  8 crafts to sell and earn money
  8 crafts to sell and earn money

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