8 Consejos for choosing the best domain for

8 Consejos for choosing the best domain for

I have decided to create this article to help you choose a brand domain, or what is the same, the name that your website will bear.

In this way, you will not have to regret the choice you made in the middle of the project, either due to ignorance or because you read it on an SEO website –ancient-.

The truth is that Choosing a domain name is not as easy as it seemsbut it is not something from another world either, especially if you apply the advice that I will give you below.

My advice is based on my own experience –screwing up– and they are designed for the SEO of the future, remember that Google plus gets smarter, more “human” every year.

Without further ado, let’s start with the consejos!

Infographic with the 8 Consejos


Avoid EMD domains

The first and most important advice I give you is:

that is not a Exact Match Domain (EMD)

That is, do not include the keyword or main keyword of your niche –for which you want to position yourself– in the name of your website.

Examples that NO you must go on:

  • “devicesalexa.com”
  • «secadoresdecabello.com»
  • “ofcalisthenics.biz» (Oops, one of my websites) My first domain purchase and my first rookie mistake, which I must say, limits me in many ways.

Reasons for NO choose an EMD domain:

  • You do not generate a brand (no one will remember you).

    In the case of ofcalisthenicsis a quite catchy name and easy to remember, which is why I have managed to create a brand, although this is not always the case.

  • You limit your website to a very specific niche or micro-nicheSo, if you want to talk about another topic or product, you won’t be able to.

    For example, although in ofcalisthenics I also touch on the topic of the gym, it doesn’t look very natural.

  • Google plus no longer positions EMDs as before, now the content is more important than the domain.

    Forget about EMDs and create a brand domain (that people remember and make you proud@).

Check domain availability

From MrDomain you perro check the availability of any name you cánido think of.

Use it only to verify the status of the domain, remember that the BlueHost hosting “that I recommend”gives it to you for free.


Easy to remember

At this point I want you to imagine a possible scenario, which also serves to explain the previous point.

Imagine a man, short brown hair, approximately 40 years old, father of two children.

He needs to find out about some electric toy cars since he wants to buy some for his children, he searched from his cell phone and computer, in both cases your website appeared and he entered it.

(For this example, your website is called electriccarsdejuguete.com)

Well, the information on your website is very good, you were able to persuade him to buy the car you recommend.

The next day, the guy’s friends see the kids playing with the new car and ask him where he got it.

What do you think he will answer? It would be something like this:

“The truth is that I don’t remember it well HAHA it was something about electric toy cars”

So far, more or less good, since your website is called that.

Then the friends go to Google plus to investigate and what will they find… Well, 10 websites, all with names afín to your page, only change the position words and use variations, so that the friends entrar the first website they see (which may not be yours) and end up buying the car.

Bravo, you just lost a sale for not differentiating yourself.


Your website must be easy to remember and identify.

You must be different from the rest of the websites that compete with you.


easy to pronounce

Continuing with the previous line, it does not help much that your web page is easy to remember if when two friends talk about it, among themselves, they cannot pronounce it easily.

Examples of domains that are difficult to pronounce:

  • krumchi: In this case, it is a word that has a lot of style, but when you pronounce it, the other person does not know if it is with C or K whatruif it is with N or M krum or if it is with S or C chi.

It must be a name that the first or second time you pronounce it, the other person understands.

I also recommend avoiding this:

  • Use the letters h, q, w, x, y, z (They cánido genere confusion, although if the name you have in mind combines well with them, use them without problem)
  • Repeat two letters in a row.

    For example: scoreeelite.com


short domains

Short names are easier to remember and pronounce, they are said faster, they are more elegant and they fit almost anywhere (T-shirts, caps, profile photos, among others).

Examples of short domains:

  • Nike
  • adidas
  • ryte
  • Rehub
  • instagram
  • pinterest
  • Trello


No characters or signs

Making this mistake is not very common, but there are those who see the domain as if it were the nombre de usuario of a popular network or vídeo game.

Generally, when you escoge to put a character or sign (_ $ @ – .) to your domain is because the one you originally thought of is already in use.

Do not do this, since such a domain goes against the other advice I have given you.

Also do not use the letter ñ, capital letters or accents.


Use the .com extension

If possible, use the .com extension. Not for SEO reasons –all rank equally– but facing the usuario.

People are used to using websites with the .com ending (Fb, Instagram, Gmail, Google plus, etcétera.), therefore, if a person does not remember your domain name correctly, or someone pronounces only the name of the website (without the ending ), the first thing it will instinctively do is complete the dirección de Internet section with .com.

For this reason, if your website ends in .net .biz or .en línea, they won’t find it, at least not on the first try.

Geolocated extensions:

  • .is Spain)
  • .ar (Argentina)
  • .com.br (Brazil)
  • .co (Colombia)

Extensions of this type indicate to Google plus that your content is mainly focused on the population of that country.

Therefore, if you want to position yourself globally, use global extensions (.com .net).


Forget the www

The three double Vs (www) are a thing of the last century, they are no longer used.


personal brand domains

These domains are the ones that bear your name –or someone else’s– as brand.

In this case there are almost no restrictions, if you want to create the web with your name, go ahead.


  • nestorcordoba.com
  • mariahcarey.com
  • cristianoronaldo.com
  • messi.com


The most habitual thing is that your name and surname are already taken, the probability that you call yourself the same as another person who created a personal brand domain is quite high.

In this case, you have to play a little with the position of the names, surnames, add another word, etcétera.

But always following the advice I have given you.

Brand Domain Examples

I will give you some examples of good domain names.

They are easy to spell, remember, pronounce, and would look good in the future as a business name:

  • «pompic.com» (generic name that means nothing, but is catchy and cánido build a brand fast)
  • «dineroconestor.com» (Personal brand web page in which I include my name and a very generic word, which indicates more or less what the web is about, but does not condition me to a specific market niche).

    Note that I did not repeat both no: dineroconnblind.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that the domain you choose cannot limit you in any way.

If you want to write about UFOs, then about the dollar crash and at the same time sell oil diffusers through affiliate marketing, then you cánido do it without any problem.

And remember, if the name you thought of is taken and all that remains is to change the ending (for example, from .com to .biz), it means that it is not as original as you thought and you have to give the coconut a little more.

We hope you liked our article 8 Consejos for choosing the best domain for
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 8 Consejos for choosing the best domain for
  8 Consejos for choosing the best domain for
  8 Consejos for choosing the best domain for

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