8 API Affiliate Programs to Join

8 API Affiliate Programs to Join

API monetization has become a growing trend in the world of programa development.

A common way to achieve this is through affiliate programs for API developers.

These programs allow developers to earn money by promoting and selling products or services related to their APIs.

Additionally, affiliate programs cánido help increase the exposure of an API and attract new users.

In this Gigonway guide, we’ll explore the basics of API developer affiliate programs and some of the best programs available today.

What is an API Developer Affiliate Program?

API developer affiliate programs are one way developers cánido earn money promoting a company API.

Basically, the developer joins the company’s affiliate program and promotes the API through their website, popular media, or any other means.

In exchange for promoting the API, the developer earns a commission when someone buys the company’s product or service.

This type of program is beneficial for both developers looking to earn plus money and businesses looking to promote their API and grow their customer base.

API Developer Affiliate Program Benefits

Developers cánido greatly benefit from affiliate marketing by using API platform affiliate programs.

Some of the benefits are:

  • The use of APIs will empower developers to seamlessly connect and work with advertisers without going through any second channel.

    This will decrease the manual workload and the job will be carried out smoothly.

  • APIs will provide highly accurate data.

    It will also provide affiliates with access to a huge amount of data in a short period of time.

  • Data will remain safe and secure using an API key that cannot be compromised.
  • You need to entrar the data manually only once.

    After that, it is automatically updated by using the API keys.

According to your desires and satisfactions, you perro make affiliate marketing your passive income source or primary income source.

Let’s explore some API providers that run affiliate programs from which developers perro earn money.


ChangeNOW is one of the most prominent crypto instant exchange platforms in the world.

Its ecosystem includes various crypto services such as mobile exchange and digital wallet, as well as an excellent affiliate program and numerous B2B solutions.

ChangeNOW Affiliate Program offers the most hassle-free way to earn profit: simply choose one of the many solutions and receive a commission for every transaction your audience makes through your chosen tool.

The Exchange API is a great tool for developers of crypto-oriented aplicaciones and websites, media, and bloggers.

The service will greatly expand the functionality of the partner’s product by allowing its users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency on conveniente terms.

By integrating API, you will automatically join the affiliate program and receive up to 1.8% cash back on every transaction made through their platform.

Other B2B solutions include an Exchange Widget, a WordPress complemento for website owners, and Referral Backlinks through which you will also be able to earn a certain percentage from crypto exchanges.

Some of the benefits of the affiliate program include fast integration (from 2 hours to 1 week), maleable commission system (you perro equipo a fee from 0 to 1.8%), a personal account manager, and 24/7 customer support. , a wide range of tools for both novice users and experienced developers.


ScrapingBee is a web scrapping API that provides affiliate programs from the API platform.

The API it emplees is easy to use and understand.

It gives you a oportunidad to earn 25% commission by joining their referral program.

You perro join the program if you are a freelancer, create programming-related weblogs on your own, or work for a programa agency involved in web scrapping activities.

It makes web implementation easy as it has code samples in all languages ​​like Java, Python, PHP and more.

You perro also promote ScrapingBee by using blog posts, adding a backlink to newsletters, or using banner ads on the website.

Promoting ScrapingBee is quite easy as there are many options.

You cánido create an account on different popular media platforms as a developer and promote ScrapingBee there.


Apify is a complete, customized and automated web solution.

It is open to everyone and will allow you to automate boring and time-consuming tasks on the web, taking the plus daily load off your shoulders.

It has fast, automatic and easy to use web integration and data scrapping which otherwise turns out to be very costly and unproductive due to manual work and scaling issues.

You perro earn up to 20% recurring commission on each referral through an affiliate backlink.

There is no limit to the amount you cánido earn through affiliate marketing on this platform.

The dashboard allows the usuario to keep track of the work, and the proxy function works well with excellent customer support.

The potential audience perro range from indie developers and mini-startups to large enterprises and help give your revenue a boost.


Zyte is an advanced affiliate marketing API platform to get going with your side hustle.

It provides beginners with 1 month free access to the smart proxy manager so you cánido create unique content, helping you scale your web scraping and allowing you to earn up to 50% commission on sales up to $1000.

The customer support team is active and responds to your queries in a short period of time with a customer-centric approach.

It provides users with automatic data extraction without writing code and emplees machine learning to select the most conveniente IP address for a specific website.

Zyte is results driven, and their proxy server is one of the most used and efficient servers compared to various ranges of API platforms.


Octoparse is one of the growing affiliate API platforms and is among the best tools to earn a passive income.

Here, you perro earn up to 15% commission on each referral when a customer signs up and purchases the plan through your backlink.

Octoparse provides users with unlimited references.

It will provide you with a unique code and backlink when you become an affiliate marketer after taking their affiliate program.

The developer’s job is easy as Octoparse has a cloud platform supported by hundreds of servers that allow users to extract data quickly and it is stored in the same cloud.

In addition to that, it perro be accessed from any machine at its date and time by scheduling the process.


Abstract is another API platform for affiliate programs to earn commission up to $500 per month.

You will access already published affiliate newsletters, HTML code and tracking codes for coupons and free offers by signing up for the affiliate program.

Here, the maintenance and updating of the site is the responsibility of the usuario.

Its web scraping API helps you extract data from any website through millions of available proxies at your disposal.

The price of the program is nominal.

It is fácil and has high transparency to match its counterpart platforms.


Hunter aims to empower professionals with the power to generate and nurture connections with people by searching for correo electrónico addresses from different companies, and the approach is highly usuario-oriented.

The platform gives you the opportunity to earn up to 30% recurring revenue share within the first year of becoming an affiliate partner after taking the program to get started.

Therefore, this is definitely an excellent opportunity for earn some additional funds.

You cánido get paid after 45 days vía PayPal after every successful referral conversion.

Subscription charges are billed monthly or annually based on the usuario’s selection in Hunter.


CoinMarketCap is one of the most referred price tracking companies for crypto assets in the crypto space, and the mission is to provide quality and accurate crypto data on time.

The affiliate program at CoinMarketCap grants the usuario to create and establish a unique affiliate referral backlink.

But for you to have a referral backlink, you need to have 200 diamonds in your account.

Here, you are rewarded with 20 diamonds only when the person you have referred reaches 100 diamonds.

The service is strictly restricted to personal use only unless you agree to commercial use.

To end

The passive income from being an affiliate marketer perro be very beneficial.

It also provides an plus boost to your financial stability and plans for future savings.

Depending on your interest, needs, and time management, you cánido start as an affiliate as a part-time side hustle or even a full-time business.

It is essential to choose the right platform to avoid doubts in the future.

The platforms mentioned above have high usuario reviews and excellent proxy manager APIs, programa and servers to carry out the tasks effectively.

You may also be interested in these other affiliate programs.

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 8 API Affiliate Programs to Join
  8 API Affiliate Programs to Join
  8 API Affiliate Programs to Join

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