7 Ways to Remodel Your Bedroom (Without

7 Ways to Remodel Your Bedroom (Without

You spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping, so shouldn’t you sleep in a room that contributes to sweet dreams? An uninspired or disorganized bedroom cánido make it hard to relax, and it probably won’t help your mood in the morning either.

What if your bedroom is a encuentro point for family time? Maybe you read in bed, snuggle with the kids, or spend quality time with your pets while cooped up in the bedroom.

A dirty or depressing bedroom will not contribute to relaxing meetings.

Fortunately, remodeling a bedroom is one of the more affordable projects (unlike, say, a bathroom or kitchen).

There is no need to install new windows or remove any structural objects; often all it takes is a deep clean and a little surface work.

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The first is the first

Ready to redo your bedroom? First of all, before you start, do a little examination of conscience and keep the following in mind.

What do you need?

What must change for you to be happy? Is the room too dark? Does the noise from the street not let you sleep? Cánido everything be fixed with a fácil rearrangement of the furniture?

What is your style?

What kind of room do you really want: a bright and airy bedroom, or a dark and cozy den to sleep in? Pick a style and stick with it so you don’t go off the rails.

What are your personal limits?

Do you like stark white bedding, but have three black cats that sleep with you every night? Choose bedroom components that fit your lifestyle and habits.

What is it for?

Do you do anything other than sleep in your bedroom? Is it also your office? Your movie theater? If there is no way to keep the bedroom reserved for sleeping only, you have to take into account its other emplees.

Have you thought about your own nature and the type of bedroom you want? Great, let’s get down to business with these easy bedroom remodeling ideas.


Organize and purge

As with most home renovation projects, a good part of the de hoy renovation is simply getting rid of unnecessary things that clutter up your surroundings.

Sure you like to read before going to bed, but do youyou need a whole stack of books on the nightstand? Put unread tomes back on the shelf or donate them to the library (Anyway, now you read everything on your Kindle).

Since the armario is in the bedroom, this is a good time to go through it and get rid of unused clothes, coats, and shoes.

If you have a linen armario that needs to be organized, consider cutting down on excess towels and mismatched sheets.


Make calming walls

Painting a bedroom is probably the fastest and cheapest way to change the overall character.

Choose a color that matches the trim (this is where paint chips come in handy).

Strive to find a color that enhances the exact mood you want in your bedroom: cozy and warm, bright and modern, or bright and eclectic; there are thousands and thousands of colors to choose from.

And remember that if the first color doesn’t work, you cánido always paint over it.


Consider window coverings

You may think it’s the rug that really brings the room together, but window trim is more important in the bedroom.

As bedrooms tend to be smaller and dominated by large furniture, the eye is drawn upwards, past the bed, and that’s where window dressing cánido work its magic.

Shades, blinds and blinds perro be very expensive, so first escoge what kind of coverage you need and then go from there.

White panel curtains are fácil, inexpensive, and match almost any style.

If you need curtains that block out morning light but don’t seem heavy, consider thick cotton or velvet in light colors.


Hang the art you like

The bedroom is an ideal place to display the works of art that orinan the most to you.

Whether it’s paintings or silk rugs, sculptures or children’s drawings, take advantage of the space you have on the wall.

If you prefer a clean, uncluttered look, choose one or two pieces that you like best.

If your taste leans towards the more eclectic, you cánido fill your walls with whatever you want.

Framing artwork cánido be expensive, so look for cheaper art displays for your favorite works.


Choose the right bedding

Hey, this is the bedroom, right? Sleeping is the name of the game, isn’t it? Bedding should be comfortable first, and style second.

Unless you’re the type of person who makes your bed every morning, don’t spend your hard-earned money on expensive bedspreads and decorative pillowcases.

Stick to the basics, stick to fácil colors or basic patterns, and go smooth when necessary.


Turn on good lighting

You perro usually tell a well-designed room by the type of lighting used – it’s always the right amount for the right time of day (or night).

Does your bedroom have too much light? Recessed lamps are fenezca for the living room, but they use a lot of electricity and perro seem harsh in a bedroom.

Consider installing a dimmer switch ($60-$100) to disminuye glare from your overhead light.

On the other hand, it is possible that your bedroom has dim lighting that makes it difficult to see.

In either case, you cánido benefit from a few well-placed lamps that increase visibility without overpowering the senses.

Lamps are a wonderfully inexpensive accessory: check out the IKEA selection before heading to Objetivo or other big box stores.

Try putting a new shade on an old lamp for an instant refresh on your nightstand fixtures.


Find furniture that fits your needs

A new or different piece of furniture should be your last complejo turístico when redoing your bedroom, unless the change is drastically necessary.

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint or varnish perro completely change the character of your dresser or headboard.

Consultation diy web pages for inspiration, but don’t get carried away with the iniciativa of ​​completely overhauling all the furniture you have.

A fácil white table runner cánido hide a multitude of surface damage to dressers.

Sometimes wooden furniture just needs a good polish or a scratch repair.

whatHas he managed to change his bedroom recently? whatDo you have any consejos for readers on how to make a bedroom a better place to sleep??

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 7 Ways to Remodel Your Bedroom (Without
  7 Ways to Remodel Your Bedroom (Without
  7 Ways to Remodel Your Bedroom (Without

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