7 techniques that will lead you to achieve the

7 techniques that will lead you to achieve the

Success and fame is something that we all yearn for, even those people who say “I just want to live in peace.” At a certain point, we want to be successful and that is a fact. But usually we don’t know what to do or what techniques we must know to achieve that great goal.

So our guest today, Daniel Rodríguez, will talk to us about 7 techniques that guarantee you to achieve success and fame.

Let’s start!

Life is not usually easy.

It is like a road full of obstacles and vicissitudes that sometimes force us to make decisions lightly, right and wrong, depending on the time and place but where the goal is always the same, to achieve personal or professional success that satisfies us.

Reaching this end is complicated and does not depend largely on us, but on external factors that we cánido hardly control. Just being aware that not everything is given away and that the effort and work must be constant, we will know how to face the setbacks and recover with strength to continue forward.

To do this, we offer you 7 techniques that you must assimilate and introduce them into your day to day to finish at the top, mainly focused on three pillars: personality, communication and professionalism.

These three elements are very important. in the popular construction of the person, since they are part of the human ecosystem and are still tools that, if strengthened, will improve your popular relationships and help you gain notoriety, which is commonly known as fame.

This fame should not be confused with that of celebrities.

Although it is true that some have earned it based on effort and perseverance, others have been fortunate to inherit this popular credit with the law of least effort.

Here we are going to focus on a popularity that has more to do with efficiency, the ability to do things well and trigger deserved recognition, whether at work, with family or with friends.

Clarified this, we are going to develop each of the pillars to understand in deep its meaning.

what is the personality and how is it cultivated?

Personality is what defines you, a equipo of traits and qualities that mark your way of being and make you someone unique.

Many times we focus on looking like idols and people we admire without stopping to think that we hide particularities that, knowing how to exploit, they perro turn us into someone of value.

You just have to stop to think and review yourself. What do I excel at or am I good at? What cánido I contribute to others and the world?

sure that you have plenty of answers For these questions, you just have to identify your strengths and make the most of them.

communication as foundation to strengthen the relationships

Communication is undoubtedly a very important leg. Introverted and shy people they do not usually succeed in life because they unconsciously limit their communication skills.

What causes this? That prevent themselves from climbing in the popular pyramid and strengthen their affective-communicative ties with the rest of the people.

However, knowing how to express oneself well, synthesizing the primordial ideas to give a reasoned argument and to possess a certain eloquence will help you achieve many purposes in your daily life.

Even in an era such as the digital one, where many of the communication relationships are transferred to the level that popular networks cover, information sharing and conversations is more necessary than ever.

Because? Because we have to adapt the language to totally different canons and equip ourselves with the appropriate tools for effective communication, whether you are a person or a company.

In this sense, there are agencies that are dedicated to carrying out a personalized follow-up in order to highlight the communicative points in those who falter in order to improve them and push entities and companies to the top in this ámbito, as advised in the article on the advantages of communication by the communication agency Seis60.

Therefore, a communication agency cánido be an excellent entrenador that brings you the necessary instruments to enhance these attributes.


The third and last piece that cánido not miss the puzzle of success.

Being a professional is not easy and requires a lot of work, time and passion.

When you do things because you like them, there are no impediments and the results are always satisfactory. We enjoy doing what we love.

The key is to give an attractive approach to everything we do.

In fact, there will be times when we don’t feel like doing something with what we don’t sympathize, but we will have to arm ourselves with patience and equipo ourselves an objective that is optimistic and positive so that carrying out this task is not boring or annoying.

Imagine, for example, what you will get next, or add a plan or proposal later that motivates you to carry out what you dislike.

7 techniques with which you perro go far

Once we have broken down these three characteristics that every person should take into account, we list the seven techniques with which you perro go far.

Some consejos that will try to strengthen these three pillars, which are, after all, the foundations that support everything else.

1. Resilience: ability to solve problems and adapt

We make mistakes and we run into difficulties.

Nevertheless, most of the time we do not have enough courage to face these problems and we choose to run away, avoid or ignore them.

Nothing is worse than that.

Accommodating everything and clinging to the law of least effort are not solutions.

Sometimes dealing with setbacks requires get out of our comfort zone so you should always see a mistake or problem as a sign to improve.

It is often said that you learn from mistakes and it is very true. It will always be engraved in your mind and you will hardly stumble over the same stone if you take note of what it has given you.

This makes see those problems like opportunities, therein lies resilience.

When you take such an optimistic view of this, he’ll learn to take advantage of it.

Don’t stagnate and drag the failures.

As a person, you evolve and so do your successes and failures.

Therefore, it is useless to think about your mistakes for hours if they are not going to affect you later. Focus on what is truly important and draws the full benefit of these experiences.

2. Find out what your passion is and stay motivated

get to the top it will be easier if what you do is enjoyable and fun.

The effort is evident, but that work or endeavor should not turn into suffering.

First, you have to define a series of realistic goals and objectives always short term.

Be sure that you will get it.

Second, do not forget to clearly define what you want in order to be motivated. No person who has achieved success has manifested it was fácil.

As with everything, there are ups and downs and many potholes before reaching the top.

It is a good strategy to believe it and motivate yourself in these cases, something you will achieve by being optimistic.

3. Discard your defects and stay with your virtues

Criticism and self-criticism are processes that perro Help me improve as a person. Both perro be constructive and guide you.

Once you have identified your goals, objetivo your skills to reach them.

Are decisive, are you good at writing, speaking, computing…? Highlight your skills and give them the value they deserve. They may be necessary in your popular life and at work.

You must stop wasting time on what doesn’t come out or you don’t do well and reinforce each of your talents.

In this point, Perseverance is also essential. Never throw in the towel, because the best is always yet to come.

4. Do not forget to communicate with transparency and brevity

We need communication to achieve things on different levels.

It is the sustenance that feeds our relationship with others.

You should keep in mind that problems always appear when there is no communication between the different components.

Transparency, clarity and brevity equipo the estándares for the achievement of the purposes both on a personal and business level.

Powers your skills in this regard It will help you gain specificity, assertiveness and persuasion to effectively communicate the values, objectives or intentions that you intend.

Also, talk about anything, including problems It contributes to improvement and prevents conflicts from festering, making it much more difficult to solve them over time.

Much of the problems in couples, between people or in companies is due to a lack of communication, since we try to hide the problems and we did not come to the fore to apologize and rectify when we make mistakes.

It is a situation very common in companies, which tend to err when it comes to solving a crisis that, due to poor management, ends up diminishing their prestige both on the street and on popular networks.

Following an appropriate communication strategy helps not to make these mistakes and extract the best of each of them.

5. Imagine, control your confidence and put willpower into it

Think positive.

Surely you have read the book entitled The Secret of Rhonda Byrne.

It is a bestseller maintains that the positive things they cánido modify the results, as if it were a law of attraction.

Logically, just thinking positive does not make you have better health or guarantee that you never fall ill but it is a wild card that helps to do things with passion and energy.

If you visualize yourself succeeding or acquiring what you propose, it will help you to move on and do things with sufficient motivation.

Only then will you want it.

Likewise, you should not abandon your confidence in yourself, since it will help you to work better, without forgetting the consejos and comments of all those people who cánido bring another perspective to what you do, because there are many times when we do not realize if we are doing the right thing.

Willpower is a aspecto to take into account.

This is an exercise that not everyone is capable of performing, but it works.

Without willpower we run the risk to abandon our purposes as soon as we run into some difficulty.

You have to know that the success you seek entails obstacles, since there would be no merit in achieving anything easily.

Everyone who has achieved fame in life it is because he has fallen several times and has gotten up again to continue with his dreams.

She has not ceased in her efforts.

6. Surround yourself with valuable and sincere people

Don’t forget yours.

Among your closest supporters there is surely someone with some sage advice or words of encouragement that will help you walk forward.

It’s not easy to find those people.

but they are essential allies. There are some who will know how to bring out your good side.

Therefore, always run away from toxic people who only seek to hurt you and bring out the worst in you.

This supposes an exercise of analysis to be able to value and make a sieve of all those bad influences.

So know yourself and ask yourself how many and what kind of people you want to surround yourself with.

If you align yourself with successful, hard-working and positive people, you will be infected by their personalities.

And it is that attitudes and moods are transmitted.

We are constantly influenced by the opinions of others, which affect our behavior, and we tend to pay more attention those that are negative than those that are positive.

Your goal is to never feel bad about what they may think or say about you, that’s why it’s convenient to look for friends or colleagues who highlight your values.

7. More than being yourself, arm yourself with sincerity

There are studies that ensure that saying “be yourself” it’s bad advice.

We all have in this life feelings, emotions and secrets that, for popular reasons, shame or for not offending people, we tend to hide.

Be one It perro bring problems itself. because it often involves saying what you think.

In this regard, it is convenient to carry out a measurement exercise and, without fooling anyone, express what one feels or what bothers one about others in order to help repair it.

One of the keys to success is be honest in a measured way, without hurting the feelings of those people who surround us and help us so much in this life.

Lies, on the other hand, are always ginned and they end up tarnishing your reputation.

These are the most important consejos that should accompany you in your daily life, whether in the family, at work or with friends. You must work them little by little, since they are not enhanced overnight.

Achieving success and fame means a great effort, but knowing your capabilities and limitations, as well as with the help of these techniques, you will know how to walk the best path for the achievement of your purposes.

Your goal It’s closer than you think!

Author Description: Daniel Rodríguez has a degree in Journalism from the University of Seville and a Master’s in International Relations from the Pablo de Olavide University.

Passionate about reading and always willing to question everything from critical thinking.

He is part of the Seis60 team.

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 7 techniques that will lead you to achieve the
  7 techniques that will lead you to achieve the
  7 techniques that will lead you to achieve the

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