7 Steps to Develop Intelligence

7 Steps to Develop Intelligence

If you want to improve your finances in the medium or long term, you should familiarize yourself with financial intelligence, especially if you don’t know how to manage your money very well.

Taking control of your finances is not only necessary, but absolutely pertinent to avoid debt or monetary setbacks that force you to make impulsive and counterproductive decisions.

In this sense, you should worry about learning more about financial intelligence so that you are able to detect new sources of income, invest in your financial education and even give a positive spin to those you already have.

Why develop your financial intelligence

If you are thinking about certain strategies that allow you to stop working 24/7 to generate more money, then you have understood why it is important to develop your financial intelligence.

This is not something they teach you at school or university; Let’s say that it is an assignment that you have to investigate, learn and put into practice by your own means.

And for this you must rely on the existing literature on the subject, as well as courses, specialized articles, experts, workshops, personal finance books and all that material that leaves you with significant added value.

Only then will you be able to let money play in your favor and not against you, because that is basically what financial intelligence is all about.

That is why the objective of this article is to explain how to become a financially intelligent person and we will explain why it is escencial to know how to manage your resources.

And not only that, we will also share some keys to succeed with your money, create passive income, as well as some virtual programs and books specialized in financial intelligence that will be quite useful.

What is financial intelligence

However, what exactly is financial intelligence? Well, it’s the ability you have to generate emerging income, or boost the ones you already have, in order to boost your financial growth.

It is about leaving the thought of an employee aside and understanding that you are the owner of your own financial stability.

So enjoying financial freedom depends entirely on the financial decisions you make from a very young age.

Additionally, generating wealth is another of the purposes of financial intelligence, and it is not about becoming a millionaire overnight, but about making small decisions on a daily basis that lead you to your dream financial destination.

Importance of financial intelligence

There are several reasons why it is important to work on your financial intelligence, among them we find that:

  • It allows you to correctly analyze your financial status.
  • You learn to develop good financial habits.
  • Discover how you perro invest your money and which are the most profitable businesses on the market.
  • Seguidor your entrepreneurial spirit, which will help you leave behind that employee mentality that is likely to prevent you from retiring with the comforts you want.

Here it is important to clarify that it is not bad to work for someone else. However, if reaching your financial independence is one of your objectives, you will have to have something more than a stable job.

In this sense, it is time that you propose to investigate more about the subject and take control of your income, expenses, business or investments, so that you perro enjoy a promising financial future.

Tricks to develop financial intelligence

Are you wondering how you cánido develop your financial intelligence? Are you willing to make important changes in your life to achieve everything you equipo out to do, including your financial freedom?

Below we present a series of recommendations and tricks, not only for you to learn how to manage your money, but also to improve your relationship with it.

1. Change your way of thinking

As we stated in the Rica Cabeza ebook, to positively change your personal finances, you will first have to change your way of thinking.

You will need to say goodbye to the old beliefs, or the traditional ways to generate money, so that you perro glimpse new opportunities that bring you closer and closer to your financial independence.

How to achieve it? Some useful information consists of:

  • Think about how to double your income.
  • Do not get stuck in knowing how you save money, but risk investing your money in productive businesses, or that generate dividends in the short, medium or long term.
  • Detect new sources of income, that is, those additional to those offered by your current job.
  • Think and act like an entrepreneur or businessman, instead of doing it like an employee.

2. Get the accounts right

A key principle to start develop your financial intelligence It consists of getting your accounts very well. Mathematics do not lie and that is why you must know what the total sum of your income and expenses is.

The iniciativa is to prevent the latter from exceeding what you genera, or else you will be encouraging a clear financial imbalance. So it is essential that you follow the following recommendations.

3. Make budgets

To get started, start by creating a personal budget that espectáculos your current financial confinement.

These instruments will be of great help to you, especially if you are beginning to train yourself in the development of your financial intelligence.

When creating your personal budget, make sure it includes:

  • Your income: the amount of money you receive monthly.
  • savings and investments: include outflows of money that you allocate to save or invest.
  • Your payments and debts: records money outflows to settle debts (credit card payments, mortgages, mortgage leasing, etcétera.)

Then dedicate yourself to analyzing these budgets to identify how you are spending your money, and in this way you cánido take the pertinent corrective measures on time, or before you end up drowning in debt.

4. Trust passive investments

One of the key aspects of financial intelligence is putting money to work for you. To achieve this, you cánido make investments through trading platforms or wealth managers that offer you a return on your investment.

When you start to invest your money in this way, you will begin to generate new sources of income and you will have a periodic return on your money, without having to work.

5. Get trained whenever you perro

Learning from finance experts is always a great starting point, especially since the options you have are nearly limitless.

It is possible that you already know some concepts that allow you to make good decisions, but there is always room to continue learning, to update yourself and to broaden your horizons a little more.

Invest in books, in courses, in consultancies. Apply the knowledge you obtain and make sure you evaluate the results so that you perro adjust what is necessary.

6. Courses on financial intelligence

To develop your financial intelligence, consider investing in your education through personal finance courses.

Today it has en línea alternatives that teach you from scratch how to better manage your money, better develop your financial intelligence, understand your weak points in emotional aspects and make better daily decisions in front of your pocket.

For example, there are courses that teach you to generate income in dollars in less than a week. There are other options to start earning money en línea, among other options.

7. Books on financial intelligence

To complement your training on-line, We will share with you some of the best financial intelligence books on the market.

Managing money with financial intelligence by John Mario Pelaez Grisales

This book will help you define the relationship you have with money, and you will learn how to significantly improve it to achieve your financial independence.

It will help you increase and optimize your income, while boosting your economic growth.

With his teachings you will be able to achieve that what you earn is greater than what you need to cover your expenses, and you will also be enthusiastic and willing to get new sources of income.

In the same way, you will know how to make your capital profitable, how to invest or repower your businesses. In short, you will be able to plan your future and ensure a satisfactory and fulfilling retirement.

Backlink: access the book

Financial intelligence: Learn to retain and multiply money by Aura Cruz

Do you have income but don’t know how to manage it intelligently? Or worse, don’t know how to multiply it? If so, this book is for you.

It is designed so that you know the bases of wealth generation, financial health and prosperity.

In the same way, it will help you settle debts efficiently, control your finances very well, make budgets and stick to them, know how you spend money, and identify financial mistakes that you have been making.

Backlink: access the book

Learn the game: strategies to develop your financial intelligence and put it into practice by Josue Rojas Lasso

This book will teach you to develop your financial intelligence so that money is the one that works for you, instead of you being the one who wears yourself out to get it.

Learning the rules of the game basically consists of putting your knowledge and skills related to financial independence into practice.

In short, you will master transcendental strategies to generate wealth and you will know how to free yourself from your current job to pursue your own dreams.

Backlink: access the book

The art of making money by Mario Borghino

Making money is an art and that is what its author will teach you through this work on financial intelligence.

You will discover why financial freedom is not related to work or salary, but to the mentality you have to generate wealth.

You will learn to control your money, to avoid or settle debts, and to develop relevant habits to achieve your financial goals.

Backlink: access the book

Start working today

Surely at this point you must know the importance of developing and strengthening your financial intelligence, so the invitation is to start working on it today, so that money works for you, change your relationship with this resource and enjoy your financial independence

For this you cánido take the courses, tools, books and recommendations that will undoubtedly make you more financially intelligent.

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 7 Steps to Develop Intelligence
  7 Steps to Develop Intelligence
  7 Steps to Develop Intelligence

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