7 Reasons Why Loving What You Do Doesn’t

7 Reasons Why Loving What You Do Doesn’t

Loving what you do, that so mystical has led us to think that the right thing to do is to follow our passion. until the same Steve Jobs He said it in his famous lecture at Stanford:

“The only way to do great work is to do something you love.

If you haven’t found it yet, don’t stop looking.

Don’t settle.”

The problem is that the advice to follow your passion perro be a dangerous thing, since it may not have anything to do with loving what you do.

So instead of recommending this, we’re sharing these 7 habits you should practice instead of following this advice, which he shared Aaron Orendorff in an article for Mashable.

While it cánido be controversial, just give yourself a few minutes to get to know them before moving on, what do you have to lose anyway?


It’s Not About Passion, It’s About Purpose:

The problem with the passion It’s just focused on you.

While the purpose of your life is about others, about something bigger than you.

This focuses you on serving, loving, caring and helping other people.

Ultimately, passion makes you bigger, but purpose connects you to something bigger than yourself, making you feel better.

And therein lies the power of loving what you do.


Loving what you do is about choosing:

Today it is much more valuable to learn to say no than to always say yes.

When we learn to say it, we will have time to really discover what we want to do and we will not spend our time doing things to look good with others.

Loving what you do is about choosing wisely how to spend our time; so stop, analyze, evaluate, consider your possibilities and once you are clear about what you want, escoge.

And above all those decisions that are related to our “passion”, since if you really want to do it, you will find enough reasons to overcome a “No”.


It’s not about passion, it’s about practice:

The key to loving what you do is not about finding your passion, but about discovering and developing an interest in something in especial.

How is this accomplished? Giving yourself, focusing and giving your all to become the best, which will lead you to dominate the subject.

You will find your path when you stop thinking about your weaknesses and focus, for days, months and years, on improving what interests you.

Unfortunately, the vast majority love shortcuts.

It seduces the iniciativa of ​​being able to achieve more, doing less and faster.

However, there are moments in life where this does not apply, such as choosing your life project and being able to love what you do.


It’s not about passion, it’s about planning:

Passion tends to disconnect us from reality.

This is why we need planning, we need to define measurable, achievable, time-defined and specific objectives.

Planning takes us down from that cloud and confronts us with reality.

Planning for your future should not focus on thinking about all the things that have to go right to achieve it, but consider all the possibilities of what perro go wrong and have a solution for these difficult times.


It is not about passion, but about positioning yourself:

Passion perro only take you so far.

After this, you need to have the skills, tools, resources and knowledge to support yourself and love what you do.

For this you must take risks and be willing to continue growing.

Otherwise you won’t be able to position yourself as an authority, and doing so is key to making sure you’re prepared when business opportunities present themselves.

Recommended books:

What do most people do? They believe that passion is enough and are considered legends in their minds.

However, to love what you do this is not enough.

You need to leverage what you’ve accomplished to move to the next level.

This implies relating to others, understanding how they perceive you, the confidence you generate, among other essential skills that characterize successful people.


It’s not about passion, but about peripheral visión:

Passion makes us myopic.

We focus so much on that desire within us that we lose sight of what is around us.

Objectivity, which is the ability to see the world as it really is, atrophies in the light of passion.

Now, adopting a peripheral visión of things forces us to examine the margins; it increases our point of view and allows us to identify new opportunities that are beyond our interest.

Loving what you do cannot become a valid reason to stop looking for new trends, opportunities, business ideas and offers that are out of our daily context.


Loving what you do is about perseverance:

People often forget the importance of the desire to learn and improve themselves, something essential to achieve anything and is known as perseverance.

And although this sounds strange, perseverance is not only about effort but about facing your egos.

People who are ecstatic with passion are teachers in making the same mistakes under the pretext of “overcoming difficulties”; while the students they assume a much more humble position, learn from their failures, and continue on their way.

Ultimately, passion is not a bad thing as long as it is analyzed in the right way.

Or put another way:

Passion is the result of excellence, not the source of it.
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Beyond being a magic elabora, passion cánido blind us, make us take wrong paths and even confront ourselves; and this is why the advice to “follow your passion” is so dangerous.

These habits espectáculo that loving what you do goes beyond following your passion, and that if we really want to use that flame that Steve Jobs talked about so much to drive us, instead of burning ourselves, we must review our daily decisions.

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 7 Reasons Why Loving What You Do Doesn't
  7 Reasons Why Loving What You Do Doesn't
  7 Reasons Why Loving What You Do Doesn't

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