7 Pages To Earn Money Watching Ads

7 Pages To Earn Money Watching Ads

Many people today are interested in knowing how to earn money watching internet ads from homesince some people tend to spend a lot of time at home with nothing to do because they are not working.

Advantages of earning money by watching advertisements:

  • Available to everyone
  • You perro work from your computer, mobile or tablet
  • anyone cánido do it
  • You only need an internet connection
  • You cánido work from anywhere, office or home
  • Most of the websites have a referral system, with this you cánido increase your income by recommending them to your friends.

Disadvantages of earning money by watching advertising:

  • low earnings
  • Demand for a long time
  • You will not get rich with this income model
  • The amount of ad depends on the page and your country
  • Many are scams so you will have to be very careful.

This is what you really should know before starting, the good and the bad of this how to earn money by watching ads on the internetThere are also other very interesting details.

Where does the money these companies pay you come from?

It’s very fácil, it’s the same as advertising on Fb or other platforms, companies pay these websites to promote their products or services, that’s how it works how to earn money by viewing advertising on the internet.

If you already know the YouTube monetization modelthen you are already familiar with the subject, here it is the same, these companies worry that registered people see the advertising in exchange for a percentage of the profits.

How do these paid ad pages work?

The process is very fácil, you only have to register in one of them, although it is always advisable to work several if you have enough time to dedicate it, so you perro make money watching ads in different ways.

Once registered You only go to the ads part, most of the pages or almost all of them give you a limited number of ads per day, with a display time of 5 to 60 seconds, if it is just visiting a website, here you will earn money for watching vídeos Also, if the ad is a vídeo, it perro be up to 3 minutes long, of course, the longer the time, the more money we will receive.

Another way is also receiving correos electrónicoswhere we will only have to check our inbox, see the paid advertising correos electrónicos and visit these backlinks to earn those small commissions.

The question is how much perro I earn by watching ads?

The reality is that we are not going to make a lot of money watching ads since the profits are not very high, but those profits will help us to cover certain minor expenses or buy something en línea.

Many of these pages that pay to see ads pay between $0.001 to $0.10 dollars, since many of them have paid membershipsso if you acquire a membership your earnings will be higher.

7 reliable pages to earn money by watching advertisements on the internet

On the internet there are hundreds of pages that pay you to see ads and vídeosbut in this list we are only going to mention the most prominent, reliable and long-time paying members.

Some of them are pages that I myself have tested, charged and made vídeos and uploaded to my YouTube channel.


This was one of the first pages I worked on, from this page I have received payments two payments only because I worked on it a bit to confirm that it paid, it is available to everyone and has been running since the year 2208 and currently it is still one of the best options to earn money by viewing advertising on the internet.

This page is available in Spanish and has several ways to earn money on it:

Viewing Ads: In this option we will have ads available with which we will earn money, once selected you must clic on the red dot, this is to verify that you are a real person and not a robot, the ad opens in a new window with a equipo time display.

Small Jobs: These are small tasks, easy to perform such as registration on websites.

Surveys: As the name suggests, these are paid surveys.

Games: Here you must meet certain requirements, for example play 2 minutes to be rewarded.

Offers: You will also see here tasks to perform.

It also has a referral system with which you perro increase your earnings if you recommend them to your friends and acquaintances, in this neobux article you perro learn more about this platform.


Beruby is a platform that is widely viewed due to the theme of cash backIn addition to that, it has a section to earn money without having to buy something.

is available for Spain and Latin America.

It has the following stocks to make money:

  • Visit web pages
  • Register on some websites
  • Watch vídeos

It also has a 2-level referral system, you perro request your withdrawal from €1 for users of Spain and €10 for users who live outside of Spain, another important fact is that you pay through PayPal.

In this article you perro learn more about Beruby.

Gift Hunter Club

One of the most used by many users to make money watching ads Although it should be noted that this option is no longer available but it has other ways to generate income, it is in Spanish and you perro use it both on your computer and on your cell phone because it has an application for Android.

So what are those other actions to earn money, well… you perro watch vídeos, do mini tasks, fill out surveys, listen to the radio, download aplicaciones and you perro also invite your friends thanks to the referral system it has.

I leave you an article so you know more about Gift Hunter Clubsuch as how much you pay, minimum collection and payment methods.

Scarlet Clicks

A highly recommended website for make money watching ads, playing, vídeo and doing tasks, this page is in English but it is easy to use.

This is one of the Pages that pay the most per clic.

The ways to earn money that Scarlet Clicks has are:

  • View Ads
  • Scarlet Grid
  • PTC Wall
  • Doing Small Tasks
  • Referral System

If you are interested in using this website to get money from your home, learn more about this company, such as how much it pays, minimum withdrawal and everything else in this Scarlet Clicks Article.

With your permission

If you want a secure and reliable web, it meets all the requirements, it has been working since 1999, it is in Spanish and it is available for México, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Great Britain and Chile.

Perro make money with your permission in the following ways:

Reading Dirección de correo electrónico: You cánido earn from $0.05 per correo electrónico received and confirmed reading and up to $0.03 for your confirmed referrals.

Filling out Surveys: You earn from 1 point for each survey carried out.

Registering in Pages: You get from 0.1 points per registration in the campaigns.

Downloading Aplicaciones: Get from 0.2 points for downloading aplicaciones.

Referral System: You earn from 1 to 10 points for referrals.


CoinPayU is another page to earn money with advertising, unlike the previous websites, in CoinPayU you will earn Bitcoins by watching adsrather satoshi, once registered on this platform you perro start viewing ads, the maximum amount of 40 to 50 ads per day.

If you want to know more about this page to earn money by watching ads, your payment minimum, payment method and everything else, you just have to go to this CoinPayU article.


This time we will talk about a PTC, here we are going to make money watching ads, also doing small tasks and mini jobs, the good thing about this platform is that the minimum payment is just $1 dollar.

Learn more about this platform in this article by EkoClix.

Recommendations to start earning money by watching ads

Keep in mind that although for make money watching ads be an easy way to get plus income en línea, you must know and have certain things that I espectáculo you below, this is my recommendation:

1 – create an account correo electrónico just to register on these pages.

2 – Create one or more accounts in payment gateways such as PayPal, Payoneer and you must also have a bitcoin wallet like coinbasein order to receive your payments.

3 – Register on several pages so you cánido have more income.

4 – Invite your friends and acquaintances, if you have a YouTube channel you cánido upload a vídeo talking about the page and leaving your referral backlink to get more people to register with your affiliate backlink.

5 – Keep in mind that on some of these pages if you are not an active usuario (3 months without activity) you perro close your account.


Many people don’t know how to earn money with ads or advertising simply because I did not know that this could be done, although it sounds hard for us to believe that we live from the internet but it is so, there are people who do not know that there are many pages to earn money by clicking.

many of these pages that pay per clicsee ads, see vídeos, see images, by visits, by seeing correo electrónico, and of course, there are also surveys and tasks, I advise you that you have a lot of free time to make the most of it to take advantage of these pages that pay.

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 7 Pages To Earn Money Watching Ads
  7 Pages To Earn Money Watching Ads
  7 Pages To Earn Money Watching Ads

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