7 millionaires who earned their money thanks

7 millionaires who earned their money thanks

The list of the main millonars with Bitcoin has not stopped growing in recent years, and in fact, it already has extremely eccentric and interesting personalities.

This cryptocurrency, which also works as an innovative decentralized payment system, was officially launched on the market in 2009, and since then, it has dramatically increased the wealth of many entrepreneurs and businessmen.

At the moment, its price is $66,056 US dollars. In other words, it has reached its historical maximum in more than 12 years, which has expanded the fortunes of many investors.

Millionaires who earned their money thanks to Bitcoin:

Know the story of a few thousandloners with Bitcoin is really inspiring and interesting. Especially for those who are thinking of investing in this cryptocurrency soon.

However, it must be clarified that this type of investment carries a risk, and that before taking the big step it is necessary that you know and understand how the market works.

In addition, it is important that you understand that millionaires who have amassed great fortunes after invest in bitcoin They have not acted impulsively, but with a lot of strategy.

These are the main mymillionaires with bitcoin that have emerged in the last decade and whose success stories are worth knowing:

1. The Winklevoss Brothers

If you are familiar with the history of Fb you most likely know the Winklevoss brothers.

Tyler and Cameron became worldwide habitual after the legal dispute they had with Mark Zuckerberg (regarding the ownership of said popular network).

After reaching an agreement they obtained $65 million dollars, and literally went from losing Fbto generate billions of dollars with their investments in Bitcoin.

In 2012 they invested $10 million dollars in this cryptocurrency; which curiously back then only cost $8 per unit.

However, little by little this cryptographic asset began to experience a rise and that is how these twins became one of the first millionaires.s with Bitcoinn in the whole world.

According to Forbeseach have a net worth of $4.3 billion and are both part of his most recent “crypto billionaires” list.

2.Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem is one of the main defenders of this cryptocurrency and also another of the biggest millionaires con bitcoh.

It’s a young entrepreneur and a renowned American businessman who currently has $50 million to his credit thanks to Bitcoin.

His story is very peculiar because he got involved in the world of cryptocurrencies when he was barely 22 years old (being a university student).

He was already familiar with Bitcoin at the time, but was deeply frustrated by the length of time it took to buy or sell the cryptocurrency on so-called “exchanges”.

So that was his main reason for founding BitInstant; a fácil platform to carry out this type of operations more quickly in exchange for the payment of commissions.

In 2012 this platform was bought by a group of investors, led by Winklevoss Capital Management, for a total of $1.5 million dollars.

3.Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert could not be missing from this list of millionaires con bitcoin, taking into consideration that he has amassed a fortune of $1.9 billion dollars, according to current figures from Forbes.

He currently serves as co-founder and director ejecutivo of Digital Currency Group; one of the most prestigious and recognized companies in the cryptoactive industry.

His passion for investing in Bitcoin has driven him to participate in all this revolution caused by digital currencies, as well as to optimize the global financial system.

At the moment it is one of the millionaire minds brightest in the world, since it has made investments in more than 70 companies linked to the crypto ecosystem.

Silbert is known as one of the great millionAryans with Biself-made tcoin (self made), and it should also be noted that it has an exchange-traded fund (ETF), capable of monitoring the price of Bitcoin.

4. Roger See

Roger Ver, better known as “Bitcoin Jesus”he met this cryptocurrency through a successful podcastspecifically in the year 2011.

He is one of the first investors in Bitcoin, and after extensively researching this type of asset, he did not hesitate to invest in startups linked to this cryptocurrency.

Also, your company MemoryDealers.com, was one of the first to accept payments in this crypto asset.

This year his net worth is valued at $520 million, while much of his time is spent “evangelizing” about Bitcoin, under the moniker of “Bitcoin Jesus”.

Additionally, he is one of the most active promoters of Bitcoin Cash; a cryptocurrency created in 2017 after a fork with Bitcoin that seeks to combat the high fees associated with these transactions.

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5. Bitcoin Millionaires: Erik Finman

Erik Finman’s story is amazing because it espectáculos us that we cánido take control of our finances from an early age.

He did it when he was only 12 years old, after his grandmother gave him $1,000. This happened in 2011, that is, 24 months after the launch of Bitcoin.

He was just a teenager when he decided that this cryptocurrency was ideal for building a large wealth.

In his opinion, Bitcoin represents “the greatest transfer of wealth” of its generation. And it certainly helped him become a millionaire.

Today he is 22 years old, works with NASA and holds the title of “youngest Bitcoin millionaire”.

And the fortune of this young entrepreneur is valued at $5 million dollars, according to the site Wealthy Persons.

6.Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy Gardner is 25 years old and is another of the millionaires with Biyoungest tcoin on the planet.

Like Barry Silbert, he is a self-made millionaire, and for several years he has been investing in tokens that eventually increase in value, and therefore, his wealth.

After becoming a big seguidor and supporter of Bitcoin, he dropped out of college and started working part-time at a well-known venture capital firm: Blockchain Capital.

He stated to Business Insider that he does not receive a salary for it, since his income derives entirely from his investments in this cryptocurrency.

In 2014 he founded Blockchain Education Network; a network of cryptocurrency clubs operating at universities around the world.

He also enjoys traveling to “evangelize” about blockchain technology and crypto assets.

7.Kingsley Advani

Kingsley sold some possessions, emptied his savings account, and invested $34,000 in Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

Fortunately, this became the master move that allowed him to build a seven-figure estate in just seven months.

His beginnings as an investor were modest, since he could only invest a part of his salary in cryptocurrencies.

He used to work at a programa firm, but at the end of last year he quit and became an “angel investor” in companies like Qlink, Deepbrain, IOT Chain either Zilliqa.

In the same way, he travels the world advising important startups of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

At the moment he is 24 years old, and since his fortune is $5 million dollars, he is also another of the great millionaires with bitcoinno.

Bitcoin Millionaires and Their Success Stories:

The success stories of these seven millionairess with Bitcoin espectáculo us that it is never too late to make decisions that cánido change our lives.

reach your Financial Independence It depends entirely on you and the decisions you make regarding your money, savings and investments.

Therefore, we invite you to take control of your finances and make the changes you consider pertinent to significantly improve your quality of life.

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 7 millionaires who earned their money thanks
  7 millionaires who earned their money thanks
  7 millionaires who earned their money thanks

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