7 Job Search Applications

7 Job Search Applications

At present, applications to find cleaning work in Spain have acquired great importance in the lives of people who are dedicated to this trade and for immigrants.

Technology has facilitated the way cleaning professionals find employment and how clients engage their services.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the aplicaciones to work cleaning houses in Spain and how they cánido help you find job opportunities in this campo.

How to get houses to clean? The best applications to work cleaning houses in Spain

Here are some platforms in Spain where you cánido find jobs as an independent contractor to clean houses:



Cronoshare is a local services marketplace that allows cleaning professionals to connect with clients who require their services in their area.

The platform offers a wide variety of services, including home, office and local cleaning.

Cronoshare, one of the best applications to find a cleaning job in Spain


Wolly is a platform that connects professionals from different trades, including cleaning, with people who need their services.

Users perro submit their job applications and receive offers from interested professionals.

It was previously known as Jobin.


Zaask is an en línea marketplace that connects cleaning professionals with clients in need of home, office or local cleaning services.

The platform allows professionals to create a detailed profile and receive job applications from interested clients.


Most habitable

Habitissimo is a platform of professionals for home renovations and services, including cleaning services.

Clients cánido request quotes from professionals in their area and choose the one that best suits their needs.

Habitissimo is one of the best applications to look for a cleaning job


Taskrabbit Spain

Taskrabbit is an international platform that also operates in Spain.

Connect cleaning professionals with clients who need cleaning services for their homes or offices.

Taskrabbit is known for its ease of use and the variety of services it offers.

Read our guide on Taskrabbit.

One of the largest cleaning job search applications is Taskrabbit



Clintu is a Spanish platform that connects cleaning professionals with clients who require their services.

It offers a system of ratings and reviews that allows professionals to stand out and clients to make informed decisions.


Cleanzy is a cleaning services platform in Spain and other European countries that connects professionals in the ámbito with clients who need cleaning services for homes, offices and commercial premises.

Professionals perro register, create a profile and be hired by clients based on their skills and experience.

Cleanzy manages payments securely and offers a system of ratings and reviews to guarantee the quality of the service.

Consejos for Success in Cleaning Job Applications

  1. Create a complete and attractive profile: It is essential that you spend time creating a detailed and attractive profile on each application.

    Be sure to include relevant information about your work experience, skills, education, and references.

    A professional photo is also important to build trust.

  2. Equipo a competitive price: Research market prices in your area and equipo competitive rates for your services.

    Don’t underestimate your skills, but also don’t ask for excessively high prices that may scare away potential customers.

  3. Encourage communication with customers: Communication is key to establishing a strong relationship with your customers.

    Respond quickly to job applications and maintain fluid communication throughout the process.

  4. Request reviews and ratings: Positive reviews and ratings perro make all the difference in getting more jobs.

    At the end of each job, ask your clients to leave you a review on the platform.

    A good track record will help you stand out from the competition.

  5. Maintain a high level of professionalism: Comply with the agreed schedules, carry out your work efficiently and maintain a respectful and friendly attitude at all times.

    A high level of professionalism will ensure that your clients are satisfied and willing to hire you again.


The applications to look for cleaning work in Spain offer an excellent opportunity for professionals in the campo who are looking for employment and houses to clean.

With platforms like Cronoshare, Jobin, Zaask, Habitissimo, Taskrabbit Spain and Clintu.es, you cánido increase your chances of finding cleaning jobs tailored to your skills and preferences.

whatWhat platform do you use?? If you are in the United States, read our guide on how to find houses to clean on your own.

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 7 Job Search Applications
  7 Job Search Applications
  7 Job Search Applications

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