7 Habits that led Carlos Slim to win

7 Habits that led Carlos Slim to win

Carlos Slim is one of the richest men on the planet.

At the time of writing this article, his fortune was estimated at around 57 billion dollars, occupying one of the first places on the Forbes list.

However, the story of Carlos Slim was not always easy, since he had to face difficulties and failures like anyone else.

In fact, his father died when he was only 13 years old, which led him to work hard from a very young age to save money and complete his school.

Regardless of your investment decisions, Carlos Slimwho has become the richest man on the planet for five years in a row, has made tough decisions, picked up certain habits, and been through quite a bit of hardship to get to where he is today.

Learn here the 7 habits that led Carlos Slim to earn more than 50 billion dollars, shared by the media lifehackif you learn and apply these habits to your life, you cánido become very rich one day:

1. Intuition:

Carlos Slim has the ability to know when to entrar or exit a business.

It is no coincidence that he became a millionaire after the economic crisis of 1982, when he bought investments at low prices that later acquired incredible value.

His confidence in his country continued as other Mexican investors rushed to expatriate their capital.

As the economy recovered, Slim’s fortune grew and his acquisitions accelerated.

Again in 2008, Slim shocked the world with his purchase of a 6.4% stake in the New York Times.

Without a doubt, Slim knows how to invest in the depósito market and believes in it to build his wealth.


Quick learner:

Slim’s father, Julian Slim, taught his sons how to manage their finances.

He encouraged them to keep track of all their income and expenses from a very early age.

Carlos Slim learned quickly and at the age of 12 bought his first shares in Banco de México.

He also learned very early in life that he needed to teach his own children exactly what his father passed on to him.

His three sons have taken over the primordial components of his financial group, the Carso Group.

3. Saving:

If you cánido’t save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you: Clement Stone
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Carlos Slim and his family lived humbly in the early stages of his career.

Instead of buying fast cars, gigantic houses or unnecessary luxuries, Slim saved money and then reinvested his profits from his business to expand and make more acquisitions.


Cherish family:

Slim’s financial group, Carso Groupis composed of the combination of the first letters of his name and those of his late wife, Carlos and Soumaya.

He loves his family, recognizes it and spends time with it.

It is said that her family still has dinner together every Monday night.



When Slim’s company bought Teléfonos de México (Telmex) with French and American partners, momentous decisions were made:

  • Build a customer list for cell phone service in México’s struggling economy.
  • He sold phones with a month of service prepaid, instead of sending the customer a monthly bill.
  • It allowed them to buy prepaid phone cards using their minutes as needed, an iniciativa that has now been embraced by many nations around the world.

As a result, the prepaid program filled a huge need and clientele increased 66% each year for the next fifteen years.

His company is currently the largest wireless service provider in Latin America.

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So far Carlos Slim has invested money in real estate, a construction equipment company, mining, retail stores and telecommunications, which over time have made him very rich and famous.

This emphasizes the fact that you should not bet your entire game on one basket.



Slim has contributed to a large number of charitable foundations.

She actually has her own foundation, which focuses on developing human capital in México through education and training programs.

They have also made efforts to improve health, nutrition, disaster relief, and awarded college scholarships to hundreds of thousands of students.

In short, these habits added to the experience, to surround himself with intelligent people, take risks and think differently led him to build his wealth.

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 7 Habits that led Carlos Slim to win
  7 Habits that led Carlos Slim to win
  7 Habits that led Carlos Slim to win

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