7 Delicious Emplees for Doggie Leftovers

7 Delicious Emplees for Doggie Leftovers

If you live in a country where hot dogs are commonly consumed, you may have a problem with excess hot dogs left over from summer barbecues.

Luckily, there are many other emplees for hot dogs besides the usual hot dog in a bun.


Spaghetti with hot dog

my boyfriend loves them spaghetti with sausage and he thinks he invented them.

Unfortunately, the Internet was ahead of him.

This meal is quick, easy, and delicious, if a little weird.

Simply chop raw sausages, skewer 6 to 8 spaghetti noodles on them, and boil for six minutes or until pasta is al dente.

Drain and mix with butter.

Cover with Parmesan.

My boyfriend also adds ketchup and hot sauce.

Its your choice.


Hot Dog Casserole

The southern form (and more obvious) way to use any leftover food is to make a stew.

Hot dog casserole is basically mac and cheese and hot dogs, which is something I eat once in a while anyway.

Although this especial recipe It is not very nutritious, it is delicious.

Unfortunately, a search for “healthy hot dog casserole” returned little to no real results.

3.Sloppy Dawgs

Afín to chopped dogs, which are chopped hot dogs cooked in chili sauce, sloppy dawgs They are sliced ​​hot dogs with sloppy joe seasonings.

In a skillet, cook the chopped hot dogs until golden brown, then add the onion and red pepper with the tomato paste.

Separately mix red wine vinegar, brown sugar, tomato sauce, and Worcestershire sauce and add to skillet.

Cook until thick and then add to a toasted bun.


Chicago Dog Salad

Chicago hot dogs are some of the best in the world.

The combination of spicy and sweet in a poppy seed bun is second to none.

Unless you turn this delicious treat into a salad.

Using ingredients from regular Chicago dogs without the bun, this salad is a much healthier alternative to almost every recipe on this list.

Take a look at the recipe here and have a bite!


Hot Dog Hash

I have seen several colleagues eat a hot dog in the morning.

A hot dog, in a bun, slathered in ketchup.

I have no iniciativa what compels someone to eat a hot dog so early, but if you’re going to, add at least one egg.

This Michael Symon hot dog hash recipe emplees fresh potatoes, onions, eggs and seasonings to create a delicious breakfast (or dinner).


Pigs in a blanket

When I was younger, the food I always ordered on my birthday was this: hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls, with macaroni and cheese, and baked beans.

Every year I asked for this delicious combination of everything insane, and every year my mother agreed.

Pigs in a blanket is one of the easiest hot dog recipes out there.

Take a perro of crescent rolls, cut the hot dogs in half, add sliced ​​American cheese and wrap them in the crescent rolls.

Bake according to package directions, but add an additional 5-10 minutes to ensure the rolls are fully baked.

Serve them with macaroni and cheese and baked beans and treat me home.


Corn crackers

Yes, you read it right.

It’s like Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson came up with the ultimate food.

For these creative corn dog waffles, you’ll need a waffle iron, waffle tools, and of course, hot dogs.

You perro even put them on a stick, which may be the best.

They are perfect for a summer party or for your next Parks and Rec themed party (that I celebrated in June).

What emplees do you give leftover hot dogs? Share it with us.

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 7 Delicious Emplees for Doggie Leftovers
  7 Delicious Emplees for Doggie Leftovers
  7 Delicious Emplees for Doggie Leftovers

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