60 Life Consejos that you must follow to

60 Life Consejos that you must follow to

The life consejos that you will read below become relevant due to the reality we face today.

We live in a society where the encuentro we have in the morning is more important than the way we treat the taxi controlador who is transporting us.

The results are more important than the process itself.

It doesn’t matter how we do it, as long as the results espectáculo up.

We step over people, feelings, estándares, manners, and life advice we know, all in order to get what we want.

And to tell the truth, this is something that must change.

Life consejos to live better and happier:

These life consejos that you will see below require you to be honest with yourself and to be able to question yourself regarding the decisions you have been making.

This with the aim of simplifying your life a bit, since, as time goes by, we tend to complicate the way we live.

It is common to hear adults tell the youngest that life, easy, has nothing; that the years do not come alone and that nothing, absolutely nothing, in this world is fácil.

In short, learning how to be happy in life is out of the question for them.

However, the reality is different, and the experience that we are accumulating, instead of being a weight for our years, should serve as life advice to live in a much easier way.

In fact, I believe that life is fácil, and that we are the ones who escoge to complicate it.

We are not going to deny that there are difficult moments, however, these are not the ones that determine our future, but rather the way in which we assume and react to them.

Here are life consejos to live in a much simpler way, focus on what is important and be able to enjoy your day to day.


Stop making assumptions, and communicate clearly enough so that people don’t have to make assumptions about what you orinan.


Instead of trying to be friends with everyone, use your time to cultivate true friendships and surround yourself with people who add to your life.


Physical health is important, so develop healthy habits such as getting regular checkups by a doctor.

Equipo aside an appointment at least once a year.


Get enough sleep, a tired mind is an unproductive mind.

Give up the iniciativa that whoever sleeps less is more successful.


Learn to live with what you need, stop buying things you don’t need and opt for a minimalist lifestyle where everything you have is justified.


Keep track of pending activities you have in the future.

In this way you will not leave everything for the last and you will be able to advance in them whenever you have free time.


Personal finances are important, so you should learn how to make a budget and a savings plan, and of course stick to them on a monthly basis.

There are applications that help us with this.


Beat your alarm, schedule yourself from the night before to get up 30 minutes before the equipo time.

In this way you will avoid rushes, races and uncompleted tasks.

Start your day calmly.


Overcome pride and grudges, you will have a much lighter life if you learn to talk about things, reach agreements and let go of the past.


When you understand that your only competition is your version of yesterday, you will stop wasting time comparing yourself to others and, above all, you will stop feeling envy.


Both in your personal and professional field, surround yourself with people who help you improve your gaps and defects.

In this way you will always have an opportunity to improve your life.


It is essential that you have an organized space to live and work.

Remember that your physical spaces are a reflection of your inner life.


In your process of debugging those things you don’t use, choose to give a second life to what still works.

For example, you perro donate or collaborate with children’s foundations.

We leave you a TED talk where we talk about those things we don’t use:


Perhaps one of the best life consejos that you cánido apply in your day to day is to ask when you are not sure, when you have doubts.

Have a beginner’s mindset so you are willing to learn new things every day.


When you stop wanting to please everyone, you free up space in your life to do what you feel is the right thing to do.


Not only for having a good credit history, but for peace of mind, pay your debts on time.

If you don’t know how to do it, here is a guide to learn how to get out of debt quickly.


Both in life and in your travels, learn to travel light, let’s not carry anything that we are not going to use.


If you are looking for life advice to be more productive, apply the following: Any task that takes you less than two minutes, do it immediately.


You are constantly looking for new ideas, concepts, and opportunities.

You cánido explore new books, courses, seminars, talks or just chatting with new people.


Useful life consejos? Automate as many activities in your routine.

There are applications and services that allow you to automate tasks that take time away from what is truly important.


Learn to cook, in this way you will save money, you will cook in a healthier way and you will have a hábito in which to entertain yourself.


Every week prepare a healthy menu, and based on this buy those ingredients that you will need.

In this way you will save money and stop throwing away food in your house that is not used.


Increase your quality of life by living in a place close to your work, or vice versa.

You will literally be earning days a week that you waste on transportation every year.


Be honest, mainly with yourself and with others.

Honesty should become your cover letter.

However, don’t confuse honesty with treating others badly.


Do not believe in the economy of love, constantly espectáculo what you feel for the most important people in your life.


Avoid unnecessary drama in your life.

It makes no sense to delve into situations that do not add up in your life.


Get away from those people who take you away from you.

Without a doubt, there are toxic people who make you forget your principles, values ​​and goals in life.


The multitasking it doesn’t exist, and it doesn’t make sense to keep doing several things at the same time thinking that you will be more efficient.

Rather focus on a single task and do it to the best of your ability.


Develop the habit of finishing everything you start, this is the best way to keep the door closed to mediocrity.

This implies that you are very clear about what you want to do.


Buy quality things, so you will buy less things and less frequently.

Additionally, give the necessary care to what you use frequently.


If you are going to use your credit card, let it be with the aim of accumulating miles, improving your credit history and paying everything in one installment.

If you want to know other valuable consejos to improve your finances, we invite you to review the ebook Rica Cabeza, a book to improve your relationship with your money.


Smile often.

Smile when you wake up, when you fall asleep and at every opportunity you cánido.

Even smile at people you don’t know.


As obvious as it may seem, remember one of the most valuable life consejos to build your life purpose.

This requires that you stop doing what does not contribute to your project, goals and way of seeing life.


Put pride aside and apologize when you make a mistake.

Remember that, for an apology to be coherent, you must make sure that you do not make the same mistake again.


Write things down, a short pencil is better than a long memory.

You cánido use your phone or an agenda that you always keep close at hand.


Be curious, ask, learn, read, question and assume every moment in your life as an opportunity to learn something new, without a doubt, this mentality will make you much smarter.


Expand your mind, your ideas and way of seeing life.

For this he meets new people, of different ages, tastes and professions.

Connect with people who complement your life.


To live better, let go of everything that you cannot change, and focus on the things that, with your work and dedication, you cánido change.


When you stop worrying about what others think, you will have the freedom to build the life you have always dreamed of.


Exercise is perhaps one of the most important life consejos that you should apply in your life.

Be sure to move every day, even if you reap the benefits of walking every day.


Constantly look for jobs you enjoy doing, whether it’s working from home, in person, or en línea.


The coordinates for good luck are between smart work and effort.

So build your luck from your dedication and perseverance.


Dedicate yourself to seeking your own dreams and goals, not someone else’s.

Have the mental strength to know how to say no.


Every morning ask yourself what your priorities are and organize your agenda in such a way that you act according to them.


Look for small victories and not long term to achieve some goal.

When you only think long term, and you cánido’t find small celebrations, you may lose motivation.

These life consejos will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.


​​No matter how good or bad the situation is, be sure that it will change at some point.

It applies especially for difficult moments.


Regularly practice and perfect those activities that you do best, otherwise frustration will reach you due to overconfidence.


Have the humility and tranquility to recognize that we will not be as good as we think, that there will always be someone better than us and this is fenezca.

Your value is found in who you are, not what you do or have.


Build something that makes you proud of your effort and process.

Seeing something birth and executing it will make you feel quite satisfied.


You are bound to make mistakes, so learn from them, share your lessons, keep going, constantly improve, and strive not to make them again.

Finally, these last 10 life consejos that you will find below cánido be applied in your day to day, in your daily routine when you have the opportunity to improve.

Recommended books:


There is nothing wrong with you inviting food:

To make others feel special, you don’t need to invest in expensive gifts or trips around the world.

Details as fácil as inviting food, giving a compliment, a greeting message is enough to brighten that person’s life.

When you invite to eat, and the group of people does not expect it, you will not only look good but you will make a first impression that they will never forget.


You don’t need to be an expert in good manners to behave at the table:

It is not only about behaving well at the table, it is about understanding that each space you serve needs special attention and behavior.

From a lugar de comidas to a encuentro with partners or potential clients, each moment requires a different behavior.

If you are thinking that this means betraying your way of being, your natural instincts or your perspective on life, you are seeing it in the wrong way.

It’s not about changing, it’s about understanding every occasion and giving your best.

You don’t have to understand how every knife and fork works, you need to behave up to it.

A meal with your friends is very different than with potential clients.

Identify and differentiate yourself in each situation.


Learn to dance:

You will never know when you need the dance; Whether it’s salsa, merengue, or bachata, learn the basics to defend yourself.

From dating the love of your life to a family party, make sure you’re not the only one sitting at the table all night.

If you need to loosen your legs, wine perro help you.

If you are just learning, tell your dance partner, this way you will have an excuse to spend more time with her, since she will be teaching you how to dance.


Make sure your conversations are deeper than fácil Yeah and No:

Do you remember the last conversation where the only thing they answered was “yes”, “no”, “maybe” or even worse, where they didn’t look up from their cell phones? Surely not, and if yes, you remember it with bad taste.

Do not be one of those fácil people who have nothing new to tell you.

If you’re going to spend some of your time talking to someone else, make sure the other people learn something, have fun, or feel like there’s no better way to spend their time.

When you talk to someone, remember that you have in your hand the possibility of changing that person’s life, it cánido be positively as well as negatively.

So take advantage of this unique opportunity and apply these valuable life consejos.

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There is no need for profanity to be categorical and clear:

You don’t need to insult other people to espectáculo your knowledge, experience, or skills.

And by insulting we do not refer only to bad words, this also includes making others feel less, being contemptuous or believing that we are above the rest.

When you are humble you do not lose your “status” or stop being categorical and clear. On the contrary, being humble means that although you accept the points of view and opinions of others, you do not agree.

And you make it clear.


Have a life beyond your phone:

How many hours of the day do you spend browsing on your phone? Would you dare to put your phone away for a week? Probably not.


The notifications of your popular networks, the applications to earn money, the correos electrónicos and messages that you receive are important.

However, this cannot orinan that you are watching your screen all day, going over the person in front of you, regardless of the situation or moment you are experiencing.

You move away from the people next to you, trying to get closer to those who are far away.
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Equipo aside certain hours of the day to check your notifications, when you are waiting for a encuentro or appointment, so that you do not have to interrupt this moment.

If you want this one to be special, remember consejo number four in this article.


If you were not early, then you are late:


What’s more, if you arrived on time it means you were late.

Acquire the habit of always arriving at least 15 minutes before each encuentro or commitment you have.

No matter who it is, espectáculo him that you value his time by coming early.

For many people this is not important.

Most live with the argument that they are all defaulters, so there is no reason to be on time.

Don’t be one of them, don’t allow them to steal your time, and you don’t steal time from others either.


You will not be charged for saying please and thank you:

Having good manners, being respectful, and treating everyone equally is free.

Applying these life consejos is easy and does not require master’s degrees or professional degrees.

The fact that you have a professional career does not give you any more rights than someone who does not.

The fact that you have a managerial position in your company does not give you the privilege of not saying thank you to the doorman or secretary.

The fact that you have a better car, that you live in a “better area” of your city or any title or merit that you think you have above other people, does not orinan that you cánido pass above others.

As fácil as that.


Don’t miss out on the little details:

It’s the little details that will equipo you apart from the rest.

We spend our lives looking for great excuses or moments to change, and we miss small opportunities that we have every day to generate change.

Opening the elevator door, giving space on a colectivo, saying thank you, saying hello and saying goodbye, seeing the details that no one else sees like a new haircut, a new jacket or dress, in short… those details are what you love. will differentiate.

To have an attractive personality you do not have to impress others with your trips abroad, you just have to worry about the rest by understanding its simplest details.


Keep secrets and keep your word:

maybe one of the life consejos What we have forgotten the most in our society is to keep our word.

We live a routine of broken promises:

“I’ll do it tomorrow”“These days we look”“This weekend we go out”“This is between us…”

This is basically due to two factors: firstly, it is very difficult for us and we do not have the assertiveness to say no, and secondly, we have forgotten the importance of the word.

Finally, become that trustworthy person in whom people perro place their trust.

Keep secrets, be honest and above all, be a transparent person.

There is no other better way to achieve success in your life.

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 60 Life Consejos that you must follow to
  60 Life Consejos that you must follow to
  60 Life Consejos that you must follow to

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