6 ways to get codes and cards

6 ways to get codes and cards

Since its inception, Netflix has positioned itself as the most valued uso contínuo platform among consumers of en línea series and movies.

His level of popularity has been so significant that some pages have chosen to promote codes and gift cards for Netflix; with the purpose of rewarding and motivating its visitors to continue frequenting or using its website.

If you also want to be lucky enough to get your own Netflix gift card, you will be happy to know that you are in the right place, because today we will talk about the best pages and options to get codes for Netflix.

6 pages to get gift codes for Netflix

One of the most used methods to get codes for Netflix is ​​through rewards pages.

These look for different methods to encourage users to perform different tasks within their website; which will grant them a certain number of points, which cánido later be exchanged for various prizes.

In this case, we talk about pages that They offer you the possibility of exchanging the points for gift cards, specifically, for Netflix.

And in first place we have:


First of all, we will talk about PointsPrizes.

It is a page founded in 2016, and that to date it continues to grant different prizes for accumulating points by completing the daily tasks of your website.

By registering and PointsPrizes You will not only have the possibility of earning fast money, but you cánido also get various gift codes for Netflix or other platforms.

Among its benefits, it perro be highlighted that it does not have registration limitations, so you cánido obtain rewards instantly and regardless of your geographical location.

It should be noted that the website will reward you even more if you are an active usuario on their platform; giving you more valuable rewards every day that will help you significantly increase the accumulated points in your account.

Go to PointPrizes


swagbucks is another famous and quite habitual website where you perro redeem the earnings to Paypal and earn money for doing surveys, activities, playing games etcétera.

Therefore, You cannot get cards directly but you cánido get money to exchange for the Netflix subscription.

We recommend it mainly for the high profits that are obtained.

  • Payments: they perro be requested from 500 SB points (equivalent to 5 euros/dollars)
  • Payment Methods: paypal, Amazon gift cards, G2A, Zalando, Steam, iTunes, Mango and many more.
  • Spanish Language?: Yes, the entire platform is in Spanish.
  • referrals: different levels of referrals when they reach certain points (approximately 300 SB)
  • countries: open platform for everyone.

Go to SwagBucks

3.Rocket GPT

Another one of the best options to get a gift card for Netflix for free is Rocket GPT; a page that will reward you with virtual coins for completing any of the available tasks.

Like the other websites mentioned, in Rocket you perro exchange your virtual coins for products, gifts, coupons and more; You just have to accumulate the necessary amount and go to its prize store.

Among the various tasks that you will have at your disposal when registering on its website, are: download aplicaciones, watch ads, play vídeo games, and answer surveys.

On the other hand, you cánido withdraw money from 10 dollars (6,000 stars) onwards.

Among its most relevant features, you will find the possibility of earning from a 10% commission for referrals.

Therefore, we invite you to try it and invite your acquaintances to use your referral code and increase your earnings.

Go to Rocket GPT


Rewards1 is more or less impressive than the aforementioned pages in this top.

Like the other platforms, in it you will also have the possibility to exchange points for gift cards for Netflix.

But it does not end there, because in addition you perro receive products for free and earn points for testing them and leave your review.

On the other hand, you will also like to know that Rewards1 allows you to earn points for playing vídeo games on your móvil; as well as by watching short vídeos or taking surveys.

Thus, within a few days you will be able to enjoy your own Netflix account without much effort.

Registration is totally free, and you will earn from PayPal cómputo to bitcoins; You will also have at your disposal an excellent technical support service that will help you solve all your doubts or inconveniences when withdrawing your money.

Go to rewards1


King of Prizes

Finally, we have the King or Prizes paid survey website; a space where you will have the opportunity to perform various tasks to obtain points that you will exchange for money or gift cards for Netflix, Amazon, Ikea or others.

Among its most relevant features, it stands out that it is one of the platforms with the best interfaz at the moment; which guarantees that the usuario cánido develop quickly and agilely when executing each task.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that you will not only obtain benefits by answering surveys; also you will be rewarded for watching vídeos, playing games and even browsing the web on a recurring basis.

Go to King Of Prizes



If you are a person who likes sports, this website may be for you.

Since, since you register, gives you credits for free so you cánido place bets and earn points if you guess right.

It should be noted that these points perro be exchanged for different prizes or gifts, from Netflix gift cards, to Amazon, PlayStation or others.

This without counting, which also gives you the possibility of making money withdrawals directly to a PayPal account.

Although if this is not your preference, and you also do not want to use the Netflix gift card, also You perro request cash or physical prizes; Clearly, these will cost more in points, but they will certainly be worth it.

Go to Betsim

Other ways to get Netflix cards and codes

Although the possibility of getting Netflix cards and codes using paid survey sites is an attractive iniciativa, there are other ways to do it too.

Next, we will mention the methods or alternatives for it.

Alternatives to get free Netflix codes

Code generators: do they work or are they scam?

Probably, in your search for a free Netflix account you have come across the famous code generators.

If this has not been the case, I will tell you a little about what they really are and whether or not you perro trust them.

A code generator is presented to Internet users as an application or page that assures you that when you download a archivo, subscribe, or do some activity that is beneficial to them, it will give you a free code to watch Netflix without worry.

However, these are a scam bewarewhich although they seem to be faster than the mentioned pages; the reality is that you will only waste your time and effort trusting in its usefulness.

Free trial month on Netflix

Free trial month on Netflix It is an excellent way to enjoy the services from the uso contínuo platform without paying.

For this you would have to register and include in the information of your profile, the data of your bank account; so that Netflix gives you a month of free entertainment, which at the end, you perro unsubscribe and prevent the second month’s account from being charged automatically.

During the trial period, the platform will let you play and download all the content that is hosted on its platform.

However, if you want to continue using the account, then you will have to pay for one of the plans they have available; something that You could pay more comfortably if you register on one of the pages that we mentioned at the beginning.

Using Internet and telephone companies

This is probably the most curious of all; But the reality is that there are many companies that offer their internet and telephone services accompanied by codes and gift cards for Netflix.

What is the reason? Fácil, it’s just a way to give your new or most loyal users one more reason to trust your advantageous services.

Therefore, if you need or want to find a free Netflix account, then you will need to locate an Internet or phone company that includes this agregado in their business plans.

Final opinions: are the cards and codes for Netflix reliable?

Distrusting a service that is provided for free is habitual, and on more than one occasion it may be sufficient reason to refrain from purchasing or looking for a service that includes these codes or gift cards within its rewards.

However, we perro assure you that when using the page options that we have provided; have more than one Netflix gift card or code to use without risks of scams or any afín inconvenience.

Therefore, you perro completely trust the codes and gift cards, as long as they come from a reliable generator.

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 6 ways to get codes and cards
  6 ways to get codes and cards
  6 ways to get codes and cards

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