6 Ways to Avoid Price Changes

6 Ways to Avoid Price Changes

Is called “dynamic pricing» and consists of en línea sellers changing the price of a product based on factors such as browsing or purchase history, operating system and even zip code.

For example, if you regularly shop at a store like NeimanMarcus.com, a retailer might conclude that you are more likely to buy at an expensive price.

En línea merchants have even been known to use the income level of your zip code to determine the price to offer you.

The truth is that when you buy en línea you leave a trace, and businesses perro take advantage of it to maximize their benefits.

Here’s what you need to know about dynamic pricing, along with ways to combat this legal pricing strategy.


Check if the price changes

whatHow cánido you tell if you are being tricked by dynamic pricing?? Here’s an easy way to find out: After seeing an item on the Internet, deciding not to buy it, and looking at it again later, does the price go up? If so, it is a pricing tactic.

Also, be sure to check the price on your mobile device, or alternatively on a notebook or desktop if you’re already using a móvil.

Whether it’s the price of an item on Amazon, or the price of a ticket on Orbitz, often retailers will offer a different price depending on your device.

If the price changes, you will know that these are also dynamic prices.

Okey, now you’ve been able to determine that this is a deceptive pricing tactic, right?what cánido you do about it?


Browse in incognito/private mode

If you equipo your browser to incognito or private mode, none of your browsing history will be stored on your computer (here is a good resource to learn to equipo up incognito mode in different browsers).

Also keep in mind that just by being in this mode you are not completely anonymous, as every website you visit still has access to your IP address.

But they perro’t change the price based on your purchase and browsing history if you’re in incognito or private mode.


Disable third-party cookies

Through the use of browser cookies, which are small pieces of information about your computer and your browsing history, retailers cánido determine your likelihood of purchasing at certain prices.

By disabling these third-party cookies in your browser, you essentially stop en línea merchants from serving you ads and adjusting prices for elementos you’ve viewed through them.

Third-party cookies perro generally be blocked without causing major disruption to your browsing experience.

This should be done in conjunction with incognito or private browsing to maximize results.

Here is a good resource on how to disable cookies in various browsers.


Buy in different browsers

Another easy way to avoid dynamic pricing is to shop from one browser and make purchases from another.

For example, read product reviews, compare prices, and look for coupons in your Mozilla firefox browser, and when you’re ready to buy, open Google plus Google chrome and checkout.

In this way, you will completely deceive the seller, since he will believe that you are a new visitor, with no browsing history, and therefore he will be less likely to raise the price.


Entrar a different zip code

In recent years, stores like Office Depot, Staples, and Home Depot have used zip code to track the geographic location of the buyer and offer different prices.

In other words, if you live in a ZIP code with an upper median income, you are more likely to be charged a higher price through dynamic pricing.

An easy way to combat this is to entrar a different ZIP code during the checkout process—perhaps a neighboring ZIP code with a lower income level—and see if the price changes.

If the price decreases, clear cookies, buy from a mobile device or from another browser.

Only make the purchase when you have checked the lowest price in your virtual shopping cart.


The Amazon Aspecto

Amazon is famous for constantly changing its prices based on the competition, your browsing and purchase history, and a host of other factors that it will never reveal.

Instead of trying to outdo the retail giant, learn how to beat it at its own game.

To do this, use the free website CamelCamelCamel, which allows you to create “Amazon Price Drop Alerts” on millions of products they sell.

When the Amazon price of a product you’re following drops, you’ll receive an alert vía correo electrónico or Twitter.

You’ll also have access to the price history of more than 18 million Amazon products to help you escoge when the right price is.

Don’t let the weird name of this service fool you: if you use it regularly, you’ll never have to worry about being overcharged by Amazon again.

As consumers, we have the right to shop where we please.

If you think a website is dynamically raising your price and you perro’t get the lowest price, just boycott it and take your hard earned money elsewhere.

There will almost always be another website or physical store that will match or beat the price.

Have you ever noticed that a website changed the price for you? If so, have you decided to buy elsewhere or have you gone ahead with the purchase?

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 6 Ways to Avoid Price Changes
  6 Ways to Avoid Price Changes
  6 Ways to Avoid Price Changes

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