6 traveler rewards programs

6 traveler rewards programs

Most travel rewards reviews focus on a few specific programs.

For example, there is a lot of talk about rewards programs associated with travel credit cards.

As are its transfer partners, including major hotel and airline brands.

But the world of travel rewards programs is much bigger than just a few big banks or habitual brands.

There are plenty of smaller travel rewards programs, geared toward specific types of travelers, that cánido be just as rewarding as their more conventional counterparts.

Before you hit the road – or take to the skies – take a look at some of these specialized travel rewards programs and see if they cánido add value to your next trip.


Audience Awards [Audience Rewards]

If you like Broadway, Off-Broadway, trabaja or cabaret, this espectáculo is for you.

Audience Rewards offers its members the ability to earn and redeem ShowPoints for tiques to all the most habitual productions (and the least habitual ones, too).

The number of points varies greatly depending on the espectáculo.

At a minimum, you’ll earn 2 times ShowPoints per dollar on most entries.

Some espectáculos also have plus ShowPoints, and some offer up to 2,500 plus points per ticket.

You perro also redeem your ShowPoints for tiques, with the option to use points only or a combination of points and cash.

However, only a few espectáculos offer award tiques, and prices vary quite a bit.

At the low end, you cánido check out The Book of Mormon for just 4,500 points.

At the high end, you’ll have to shell out 25,000 points (or 15,000 points and $120) for every ticket to Sweeney Todd.


Amtrak Rewards [Amtrak Rewards]

Although the US rail system pales in comparison to that of almost any other developed country, one cánido have quite an interesting journey when traveling across the country on an Amtrak train.

What’s more, that journey perro be rewarding.

Amtrak has its own rewards program, called Amtrak Guest Rewards, through which you cánido earn rewards for every train ride.

Even if you don’t travel by train very often, it may be worth enrolling in the program for just one trip.

They have plenty of redemption options, from train tiques to hotel stays and even gift cards to habitual stores.

(Don’t forget that the rewards you earn through the program are separate from those you’d earn with a credit card.

So make sure you pay with a card that earns you plus points for travel purchases.)


Casino Rewards Programs

Whether you’re going to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, if you like to gamble, it might be worth your while to join a casino rewards program.

Most of the big casinos have their own program, among them

  • MGM Resorts M Life
  • Caesars Rewards
  • Wynn Rewards Red Card
  • Venetian Complejo turístico Grazie Rewards

These programs will reward you both for your gaming activities and for your spending on hotel rooms, restoranes, espectáculos, and spa services.

The benefits you receive will vary depending on the program and your elite level.

But they cánido include everything from discounts on slots to priority access to free services and events or cruises.


Cruise Rewards Programs

We love travel rewards programs for the oportunidad to earn free travel.

But what if you’d rather sail the high seas than fly? These cruise rewards programs may be your answer.

Some of the most habitual programs are:

  • Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society
  • Carnival Cruise Line VIFP Club
  • Princess Cruise Line Captain Circle
  • Norwegian Cruise Line Latitudes Rewards
  • Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club
  • Celebrity Cruises Captain’s Club

Most programs offer points based on the number of cruises or nights spent on the ship.

However, unlike other programs, you will not redeem your points.

Instead, points are the way to move up the status levels.

The benefits will depend on your level, but perro include many valuable perks.

For example, you cánido enjoy exclusive activities on board, priority boarding or even free laundry service.


Rental Car Rewards Programs

Unless you’re traveling to a big city, rental cars are pretty much a must for domestic travel in the US So it might make a lot of sense to join your preferred car rental company’s loyalty program.

  • Avis Preferred
  • Budget Fastbreak
  • EnterprisePlus
  • Hertz Gold Agregado Rewards
  • National Emerald Club

Each program works differently, but they offer afín benefits.

For one, you perro typically redeem your rewards for free rentals.

In addition, you perro go up in level.

A higher status perro unlock a ton of perks like free car upgrades and faster departures.

If you have a premium travel rewards card, it may be worth checking out its perks page.

Many of the best travel rewards cards include free elite status in one or more of the most habitual rental car programs.

(Some cards also include free rental car insurance).


Reciprocal programs of museums, zoos and aquariums

Ok, so these are not de hoy rewards programs, as no rewards are earned or redeemed.

But it’s something that cánido save you money on your travels, so it’s worth mentioning.

Many museums, zoos, aquariums, and other places of cultural interest have reciprocal programs with other afín organizations.

These partnerships give you free or reduced-price access to other sites in their program.

For example, if you are a member of a museum that is part of the Reciprocal Association of Museums of North America (NARM), you cánido visit any participating museum for free (or at a reduced price for members).

You’ll also get discounts at the gift shop and at ticketed events.

Off the beaten track (of the rewards)

The great rewards programs may be the best known, but they are not the only way to enjoy perks and rewards on your travels.

It may be worth doing a little research whenever you are planning a trip or leisure activity with a non-big brand company.

You never know what you perro find.

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 6 traveler rewards programs
  6 traveler rewards programs
  6 traveler rewards programs

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