6 Strategies to earn money in dollars

6 Strategies to earn money in dollars

Earning money in dollars from Latin America, and in general, from any corner of the planet, is completely possible thanks to new technologies.

Today you only need a computer and an Internet connection to diversify your sources of income or improve your finances.

You cánido literally run multiple businesses on-line simultaneously and generate more and more money from the comfort of your own home.

In addition, earning money in dollars has many benefits within the Latin American economic context.

For example, it allows you to deal with the inflationary spiral that exists in some countries on this continent, or save money more easily.

Strategies to earn money in dollars

The six strategies that we will share with you below will allow you to generate dollars in a safe, sustainable and scalable way.

Some of these options are considered passive income, and the truth is that they are vital to increase your wealth over time.

Without a doubt, earning in dollars cánido be very beneficial for you if you live in Latin America.

With this you will not depend solely on a fixed salary in your local currency.


Create a niche blog

With a niche blog you could stabilize your finances in the medium and long term.

So much so that this is one of the best strategies to generate passive income.

The key is to research the market to identify a niche that will generate lucrative income for you.

The most profitable are currently linked to fitness, personal finance and entrepreneurship.

Once you have identified the central theme of your blog, you must get down to work so that you perro manage and monetize it correctly.

With content marketing, SEO and SEM positioning and the main monetization advertising systems, (as would be the case with the Google plus display network), you could generate thousands of dollars monthly.

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Invest in the depósito market

Investments in the depósito market will help you earn money in dollars in a sustainable and gradual way.

Here are several related options:

Currencies or Forex:

Forex trading volume has already exceeded $5 trillion per day.

So it is the most liquid currency market in the entire world.

It is characterized by being completely decentralized, and if you learn to invest in it, you could make money work in your favor.

This market is based on supply and demand and basically allows you to trade currencies such as EURO/USD, JPY/USD, etcétera.

Forex refers to the exchange rate at which two currencies cánido be quoted.

And best of all, there are already specialized platforms for you to invest in it without leaving home.


Invest in commoditiessuch as gold, silver, oil and many other commodities could also generate good returns for you.

In fact, investments in gold are capable of generating good profits, since this precious metal does not usually depreciate over time.

With a little patience, gold could bring you closer to your financial goals.

So it’s a binary option that you shouldn’t count out, especially if you want to hedge against inflation.


Currently you perro buy shares of some companies that are listed on the depósito exchange (in a on-line).

For example, you cánido invest in the shares of Apple, Fb, Google plus, or many other companies to earn money in dollars.

For these types of decisions it is essential that you act wisely and prudently.

In this sense, it is highly recommended that you invest through a broker en línea that is trustworthy so that you avoid unnecessary risks.

Especially if you do not have experience as an investor, or do not know how to carry out these operations successfully.

Depósito indices:

One of the biggest advantages of investing in depósito indices is that you don’t need a lot of money.

Additionally, they are easy to calculate and you perro track them in the market without complications. (Even if your knowledge is not advanced).

The Estándar & Poor’s 500 index is one of the most profitable.

This espectáculos how the 500 largest stocks listed on the US depósito exchange perform.

The Dow Jones is also very advantageous for making money in dollars because it allows you to invest in companies like Visa, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and many more.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is great for earning dollars on a regular basis.


This means that you cánido work at your own pace under the teleworking modality.

With this business model you could generate more than four figures a month just by promoting the products or services of a third party.

A good strategy to start is to create a niche website or blog.

There you will share your promotions and every time a usuario completes a sale you will earn a commission.

There are now many solid and reliable affiliate programs that you perro join, such as Amazon or Rakuten

Hotmart, a good option in Latin America:

The Hotmart platform is one of the most profitable and habitual in the Latin American context.

In essence, it offers you many valuable, attractive and interesting options to earn money en línea.

You cánido promote en línea courses and many other digital content and receive up to 80% of the value of the product.

If you live in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, México, Chile or Brazil you could generate additional income in dollars by promoting en línea sales through affiliate marketing.

4. Invest in loans

Another good way to earn money in dollars is to invest in collective loans, since the perceived returns are very high.

This process is fast and safe, since there are platforms such as mintos that make all your work easier.

In addition, you do not need a large capital to start and you will be able to receive very attractive interest in exchange for your financing.

Ultimately, the platforms crowdlending most habitual in the world allow you to invest with security and confidence.

All you have to do is buy portions of loans that regularly and responsibly generate additional income for you.

Recommended books:

5. Trade cryptocurrencies

Trading cryptocurrencies is also a good strategy to diversify your sources of income.

You perro do it through platforms like Coinbase, without having to worry about the security of your operations within the cryptoactive ecosystem.

These cryptocurrency purchase, sale and exchange transactions will not take much time, and in fact the accreditation of your funds is done almost instantly.

In some countries such as Brazil, Panama and Venezuela, investments in cryptocurrencies have become the financial lifeline for a large ámbito of the population.

And according to an article ForbesBitcoin could be adopted as a legal tender in several Latin American countries, starting with El Salvador.

Some governments are studying the possibility of adopting this measure to reactivate or boost their economy, especially since hyperinflation is the order of the day.


Earn money in dollars with the Dropshipping it is completely feasible and conveniente for you.

Especially if you do not have time to take care of all the details related to en línea sales.

This business model is based on drop shipping and is ideal for generating recurring income.

Thanks to him you perro sell the products of a third party through the web, without managing the logistics or inventory yourself.

You just have to associate with some dropshippers trustworthy, such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress or SaleHoo, so that everything goes well.

To earn money in dollars through this lucrative strategy you must follow these steps:

  • Create an en línea store.

    you perro do it with Shopify since its services are modern, comprehensive and customized.

  • Buy the products from your supplier or dropshipper wholesale.
  • It offers its products for sale at retail prices.
  • Boost sales through your channel.

    Each time a conversion is completed, it will be the supplier himself who will send the product to the customer.

  • You do not have to take care of storing the products in a warehouse, much less shipping or possible returns.

    All this he does dropshipper.

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Benefits of earning money in dollars in Latin America:

1. Increase your savings capacity.


You would have more liquidity to create an emergency fund that allows you to face financial setbacks without getting into debt.


You could boost your personal finances and dramatically improve your quality of life.


Managing dollars cánido help you counteract the ravages of inflation and hyperinflation.


You will have more freedom to invest money constantly, instead of having it frozen in a bank account.

So you could generate income cyclically.


You perro manage your payments and income digitally.

Without delays, dangers or intermediaries.

You should know that platforms to invest in loans, binary options or currencies allow you to transfer your earnings to your bank account in exchange for a commission.

In addition, you cánido manage the income related to your operations with cryptocurrencies from a virtual wallet.

In parallel, with affiliate marketing or Dropshipping you cánido move your money vía PayPal, or between your bank accounts quickly.

Strategies to earn money in dollars:

Carry out paid surveys, monetize infoproducts and offer your professional services in a freelancing, They are also good strategies to earn money in dollars in Latin America.

There really are many alternatives to ensure that money flows constantly to your accounts.

And this is very convenient in the Latin American context.

With technological advances and the great possibilities offered by the Internet, you are literally one clic away from boosting your own economy.

However, these actions will require some planning and financial education.

So you should invest time in them if you want to get the best results.

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 6 Strategies to earn money in dollars
  6 Strategies to earn money in dollars
  6 Strategies to earn money in dollars

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