6 Steps to Train Your Mind Like Steve

6 Steps to Train Your Mind Like Steve

It’s not just his results that equipo Steve Jobs apart from the rest of humanity.

Neither has he created the company with the largest market capitalization in the world, nor the fact that he (possibly) is reading this article on one of his devices.

All this is to admire.

But it was his conception that she had of life; his speeches, phrases, visión, dreams and especial story what distanced him from the rest.

That is, his mind is what led him to these great results.

In his authorized biography, its author walter isaacson it revealed what would become known as “mind technology” or the habit of Zen meditation that allowed Steve Jobs to disminuye stress, be more creative, and have greater clarity.

Technique to train your mind:

It’s no surprise that the founder of Apple not only had a great visión for technology, but for training his mind.

Even, according to a neuroscientific investigation carried out by Scientific American, it was found that meditation techniques that take yearsBeing practiced they have positive effects on your body and mind.

Here is the technique used by Yang, Jwing Minga renowned martial artist, whose practices are quite afín, if not identical to the way Steve Jobs trained his mind:


Sit in a quiet place with your feet crossed.

Preferably on a low pillow to disminuye the strain on your back.

Take deep breaths.


Close your eyes and listen to your inner dialogue.

The thoughts that go through your mind all the time: work, home, the televisión… Those ideas are the conversations of your monkey mind.

Don’t try to stop them, at least not for now.

Rather watch as you jump from thought to thought.

Do this exercise for five minutes every day for a week.


After a week, without trying to silence your monkey mind, during meditation focus your attention on your ox mind.

This mind is the part of your brain that thinks quietly and slowly.

The one who feels things around you.

It doesn’t try to give you meaning, just watch, listen and feel.

Most people only manage to listen to their ox mind when they experience a moment that renders them speechless, and they momentarily stop their monkey mind’s conversation.

Even though your monkey mind wants to drive you crazy with so many messages, ideas, and pressures; your ox mind is still there, thinking slowly with deep ideas.


Once you are aware of your ox mind, ask him to start silencing your monkey mind. One strategy that may work for you is to imagine that your monkey mind is going to sleep due to the slow steps of the ox moving patiently towards the end of the road.

Don’t be upset if your monkey mind keeps waking up.

He’s a monkey and he cánido’t help but behave like one.

However, you will find that, despite all its protests, your monkey mind will prefer to rest and stop making all that tiresome and uncomfortable noise.


As your monkey mind calms down, continue to pay attention to your ox mind.

You will feel that each breath takes its time.

You will feel the air on your skin and the blood running through your body.

When you open your eyes, the world will seem like a whole new place..

An advantage, for example, will cease to be an advantage to become a box full of energy, which does not need to be opened, closed or cleaned.

It is simply a painting.


Although it may take a while to get to this point, you will know you are doing the right exercise when you don’t feel the time slipping away in your meditation.

When you get to this point, start increasing the time you spend in silence..

Particularly, no matter how long you practice it, you will feel that time has not passed.

Recommended books:

Benefits of practicing this technique:

First, you will completely eliminate stress.

While it may come back at some point, doing so will start you from the beginning so you perro prevent it from snowballing out of control.

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Ssecond, you eliminate insomnia.

When you practice meditation on a regular basis, you will be able to close your eyes and fall asleep immediately.

Being able to achieve that is reason enough to try.

Third, last and most important, it allows you think in a much clearer and more creative way about everything that happens in your life.

You will be able to better understand those relationships that do not add value to your life and harmful situations.

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 6 Steps to Train Your Mind Like Steve
  6 Steps to Train Your Mind Like Steve
  6 Steps to Train Your Mind Like Steve

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