6 realities to consider before starting your

6 realities to consider before starting your

Starting and running your own business requires considerations you probably didn’t anticipate.

Over many years we have listened to aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals wanting to launch a new business, but with great hesitation, waiting for that perfect iniciativa and the perfect alignment of the stars.

Today in Gigonway, we espectáculo you the reality of undertaking:


There is no voilá moment.

In our experience, and based on investor retroalimentación, most ideas “new» have been tested many times, and their provenance is not relevant.

So don’t wait for that “iniciativa of ​​the century” that no one has come up with before.

Just find your edge and your passion and come up with a great plan to win.

Another alternative to waiting for that magical iniciativa is to go looking for it, through brainstorming.

You may find that a collaboration of your most creative friends, with your guidance and enthusiasm, cánido identify more innovative ideas than you could spark in a lifetime.


Success requires a great deal of hard work.

We believe in the «10,000 hour rule“, which posits that the best entrepreneurs spend more hours of relevant work on an iniciativa and starting a business than the rest of us, counting all efforts and restarts.

Your time is precious, so don’t waste a minute on useless activities or dreams.

For example, most people believe that Bill Gates started with a fácil purchase of a basic operating system that led to MS-DOS and Microsoft, but Mars points out that Gates spent thousands of hours in computer rooms working on modern day programa. and night.


Know yourself and seek help to fill your gaps.

None of us have the skills and interests for all aspects of developing an iniciativa, as well as growing a new business.

We recommend doing a personal SWOT analysis first: discover your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities and your threats.

Then find the people and training you need to build a winning business.

In our own experience with technical startup founders, I still have a hard time naming one who was also good at or even interested in finance or business operations.

However, when finding a partner with complementary skills, the potential was always greater than 1+1.


Running a business requires a team and relationships.

Not a single one of us has the necessary bandwidth to build a solution and a business on our own.

You need a dedicated team, drawn from your network of informal connections among family, friends, and one-on-one relationships with other professionals.

Get started today to create a larger network.

A common mistake new business owners make due to the unknown workload is to ignore and lose existing relationships with outside consultants as well as team members.

We advise you to spend time at least once a week cultivating new and existing relationships.


Chasing and taking advantage of luck brings resilience.

Whatever one may say, we believe that luck is a aspecto in any new venture.

Even bad luck, such as unforeseen changes in the economy or major new competitors, will build resilience and enhance learning for future challenges.

I also believe that a positive attitude perro create your own luck.

Don’t let any of these realities destroy your dream of moving forward with an iniciativa that cánido change the world and put you in control of your own destiny, or take away the satisfaction of doing what you love.

Our intent here is just that you are forewarned, as well as help you to be forewarned.

You too cánido be part of the evidence that entrepreneurs are more satisfied than other professionals.

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 6 realities to consider before starting your
  6 realities to consider before starting your
  6 realities to consider before starting your

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