6 powerful rituals to attract money

6 powerful rituals to attract money

When lack of money is your main problem, there are some rituals to attract money that cánido help you get the bills and coins that you need so much into your house.

Lack of money many times it is caused because the wealth-generating circle has been broken, and the mechanisms that are capable of attract more money to your economy.

And this is achieved by performing these types of rituals.

However, if you do not have faith or trust in them, I must warn you that doing them will not do you any good, and you better look for another way to get money.

So choose the ritual or the rituals to attract money that you prefer from the list below, put all your heart and hope in them, and get ready to see how the universe pays you financially.

You will see how after this you find new methods to earn money easily and get the prosperity you want.

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1. this ritual is better than rubbing a magic lamp!

Do you know the story of Aladdin, the magic lamp and the genie? Well this ritual to attract money It’s afín.

You will need 6 golden candles, olive oil and candlesticks to make it.

Light the 6 golden candles a Sunday (if that day the moon is in the first quarter, better), and rub the candles with a little oil of olive gently so that the golden layer of the candles does not fall off.

As you rub them, focus on your desire to get money urgent, and imagine how you get that money.

Then, place the candles in one or several candle holdersturn them on for an hour, and then turn them off.

Do this during 6 days in a rownever leave the candles burning for more than an hour each day, and you will be amazed at the results when you receive the money you need!

2. A spell that never fails me

You will need to:

  • A candle green (no matter the size)
  • A dish little
  • A bag brown paper
  • And a pencil

Take the brown paper bag, cut a piece, and write on it the amount of money you need and why you need it.

Don’t be greedy, and write only the necessary amount.

Fold the paper in half and put it on the platelight the candle and put it on top of the paper.

While the candle is burning, imagine yourself with that money you need already in your hand; Don’t think about the future, imagine it right now.

Keep visualizing until you feel happy, and let the candle burn down.

When the candle has been consumed, collect the remains of the wax and paper, put them in another bag (it cánido be hermetic plastic) and hide it in a secret place in the house where no one cánido find it.

And ready.

3. He sugar It doesn’t just attract flies!

The sugar It is a sweet ingredient that in esotericism is also used to attract money quickly And fácil.

For this ritual you will only need sugar, a container, and a bill.

In a full moon nighttake the container and fill it with sugar, put a ticket insideand put everything in a place where the light of the full moon is shining on it.

Leave it there until the new moonand you will see how soon the money you need appears in your life.

Another variant of this ritual to attract money is to put honey and water in equal parts in a glass, and submerge 3 coins.

4. A fácil ritual to attract money with incense

Here you will only need an incense burner, and a sandalwood incense stick.

Focus and put your mind in a meditative state, and light the incense.

Remember that it must be made of sandalwood, since sandalwood is closely linked in white magic with the power to attract money.

Focus on feeling happiness and love in your heart, and that in that happiness is included the money you want to attract.

Imagine with all your might that your wish comes true, putting as much detail as you perro on your visualization.

When you are feeling that your wish will truly come true, repeat the following phrase 10 times in a row:

Magic herbs are burned in the fire, bring this desire to my heart.

5. a ritual with rice and candles to attract money

For this ritual you will need two glass jars with lids, two green candles, two handfuls of rice, and six black peppercorns.

You must do this ritual on Tuesday.

Boil the two jars in water to sterilize them and remove impurities that may interfere with the ritual or spell.

Let them dry completely, and once done, put in each one a handful of raw rice uncooked, and three peppercorns.

Light a green candle in front of each jar and, when an hour has passed, put them out – never blowing -.

Put each candle in each jarand take a jar with its candle to your kitchen, and the other jar and its candle to your living room or dining room.

Leave it in a aparente place, not hidden, and when you have achieved attract money What did you want, drop the sails.

6. Spell based on a chant Gypsy

This ancient spell to attract money urgently is based on a gypsy song called Trinka Five.

You only need a bowl and three coins to do it.

Place the bowl or bowl in a conspicuous place in your house. hold the three coins in the hand with which you write and pronounce:

Trinka five, trinka five, generous and charitable spirits.

Make money grow my way.

I thank you, fairies of the trinka five.

When you finish saying those words, put the coins in the bowl.

Repeat this ritual for 9 days in a row (if possible, always at the same time), and then do it only once a week until you get the money you need.

As attract money to your life with voodoo magic

Performing these rituals to attract money is a good way to improve your economy; but something that has really worked for me in the last few weeks has been use voodoo magic.

Voodoo has been a frowned upon cult for decades because of Hollywood movies that have given it a bad name.

But the truth is that it is only an ancient practice brought from Africa to help and assist people in need.

There is NO black magic involved in voodoo: The figures of the saints are not used, but the figures of ancient African entities full of goodness and light.

In fact, in its voodoo root it means “The principle of life”, and with this you cánido perform rituals that will help you find the solution to your most immediate problems: love, money, a better job…

I recently discovered a pretty good book in which you will find all the rituals and their recipes explained step by step so that you perro do them at home, and which you perro download here below:

with this book Not only will you discover the true benefits of voodoo magic, but you will find effective rituals that perro bring you closer to the goal you equipo for yourself sooner than you imagine.

If you want to learn other magic methods of moneyread our other two articles 24 prayers and spells for fast money and 7 rituals for fast money.

Perform these rituals to attract money and write a comment below Let me know if they worked for you!

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 6 powerful rituals to attract money
  6 powerful rituals to attract money
  6 powerful rituals to attract money

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