6 innovative businesses with which you will succeed

6 innovative businesses with which you will succeed

Nothing is as difficult as deciding what type of business we are looking to start, so at the time, we get quite frustrated.

There are many options, but not all of them are good and that is why it is necessary that you know those that perro help you.

guarantee a sure win.

Our guest today, Elena López, will talk to us about 6 innovative businesses with which it is certain that you will succeed when you start your business.

Succeed in the business world It is more and more complicated, but not for that reason we must surrender.

The key to achieving success is knowing how to reinvent yourself and find the most innovative ideas without forgetting that it should always be about businesses that solve a real problem and that attract our users.

Don’t know where to start? To inspire you, we have made a small compilation with the most innovative businesses and the ideas with which they transformed their campo.

Let’s look at these examples.

1. Food delivery continues to innovate

It is a campo in full revolution.

A few years ago there was the boom in food delivery businesses with the triumph of companies like Just Eat and La Nevera Roja.

A very fácil iniciativa but it meant a complete change of concept.

Bring together the bulk of the restoranes in a city on the same platform, allowing users ask for your letter and receive it at home.

The restoranes that at that time provided home delivery were a minority, so this business model benefited both restoranes and users and of course to the platform itself.

But when it seemed that everything was still resolved there was someone who knew how to express even more the food delivery business.

Deliveroo and the defunct Take Eat Easy offered us almost the same thing, with an ecological touch when making deliveries by bike and with a selection of restoranes more careful and higher quality.

Other companies like Wetaca they promise us tuppers like those at home to eat all week and also cooked in their own offices.

It seems that everything is done in the food delivery campo, but surely there are still more possibilities, does anyone dare?

2. Other home services.

It’s not all made up.

But within the activities of the home, not everything is reduced to food.

The purchase, home cleaning and even laundry are activities that you cánido delegate to a third party to do them for you.

From the hand of Comprea and Lola Market (now merged under the name of the latter) we perro make the purchase from the mobile and request that it be sent home in just one hour.

A person will come for us to the supermarket to buy the products that we have ordered, if there is a problem such as an item that is not available, will contact us so we cánido tell you what to do.

But it is not the only company that is in the race to lead this activity, Deliberry and Tu Despensa are also fighting for a share of the market.

Nor cánido we forget Amazon Prime and the home delivery services themselves that many supermarkets are beginning to improve and streamline, the most destacable example being Mercadona Tech.

And if shopping is a boring task, cleaning the house even more.

Wayook and Clintu are two companies that allow you request a home assistant by the hour to come to your house to clean.

Through its platforms you cánido indicate the time and day you need your house cleaned and select a cleaning professional that is available at that time.

In Clintu you perro also request that they iron your clothes.

Also, if you like the work that the person who comes to your home does, you cánido make a subscription and request that he come weekly to your home.

The laundry and dry cleaning have also been digitized through the Mr Jeff aplicación.

A service that allows you request that they pick up your clothes and in 48 hours they return it to you washed and ironed.

This service has gone from en línea to sin conexión, as Mr Jeff is in the process of opening his own physical centers.

In addition, it has also crossed borders and is opening franchises in Latin America It seems that nobody likes to wash or iron.

Finally, the small “bottlenecks” of the home They also deserve a place on the Internet, We are talking about CronoShare.

This portal makes a mix of all these services and allows you to find professionals who help you with different tasks at home: small repairs, works, removals and transport of furniture and even care of people and classes at home.

The reservation system it is afín to what we saw in Wayook and Clintu.

All these services and businesses in the home environment start from the savings base of time.

Its users are basically young millennials, who they work long hours and who do not want to or cannot dedicate their time to this type of activity.

For a small shipping cost prefer to delegate this task to a third party and enjoy their free time doing other types of activities.

3. We play with the surprise aspecto in the Mystery boxes

We change services for products.

Subscriptions are experiencing a boom moment, especially the so-called “mystery boxes”.

The operation is as follows: the client pays a monthly amount for sending a box with surprise products of a certain theme.

Is about products in sample size that the customer perro enjoy, later comment on them and even buy them in sale size through the same website.

The pioneers in this area were the beauty boxes that were launched on the market in 2010 in United States.

In Spain, the most famous is Birchbox, which has different subscription models: monthly, every three months or annually.

The box has a careful design that allows you to reuse it and contains 5 beauty products: makeup, body care, accessories, etcétera.

A afín model is the one offered by Guapabox.

Another of the most successful products in subscription boxes is food.

Dietbox and Degustabox are two good examples.

The first of them focuses on healthy food and the second contains food of all kinds.

But there are not only beauty and food mystery boxes. Books, pets, manga and even specialized in skateboarding or craftsThese are some of the themes to which we cánido subscribe.

Such is the boom that even websites that collect and group all available boxes, such as Subscriptionbox.

Within the literary Seven Colors Books, Café y Letras and Dreams Book Box stand out and a good example in the pet campo is Patasbox.

How we see this model of subscription boxes play with the sale of products in a different way.

The surprise aspecto is primordial when it comes to creating expectations, when the box arrives every month the usuario looking forward to see what products you cánido brand new and try.


These types of boxes are used by brands to launch and test new products among their users.

As they are themed boxes, brands make sure that the users who will receive the products are 100% interested in them and perro receive retroalimentación.

And you, cánido you think of an original and different way to sell your products?? How would you continue to innovate In this ámbito?

4. Goodbye travel agencies.

Hello en línea world.

The travel industry also has a long history of digitization behind it.

The old travel agencies now compete with services on-line that offer cheap flights and accommodation comparators.

The clear example of this change has been Booking, a pioneer in offering en línea hotel reservations but which has been diversifying its offer to cover flights, car rentals, cruises and even restoranes.

It is a model identical to the case of food delivery that we mentioned at the beginning of this article, but applied to the travel ámbito.

But this transformation does not end here, the latest news comes from companies like Waynabox, a portal that offers you flights and accommodation for a fixed price, what’s the trick? destiny is surprise.

Waynabox offers you trips from a weekend to four days departing from the main airports in Spain. You simply select the airport of origin, the weekend you want to travel and make the payment.

You perro see the selection of available destinations and discard the ones you want by paying a small fee.

A couple of days before traveling they will tell you the destination of your trip and all the details.

We continue with more tourism, this time in terms of accommodation.

Definitely the great revolution in this regard has been Airbnbwho with his apartment rental model has even come across legal problems in some of the cities where it is available.

Undoubtedly in this regard, collaborative economy models are the ones that more legal obstacles they have to overcome.

The key in recent years to revolutionize the business model begins with offer its platform as a portal for individuals to rent their rooms or complete floors and get a return in an agile and effective way.

Afín portals worth mentioning are Hundredrooms and Spotahome, who offers accommodation for medium-term stays.

5. The new forms of payment

Cash is dying, though experts say there’s still time before it completely disappears.

In this revolution in terms of new forms of payment PayPal was the pioneer with its model based in payments through its platform and without the need to indicate your card number in any en línea transaction.

There are many platforms that have tried to develop afín methods, perhaps the best known today is Apple Pay, with which you no longer need a code, you cánido pay with your fingerprint in the shops and portals where it is available.

The equivalent version for Android devices is Google plus Wallet.

To continue innovating in this aspect practically all the big banks are developing their own mobile payment platforms.

The objective and the future is to be able to say goodbye to card payments.

These are systems that little by little they overcome obstacles security and trust to get closer to all possible users.

The base is the NFC technology that mobile phones incorporate and that register the payment just by bringing the mobile closer to the payment terminal.

The race in the development of these new payment methods runs into the obstacle of the different banking entities, The one with the greatest variety and number of options will win the battle. offer.

At the moment there are two that are in the lead.

In the development of Bizum almost 30 banking entities have participated, including all the big ones: Santander, BBVA, Sabadell, La Caixa, Bankia, among others.

At the moment it works as an aplicación for payments between individuals, but it has already been announced which will soon allow payments in shops.

Developed by ING Direct, Twyp was the pioneer, it also allows you to make payments between individuals, although regardless of your bank. It is promoted as “the aplicación for payments between friends”.

As we cánido see, there is still a long way to go in the field of new forms of payment. Will you be the one to innovate in this campo?

6. Mobility and transport.

They could not miss in this top mobility aplicaciones.

In Spain the pioneer was BlaBlaCar, an aplicación well known by all that allows car sharing for long-distance transfers.

Many other platforms have come after it, the best known: Uber and Cabify.

Both platforms with a afín system.

An alternative to the traditional taxi with request and reservation vía aplicación.

His controversy with the taxi campo it has made them more known if possible.

Loved and hated in equal parts, the reality for the end usuario is that they offer the same service as a taxi at afín prices, providing one more point of quality in the vehicle that they make available to you. We leave the licensing battle to them.

Another mobility model that is having great success is that of fast car rental.

In this regard, the best known is Car2Go, although there are other afín alternatives such as Drivy and Bluemove.

The operation of Car2Go is very fácil, These are Smart-type electric cars that are spread throughout the city.

Registering through your platform You perro see the availability of the cars and take the one closest to you, once you arrive at your destination you park and that’s it.

But the transformation of this campo is not based only on the fact of transporting, it is also

with the aparcamiento search and navigation in other aspects.

Wazypark and Waze stand out.

As we see all these products have something in common.

These are products and services that provide added value and give a twist to what already exists..

In addition, they have a technological base in their development.

These are the points that you should keep in mind if Do you want to start and open your own business? doing something different from what is established and achieve success.

Author Description: Elena López is a journalist who is passionate about digital marketing and new technologies.

She is currently part of Mr Jeff’s team.

She believes that hard work and constant learning are essential to achieve success.

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 6 innovative businesses with which you will succeed
  6 innovative businesses with which you will succeed
  6 innovative businesses with which you will succeed

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