6 High Performance Habits of People

6 High Performance Habits of People

Did you know that people who practice high performance habits are more likely to achieve personal goals that would be impossible for others?

And it is that when you apply discipline in your life, in addition to good will to do what you propose, any purpose becomes possible.

For that, we want to share with you the 6 high-performance habits that perro make you an extraordinary person.

Practice these high performance habits:

For these habits to really make an impact, you must be very aware of the change you are going to make in your daily routine.

In general, we naturalize dynamics that are unhealthy but that are comfortable for us and we never get out of that whirlpool that leads us to stagnate in our projects.

So, whether it’s for something personal or because you need to enhance your skills at a professional level by becoming a better version of yourself, we invite you to learn these 6 habits and put them into practice consciously and responsibly.

Before starting, it is important that you know that these habits are divided between personal habits and Popular habits, and they are part of the book High Performance Habits of Brendon Burchard, which you should read if you want to take your performance to the next level. and

Personal habits:


Seek clarity:

To begin with, you must have a visión and constantly equipo clear intentions about who you want to be every day, how you want to interact with others, what skills you must develop to be successful in the future, and how you perro make a difference and serve with excellence.

Don’t be part of a situation without thinking about these four categories: personal, popular, skills, service.

With this in mind, Determine what you want to feel in each situation. Ask yourself frequently:

“What is the main feeling that I want to bring into this situation and what is the main feeling that I want to get out of this situation?”

Do not wait for emotions to just come without thinking, choose and cultivate the feelings that you want to constantly experience and share in life.

Also define what is significant to you. Not everything that cánido be achieved is important, so the problem is not the achievement, but the alignment.

Take a look at the upcoming projects on your mind and determine what might bring you enough excitement, connection, and fulfillment, then ask yourself:

“How perro I make this endeavor personally meaningful to me?”


Generate energy

At this point you should release the tension and equipo an intention, using the transitions between activities to renew your energy.

Do this by closing your eyes, practicing deep breathing, and releasing tension from your body and thoughts from your mind.

Try to practice it at least once every hour. Once you feel the tension lift, equipo a clear intention for your next activity, open your eyes, and get to work with vibrant focus.

It attracts Joy.

Be responsible for the energy you bring to your day and every situation in life.

Focus especially on bringing joy to your activities.

You also need to anticipate the positive results of your actions by asking yourself questions that elicit positive emotions, setting triggers to remind yourself to be positive and grateful, and appreciating the little things and the people around you.

Optimize your health by managing stress, staying alert, paying close attention to the details your body communicates to you, and always doing your best to maintain a positive frame of mind.

For this you must give real importance to sleep, exercise and nutrition.

You cánido also hire professionals to help you optimize your health.


Increases the need:

One of the high performance habits that you perro apply at a professional level is knowing who needs your potential and abilities.

It is important that you identify it clearly, since you cannot become extraordinary without feeling that it is absolutely necessary to stand out, for yourself and for others.

A good exercise for this is that every time you sit at your desk or office ask yourself:

Who needs me the most in my A game right now? He also states out loud why.

When you verbalize something, it becomes more real and important to you.

Say your “why” to yourself out loud often and share it with others.

This will motivate you to live in congruence with your commitments.

Ultimately, what you should do to put this high-performance habit into practice is declare to yourself and to others what you want and why you want it.

Work on strengthening your work team as well.

Emotions and excellence are contagious, so try to spend as much time as possible with the most positive and successful people on your team or with your colleagues.

Also, keep constantly building an ideal network of supportive and empowering people who help you continue to grow and learn.

Popular habits:


Increase your productivity:

To increase your productivity you must first identify which are the results that really matter to you, in order to increase and potentiate them.

These are the ones that will determine your success, differentiation and contribution to your professional field or industry.

Focus on them and do the best you perro.

Remember that for you to achieve a high performance habit you must keep your focus on the main thing.

An excellent exercise to determine this is to ask yourself: “If you only had five main moves to achieve that goal, what would they be?” With that you establish steps to follow.

Think of each major move as a big equipo of activities, a project.

Detail in a list the development of that project and classify the elements into deliverables, deadlines and activities.

Once you are clear about these things, organize them on a calendar and schedule yourself to work on them.

Get incredibly good at skills that are key to your professional potential, this is called progressive mastery.

Now define the top five skills you need to develop over the next three years to become the person you hope to become.


Develop the power of influence

Did you know that one of the high performance habits of truly extraordinary people is to teach people to think?

Exactly how you read it.

You perro also achieve it, and for this you must prepare yourself by asking yourself how you want other people to think about themselvesabout other people and about the world in general.

Once you have identified it, start communicating it consistently.

Shape people’s thinking by saying things like: “Think about it this way…” “What do you think about…” “What would happen if we tried…” Challenge people to grow beyond your own desires.

Be very observant, especially regarding the character, connections, and contributions of other people.

Challenge those around you to actively develop those things further.

Recommended books:

Ask people if they gave it their all, if they could treat those around them better, and if they could give even more.

Most people who work for high performance every day say they think about being a role model every day. They want to be a good role model to their family, team, and community at large.

And surely if you want to be extraordinary in what you do, you will practice the high performance habits that we have been sharing with you.


Espectáculo your value

The best thing you cánido do when you face difficult times is not to complain about the process.

With this what you will do is identify any struggle you face, as a necessary, important and positive part of your journey. Thus, you perro find true peace and personal power.

Do not lament over the ineludible difficulties of self-improvement and the pursuit of your dreams.

The main motivation of humanity is to be free, that way you cánido also experience what could be called personal freedom.

One of the best ways to generate valuable bonds is by constantly sharing your true thoughts, your life purpose, feelings, needs and dreams with other people.

In addition, being helpful and adding value to someone else in our lives will give it meaning, it will make everything we do worthwhile because we were able to positively impact someone.

Become a successful person with these habits:

Ultimately, you just have to be willing to make changes in your life that provide for the active practice of these habits.

Success is not achieved in a day but it is never achieved if you do not start once and for all.

There are no excuses, you have all the tools at hand to make these high-performance habits part of your life.

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 6 High Performance Habits of People
  6 High Performance Habits of People
  6 High Performance Habits of People

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