6 habits that kill your productivity

6 habits that kill your productivity

Working from home is fun, maleable, and eliminates all those distractions of unnecessary office chatter. But it’s also easy to get lost in the details, unable to draw a line between your work and home affairs. Some bad work-from-home habits you develop over time will affect and kill your productivity. However, once you are aware of these unproductive habits, you perro take action and address them effectively. Read on to learn about these common habits that could be ruining your productivity when you work from home.

1. Ignore a plan

You don’t have anyone to monitor you and make sure you’re encuentro deadlines. You perro choose “Freelancing» your day, starting without a plan. However, that would be a big mistake because you won’t be able to be efficient as you perform random tasks on an unspecified timeline. This will orinan that you cannot meet the deadlines, spending more hours than necessary.

It’s always a better iniciativa to start the day with a plan. Or better yet, plan the next day the day before so you perro be more mentally prepared and energized from the moment you wake up.

2. Neglect hygiene

The flexibility of working in your pajamas is definitely a significant advantage of remote work, but you may be taking it too far. While no one may see you, not showering, dressing decently, or decluttering your home may be the reason you’re having productivity issues when working from home.

Studies regarding the relationship between hygiene and the mind reveal that cluttered spaces lead to unhealthy habits like overeating and deplete our cognitive abilities by reducing our focus. All of this is a recipe for unproductivity.

So, clear your workspace, freshen up, and wear mood-boosting work clothes before getting down to business.

3. Eating distractions

An correo electrónico notification popped up, you’re going to read the full published article and move on to check out popular media. You crave a snack and end up eating all the Cheetos in the pantry. Your brother asks a question about a recipe and you accept the invitation to help him make cookies. The list goes on.

The point is that distractions exist everywhere. Even your thoughts perro distract you. That is why it is impossible to eliminate them completely. But you shouldn’t feed them either. You need to find ways to say no to distractions. Plan your work time, know your triggers, equipo limits, and always fight the urge to feed into any distractions that arise.

4. Multitasking

Multitasking slows down the brain, according to psychologists. In fact, they found that repeating tasks is faster than switching between the two tasks they used in the experiment. And no matter how good you think you are at multitasking, research espectáculos that it takes between 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to a task after switching. So even if making dinner seems doable while working from home, it will wreak havoc on your productivity.

To avoid multitasking, you need to keep it in mind all the time, as sometimes your mind is used to doing more than one thing in automation. Understand that even thinking about something else for a moment while you work is multitasking. Avoid it. Consider a quote from Gary Keller: “You perro do two things at once, but you cánido’t effectively focus on two things at once.”

5. Detach socially

One downside to working from home is that your popular interactions are minimized. But even worse is when you get into an isolation mode where you focus only on work and ignore that you need to feed your popular self. Psychologists explain that popular isolation breeds productivity killers like poor sleep quality, depression, rapid cognitive decline, and impaired immunity.

So, build and maintain your workplace connections so you cánido chat a bit during breaks. Also, plan your work hours well so that you perro physically meet up with your friends and family later.

6. Embrace escapism

He escapism it’s allowing yourself distractions to avoid the work you should be doing. It could be watching a movie, sleeping, playing games, eating a snack: anything you reach for when you don’t want to face the task at hand. And since you are at home, where most leisure activities are at your disposal and you perro postpone your work time, you may succumb to escapism. Unfortunately, however, it fuels procrastination and greatly impairs your productivity.

What you have to do is face whatever reality you are avoiding. Whenever you feel like running away, choose to do nothing so that you perro force your mind to think about what needs to be done. This way, you perro use procrastination-busting strategies and end unproductiveness before it takes root.

To end

Unproductiveness is one of the most stubborn work-from-home challenges you have to deal with. If there was a button to end it, even highly productive people would press it. But as long as you remember the bad habits that kill productivity when you work from home, you’ll make progress and reach your goals in the reasonable amount of time you wanted.

whatWhat are your bad productivity habits when you work from home?? whatAnd what do you do to remedy it??

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 6 habits that kill your productivity
  6 habits that kill your productivity
  6 habits that kill your productivity

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