6 en línea franchises to start a business

6 en línea franchises to start a business

The Internet is an increasingly important medium for business. In the en línea world, anyone perro make their own website and start a profitable business without leaving home.

And with all the advantages that this presents, the world of franchises has not been left behind and now they also exist en línea franchises where you do not need a premises, and therefore, the investment is much lower than in traditional systems.

Here I present to you 6 en línea franchises with which you cánido start a business from your own homeand in which on many occasions you will not have to buy any product to start operating.

If you don’t know what a franchise is or how it worksAlso read the following article: What is a franchise and how does it work?.

The franchise of city ​​in your hand is a commercial and services guide that customers cánido use through a mobile application.

In it, he offers real-time information on each business in the city in which the usuario is.

So, people who download this aplicaciones may see which companies are close to themtheir addresses with a map, the discounts or offers that are in force at that moment, etcétera.

Income is generated through the payments that companies make for advertising on each page, and for keeping your information and offers updated.

This en línea franchise is also complemented by a website for each city to visit the platform from a computer.

You perro see an example of it on the web valenciaentumano.es.

You perro work there part-time or full-time, they will give you a training course to manage this franchise correctly, and the investment in this business is very low: about $5,000 only.

The great advantage is that by not selling physical products, you will not have to buy any type of item or spend money on it.

city ​​in your hand Is available in Spain, México, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay.

This en línea franchise offers two types of Internet businesses.

The first business model consists of giving the franchisee a classifieds portal fully operational.

This page, in addition to the announcements, also contains a forum, a chat, a job search engine, and its strong point: an en línea shopping center that allows companies that want to sell their products there.

Money is generated here with The clasiffied announcements that both companies and individuals want to insert to sell something, and with the products that are sold in en línea stores.

The second model focuses on en línea newspaper portalswhere advertising is inserted between the different news, which is what generates income for the franchisee.

The initial investment is also small: about $8,000 without the need to rent a space.

More Portals Is available in México, Dominican Republic, Portugal and Spainalthough they are expanding to other Latin American countries.

So if you want to start this franchise en línea, but you don’t live in any of those four countries, contact thembecause surely there is a franchise in your city of this type that they want to open.

This is a franchise to create a en línea travel agency from your home. GRN Holidays offers stays in all countries of the world aimed at an audience of all ages.

They provide trips with family destinations, romantic for couples, or excursions for groups of people who want to live a great adventure.

Although it would be recommended that you have some knowledge about this type of business, you perro start operating it without knowing anything about travel since they give training to manage this company and support at all times.

The great advantage of this en línea franchise is that You cánido also choose to put your own physical location.

So if you don’t have a lot of money at first, you cánido start managing the travel agency through the Internet and, When you generate good income, rent a place to put your own physical travel agency.

In GRN Holidays you will only have to do a single investment of $5,459and is available at Spain and all the countries of Latin America.

If you have computer knowledge and you like to design web pages and mobile aplicaciones, this franchise may be attractive to you.

MyMobileApp is a business based on create web pages and applications for teléfonos inteligentes to offer them to small and medium-sized businesses in your country that want to boost their ventures.

This franchise will provide you with professional lead capture pages, promotional vídeos, as well as a system to offer your services automatically, so it perro be a good business to generate passive income.

Perhaps the most attractive MyMobileApp the thing is the initial investment is only $327although you will have to pay a fee of $27 per month for the maintenance of the services.

This en línea franchise is available for all Latin American countries and Spain.

I rent your house is specialized in renting houses in urban areasand with it you perro create your own real estate agency from home.

They will provide you with the website so that clients begin to contact you, and publish the ads to rent their houses in exchange for a payment to you for the service provided.

you will also have legal and legal advice at all times, the necessary program to manage the management of the web, and training to espectáculo the houses and close the rental deal.

The only condition to open this franchise is that live in an area with more than 30,000 inhabitantsand unfortunately It is only available for Spain.

The investment is quite low: about $800 only.

This franchise is very afín to city ​​in your handeitherthrough which you perro put a web page in which businesses from a specific city are listedtheir offers, and also news from these companies such as events or new openings.

It does not have a mobile application, but it does It has different sections to look for a job, find houses to rent or buy, and classified buy-sell ads that cánido be placed by private users.

Income will be generated through the advertising inserted in each pagethe publication of paid advertisements, and the fees that businesses pay to have their information updated on this page.

Cities Today is only available in Méxicoand the investment required to start this en línea franchise is $5,000.

An Internet franchise is ideal if you want to start a businessbut you prefer to have a great brand behind you that ensures your profitability, and where you will not need to make a large investment of money.

But I recommend that before signing a contract with any of these companies, find out about their prices and conditions, talk to other franchisees, and analyze all the data well before taking the step.

What other en línea franchises do you know in your country? Leave me a comment below and share this article on Fb to help other people who want to start this type of business.

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 6 en línea franchises to start a business
  6 en línea franchises to start a business
  6 en línea franchises to start a business

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